"Jacob! Jake, it's raining! I thought you were sick!" Bella shouted over the rain, chasing after a shirtless Jacob. "Jake, look at me!"

He stopped, and she walked up behind him. "Jake, I mis you. What's going on? Why are you in the rain, when you should be inside. What's on your shoulder?"

Jake finally spoke, but without turning towards Bella. "Go away, Bella, please. I'm fine;I have to go."

Bella noticed the other shirtless, tan boys in the woods and was confused. "Sam got to you? Is that it? Jake, you are stronger than that. You hate Sam!"

"Maybe I did, but not anymore. Sam is amazing and has been misjudged. Don't blame him, he's helping me." He started to walk towards the woods, but Bella grabbed him tatooed shoulder, and immediatley let go becasue of the heat.

"Just...let me help you."

Jacob turned to her, angry, but his eyes widened when their eyes finally met. "B-Bella."

Bella looked at him and her stomach turned. He really had changed, he seemed different, but a good different. She let her eyes linger to the abbs on his chest, and she scolded herself for having the thoughts about him that she was thinking. This was ridiculous, she suddenyl felt nervous around him, even though he was still her Jacob; her sun. Now all she wanted to do was kiss his soft looking lips and his white teeth. Once again, shw scolded herslf, nit knowing what has come over her. "Yeah, Jake, it's me. I want to help-p you, you can't just leave me."

Jake's expression softened. "Never. I will never leave you, it's impossible."

The boys started yelling from the woods, and Jake turned to them, giving them a look to make them completley silent.

"So, maybe we can, um ride the motorcyles sometime soon...and talk." Bella begged.

Jake smiled. "No motorcycles, Bells, I dont think i can handle seeing you hurt again. How about I introduce you to Sam and the boys?"

"Oh, no I dont think-"

"Come on, don't tell me your scared. You could handle a family of bloodsuckers, why not a family of teenage...boys?"

Bella's heart stopped, and she squinted at him. "What did you say?"

Jacob touched her face. "I know obout the Cullens. Dont try to tell me I'm wrong, because I know."

Bella's mouth was unconsiously dropping, and Jacob closed it with his pointer finger, smiling smally.

"Bella, let's go inside."

They walked inside, forgetting about the annoyed boys in the woods.

Inside, Bily was in the living room watching a basketball game. "Jake, what are you doing home, you're supposed to be at Emily's. Oh, Bella, how are...you?"

Jacob was staring at Bella like she was the most amiazing thing in the world, and Bella was looking at the floor, knowing he was looking at her, and loving every minute of it.

Billy cleared his throat and Jake's head snapped up. "Hey, I was just wondering if it's okay if i could...explain my sickness to Bella." He immediatley went back to staring at her curiously and excitedly.

Billy's eyes widened just as Jacob's did minutes before. "Oh, oh, Jake, can we talk...privatley."

Jake was once again too concentrated on Bella, that Billy had to clear his throat once agin and order him into the kitchen.

"Make yourslef at home, Bella" Billy said as he rolled intothe kitchen.

Bella sat on the livingroom couch, uncomfortably, trying to listen in on there convorsation. The only words she picked up were. 'I, no, yes, dont, love, and imprint.'

Jacob came into the livingroom, and Billy rolled down the hall, closing his bedroom door behind him.

"So what's going on with you, Jake?" Bella asked, as he sat down next to her.

Jacob sighed, but with a smile on his face. "Bella, do you remember the day we met on the beach?"

"Of course, back when you had long hair, no muscle, and was tatooless?" Bella half teased, and half was trying to get him to talk about his change in appearance.

"I had muscles! But anyway, do you remember the stories I told you?"

"Yeah, about the 'cold ones'?"

Jake looked momentarily hurt. "Do you remember about the others."

Bella sat there, trying to think and a werewolf crossed her mind. "Werewolves."

"Yeah..." Jake turned his body towards her, looking into her eyes. "Bella, those stories were true-are are true. Bella...I'm a werewolf."

"You-you're a...a...uh...hmmm." Bella looked at nothing, thinking, and laughed unhumorlessly. "Are all mythological creatures real? Is Charlie secretly a Leprochon? My god...wow...okay, so you turn into a wolf on full moons?"

Jacob looked at her and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, just like bloodsuckers burn into nothing in the sunlight."


"We can-"

"Hold up! We?"

"Yeah, Sam, and Paul, and Jared, and Embry-"

"Embry? Sam? There all wolves?"

Jake nodded. "That's why Embry was acting so strange. He went through the change and had to stay with Sam, who is the leader of the pack."

Bella nodded. "Keep talking. Tell me everything, questions at the end ordeal."

Jake smiled. "Alright. We can change into a wolf pretty much whenever we want, but it can happen on accident too. That doesn't happen too often unless you're Paul. He is really short tempered. Uh, as a werewolf you run a relly high temperature, you are stronger, faster, more fit, and we don't age as fast as a normal human being. The purpose of wolves is to protect people...from vampires. We already have one on our radar. There is something that wolves can go through that is called imprinting, which is when a wolf finds their soulmate and they can't go a day without seeing her, they will do anything to see them happy, and if something bad happened to them, their soulmate they would have thoughts and very likley, actions of suicide. Bella...I've imprinted with you."

Bella gasped, but it made sense. She was looking at him differently, and had thoughts and fantasys of him that she never had before. Like, wanting to kiss him, which she so badly wanted to do right now. She looked into his eyes and noticeed they were smiling. She had been caught staring at his lips.

"Bella, would you like to meet the pack?"