I smiled down at our connected hands and completley depended on him, hoping he wouldn't lead me into a tree.

He caught me looking at our intertwined hands and I couldn't help but blush. He laughed before he came to an abrupt stop. "You know, Bella, there is a lot faster way to get to the place I want to show you..."

I rolled my eyes."Okay...so why don't we do that before I kill myself, trying to get through all this...what is it?"

Jake shifted uncomfortably. "Well...you know...if I...wow okay. If I turn into a werewolf, and you just get on my back..we would be there in a minute tops."

My eyes involuntarily widened. For a second, just walking with Jacob and holding his warm hand in mine, I had forgotten that we was even a werewolf and that two werewolves had imprinted on me. I looked up at Jake, realizing that a question was still on the table. "Oh! Oh, yeah, Jake, yeah...yeahhh."

Jake nodded and then slowly began to remove his shirt.

I looked away, embarrassed as he showed off his newly toned muscles. "What are you doing?!"

Jake chuckled, quietly. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna need you to turn around...I kind of need to remove some clothing so that I have something to change back into when I turn back into my human form."

I sighed and slowly pivoted the opposite way, covering my eyes with my hands. "This is so weird." I murmmered.

All of a sudden I heard an ear splitting growl come from behind me. I jumped and screamed, not expecting it. I turned around, facing a grinning werewolf with russet sking and deep brown eyes. My first instint was to run, but it then bowed before me so that I was talling and waited expectantly to be pet.

I smiled and rubbed the soft spot in between his ears. Then, realizing that I was technically just petting Jake, I stopped and cleared my throat. "Can you..talk?"

The wolf let out what sounded like a hearty laugh. Then, layed down on his stomach and looked pointedly at his back.

I pointed to his back astonished and watched in awe as the wolf, Jacob, nodded encouragement at me. I sighed and couldn't believe what I was about to do. I swung my leg over and allowed my other foot to leave the ground, leaving me feeling completley airborn. I strained to keep my balance and practically allowed my body to relax on his back as I wrapped my arms around the gigantic neck.

The wolf once again let out the familiar taunting laugh and raised itself onto all fours. I squealed and didn't dare attempt to look at the ground. I clasped my eyes shut and my grip only tightend as Jake began pacing forward. He stopped and looked back at me, questioning and perked his ears up.

"Go ahead." I whispered.

Suddenly, we were moving faster than I had felt on any rollercoaster. Slowly, I attempted to open my eyes, only to feel air forced into them, making them water an a green and brown blur.

I laughed to myself and closed my eyes again. Jake let out a howl and came to a slow sat down on his butt, waiting for me to slide off, but I seemed to have forgotten how my legs work...and my arms...and my brain for the matter.

Jake raised himself to his hind legs forcing me to fall off and land in a heap on the ground. "Ow! What the heck, Jake?"

The werewolf looked at me with a playful glint in his eyes, and I couldn't keep my heart from melting. He began to leave me for the thickness of the forest and I quickly followed. "Wait! Don't leave me!"

He turned back seeming to give me a reassuring look and for some reason I knew that I would be okay and that he would be back.

I returned to the spot where he literally "dropped" me off and sat down with my head in my hands.

I started to play with a tear at the bottom of my jeans, when Jake finally appeared through the thickness of vegetation. I hopped to my feet an ran over to him. "That was magical!"

He laughed,picked me up and twirled me around. "I'm glad you don't think it's weird."

I snorted. "Yeah, not in a million years. That was amazing; what a rush! Can we do it again?!"

Jacob placed his hands on my shoulders, attempting to calm me down. "Woah, woah, woah, calm down there. I need to show you something first..."

Jake took my hand and lead me to what seemed to be layers of trees and bushes. He simply lifted away a tree branch and lead me through the opening to another clearing.

I took an step and immediatley was held back my Jacob. I let out a scream and realized that I was standing at the edge of a cliff. If I had taken that extra step, I would be plummeting towards the icy cold body of water waiting at the bottom. aka. my death. I scurried backwards into Jacob's arms, searching for any form of safety.

"Hey, hey, hey..calm down."

I took and deep breath and dug my face into his chest. "Why did you take me here?"

Jacob's heart beat had picked up from what I could tell as I my head was lying against his chest. I glanced up at him, wondering what his issue was. I realized that he is staring at my lips and smirked to myself before going after my instincts.

I lifted myself to my toes and softly brushed my lips against his, suprised at my confidence. He smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around my waist. I broke away from him, still completley aware that I am just a few steps away from a possible death.

He smiled softly at me and tugged a piece of my hair behind me ear. I wanted to snort at his cheesy move, but was too shocked that we had just atually kissed.

"Bella, I brought you here because it is beautiful." He sat down and patted his lap.

I gladly took a seat on his welcoming lap.

He placed his hands on my eyes. "It's sunset..."

I smiled and placed my hands overtop of his. "How about you let me see this oh so beautiful view."

Jake removed his hands from my eyes and I gasped. The sun was making the absolute perfect pattern on the soft waves crashing gently onto the shore. The sky was lighting up pink and the water actually looked inviting for once.

"It's beautiful Jake."

"Just like you." He mumbled in my ear.

This time I couldn't help but snort at his comment. I turned back at him, kissed his cheek, and went back to enjoying the beautiful view, and the feeling of his strong arms around me.