Part Three: Somebody's Watching


Winry knew Ed was in her doorway. Somehow, she knew when he was nearby, like some sort of psychic observation. He didn't stay long, if the prickling in her shoulders was any indication.

She wondered why he'd been there. He knew she was working - it wasn't as if the sound of metal on a grind wheel could be mistaken for anything else. Winry rolled her eyes, thinking he'd probably been there to stare at her butt again. He seemed to be doing that a lot, and really turning red when someone noticed. Trying to ignore it made her jumpy, so she'd taken to smacking him if she could reach him and yelling at him if she couldn't. So she was making him jumpy in turn, that was his Equivalent Exchange thing, right?

Granny and Al were watching just as closely. They thought Ed's staring was funny, and teased her about it. "You should just take that boy out for a ride," her grandmother had said, and handed her a tin of condoms. Winry had nearly collapsed from embarrassment, though a part of her was pleased Granny had no problem with them doing anything. Al was even worse, giving her books that were even wilder than some of Granny's stories, not to mention threatening to order her sexy nighties if his brother didn't do something, soon.

Winry didn't mind quite as much as they did, though. It was kind of funny, to see Ed flustered over her. And, she admitted, nice, too. It wasn't like they needed to rush into something, anyway. They had time.

And Winry thought it might be a good idea to make the most of it.