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Just putting this out and seeing if anyone likes it. Rachel/Santana friendship. Puck/Rachel/Sam and Artie/Brittany/Santana with Klaine along for the ride.

Hope you enjoy this. It's a future fic; obviously.

Chapter 1

Santana glanced around at the audience and pasted a sexy smile on her face as the music started, slow and sensual. This was her moment, her time to shine and Santana loved being in the limelight though this wasn't exactly how she pictured her life when she was back in high school. That was irrelevant though, this was her life whether she liked it or not. Santana slowly removed her skirt revealing the tiny black g-string that she wore beneath and she spun around in a circle slowly running her hands through her already perfectly mussed hair.

Sell it San you need those tips, she told herself as she toyed with the lace of her midriff top before undoing the bow holding the top together and stripping it off her body slowly, cupping her breasts and tilting her head back. The people in the crowd, mostly men but a group of bachelorettes were there tonight as well, all roared with approval and Santana sank to her knees and crawled towards the patron closest to the stage thrusting her hips towards him suggestively. The man grinned stupidly and slipped his money into her g-string. Santana smiled coyly, that was way too easy, and flicked her long hair back baring her breasts for him. She made her rounds greeting a couple of the regulars by name collecting her money as she went. It was a busy night.

"Look at the ass on her, yummy," Santana heard a female voice say and she felt proud that members of the bachelorette party were lusting after her body. Santana slowly straightened her legs while keeping her head down giving the bachelorette party a good view of her ass before she spun around running her hands over her breasts for their entertainment.

"Oh my God Santana?"

Santana froze for a split second as she recognized the voice. Jesus; could New York be any fucking smaller? Sitting with the bachelorette party was Rachel fucking Berry. Of all the strip joints in all the world Rachel Berry had to walk into hers. Santana composed herself and smiled sexily in their direction before moving to the opposite side of the stage and away from the blast from Santana's past. To her annoyance Rachel followed her over to the other side of the stage looking up at her earnestly.

"Santana," Rachel called out waving at her like she thought Santana didn't recognize her and Santana resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"I'm working Berry," Santana threw over her shoulder dismissively but Rachel was not deterred. Santana sighed; God the bitch was still just as annoying as she was in high school. Her music ended and Santana slipped off the stage to see if anyone wanted a personal lap dance only to have Rachel all up in her face; again.

"Berry you better get up out of my grill," Santana growled at her while smiling at one of her regulars invitingly. Come on sucker, mama needs to pay her rent.

"I just want to talk to you Santana," Rachel persisted trying to hold her attention and Santana tossed her a snide smile.

"Then buy a lap dance like everyone else," Santana retorted smartly and Rachel got that determined look on her face before rummaging through her purse.

"Fine," Rachel huffed and Santana cocked an eyebrow. Rachel Berry was going to pay her for a lap dance just to talk to her? She was still just as pathetic as she was in high school. Rachel thrust a handful of money at her, "$100 enough?"

Santana took the money and slipped it into her g-string.

"It's your money," Santana told her before not so gently pushing Rachel into the nearest lounge chair. A couple of girls from the bachelorette party hooted but Rachel ignored them. Facing away from Rachel Santana swung her hips as she sank down to the ground then back up slowly before turning to face Rachel. Santana straddled Rachel's lap and pushed her breasts close to Rachel's face smirking, "Remember, there's a no touching rule here so you'll have to restrain yourself."

Rachel wrinkled her nose and rolled her eyes just a little seemingly not at all unnerved by Santana's attempts to make her uncomfortable.

"Really Santana, I'm not here because I like to ogle girls, being here is part of my cast mate's bachelorette party," Rachel replied and Santana just chuckled mirthlessly.

"Sure Berry."

Rachel fell silent for a couple of minutes as Santana continued to gyrate for her. Santana wondered what Rachel's deal was. First she was desperate to talk and now that she had Santana to herself for a grand total of five minutes she wasn't saying a word.

"Santana, what happened to you?" Rachel finally spoke up startling Santana a little. Santana was suddenly struck by a memory from high school, of Rachel.

'The only job you're going to have is working on a pole'

"Aren't you happy Berry? I'm exactly where you thought I would be," Santana purred prettily though her eyes were ice cold and Rachel gave her a sad, pitying look that Santana itched to slap off her face.

"Nothing about this makes me happy Santana," Rachel said softly and Santana stared at her for a long moment before she turned away clearly indicating the lap dance was over.

"When you leave here forget you saw me okay?" Santana said over her shoulder and as she started walking away she thought she heard Rachel reply.

"I can't do that."


At 3am her shift was finally over and Santana couldn't wait to get home, curl up in bed and sleep. She slipped on a plain dress and sat down at her dresser as she started wiping off her make up.

"See you tomorrow San," one of the other strippers called to her and Santana waved.

"Yeah see you Angela," she replied dismissively and Angela flashed her a bright smile before she exited the dressing room and Santana was left alone with her thoughts.

Not a good idea. When Santana stopped to think all she could think about was Rachel Berry and that annoyed the fuck out of her. She hadn't thought about the big nosed loud mouthed Jew in years. Santana grabbed her bag and started searching through it desperately. She finally relaxed when she grabbed a hold of the small, clear plastic bag of white powder. Santana just needed a hit to make the memory of Rachel Berry's pitiful eyes looking at her go the fuck away. Santana spread the white powder out on her dressing table into a line and blocking one nostril she used the other to snort a precious line of sweet release. When she looked up she froze at the sight of her boss standing behind her glaring at her through the mirror. He looked disappointed as he shook his head at her. Fred had been good to her, he was a great boss, one of the best Santana had ever had and Santana just knew from the look on his face that she had blown it.

"This was your last chance Lopez, I told you no drugs in my club, you're fired," he said reluctantly and Santana shook her head. This could not be happening. She needed this job to pay her rent and eat. Shit.

"Fred," Santana grabbed her bag and her coat and ran after her boss who was heading for the exit, "Fred wait."

Fred stepped outside into the cold New York morning air and Santana ran after him clutching her knee length jacket around her tighter to protect her from the brisk air.

"Please just give me another chance," Santana begged clutching at Fred's arm and Fred looked remorseful but also determined. His mind was made up, she could see it written all over his face.

"This is the third time, three strikes and you are out," he reminded her what he had told her the first two times he had caught her snorting cocaine.

"I need this job Fred please," Santana begged feeling tears pricking at the corner of her eyes. Santana blinked them back and hated herself for letting herself looking weak in front of him.

"I can't have a drug addict working for me," Fred told her shaking his head in disappointment and Santana bristled with offense at the label.

"I'm not an addict, I can quit anytime I like."

"Spoken like a true addict," Fred sighed sadly then he placed a hand down on her shoulder, "You're a hell of a girl Lopez, but I just can't risk you. I'm sorry."

Fred turned away and headed for his car. Santana watched him go unhappily before she clenched her hands into fists with frustration and looked up at the sky.

"Fuck my life!" she spat with fury hating Fred and her life but mostly hating herself for not being able to say no when her dealer called her offering more drugs.


Oh fuck no. Santana turned to see Rachel Berry standing on the sidewalk and Santana just knew Rachel had been there waiting for her all night. Why couldn't the bitch just leave well enough alone?

"Fuck off Berry," Santana snapped at her. She didn't need her pity and she was in no mood to deal with Rachel Berry and all her crazy. Santana started stalking down the street leaving Rachel Berry behind her.

Santana's crummy one bedroom apartment was only two blocks away and Santana speed walked towards it looking forward to just curling up and forgetting that she was royally fucked. One problem. When she got to her front door she was faced with a huge sign that said 'NOTICE OF EVICTION'. There were locks on her apartment door and Santana rattled at them with no result. Santana stopped and tried to think of the last time she had paid rent. She was a few months behind and finally had the money to pay last week but then her dealer had called and…fuck.

"No, no, no," Santana muttered resting her forehead on her apartment door helplessly.

"You can stay with me," a small voice piped up from behind her and Santana turned around incredulously. No freaking way.

"Are you fucking stalking me now?" she demanded of Rachel Berry who was standing there looking innocent as can be.

"I just followed you to make sure you got home okay," Rachel informed her like it was a completely normal thing to do and Santana scowled at her.

"Well fuck you and fuck your charity," Santana spat at her hatefully.

"It's not charity I'm helping a friend," Rachel replied calmly and Santana had to admire her gumption. Not many people could stand up to Santana when she was in a mood like this.

"I'm not your friend," Santana retorted and Rachel smiled at her. She fucking smiled like Santana had announced her the winner of a Tony award.

"Not yet," Rachel sang at her before she checked her wristwatch, "Santana it's four in the morning, please, just come stay with me, at least get some sleep then you can decide what you want to do."

Santana knew she was fucked. She had no where else to go. The worst part was that Rachel seemed to know that too because she was wearing that creepy big smile she wore when she knew something was going to go her way. God the girl hadn't changed a bit since high school.

"Fine," Santana agreed grudgingly. They walked back out onto the street and Santana wondered if Rachel had a car or something because she was fucking freezing. Rachel paused on the sidewalk turning to her with a serious look on her face.

"I have one rule," Rachel said holding up a finger, "No drugs."

She must have heard Santana's conversation with Fred. Santana glared at her defiantly for a few moments then reached into her bag and produced another packet of cocaine handing it over leaving one secret stash in her handbag for just in case. Rachel nodded at the gutter and Santana sighed tossing it in the nearest drain. She was fucking desperate if she was picking Rachel Berry over coke. Rachel held out her hand to hail a taxi and when one pulled up to the curb she opened the door and looked at Santana.

"After you."

"I'm gonna fucking regret this," Santana muttered to herself as she slipped passed Rachel into the back seat. Rachel said nothing, she just slid in beside her and gave the driver her address. The taxi ride was surprisingly silent. Santana had half expected a lecture but Rachel just looked quietly out of the window. They were dropped in Manhattan in front of a building block and Rachel led Santana into the building and up to the loft.

"I have a roommate so you will have to keep quiet," Rachel whispered as she slipped the key into the lock and twisted it slowly. Santana rolled her eyes. Rachel gave a yelp of surprise when the door was wrenched open from the inside to reveal a disheveled looking young man. Santana couldn't quite stop her mouth from falling open.

"Rachel thank fuck I was worried," the young man said running a hand through his short hair before bundling Rachel to his bare chest completely obvious to the fact Santana was standing there.

"I ran into an old friend," Rachel's voice was muffled as she broke free from his arms and gestured to Santana. The young man looked at her in disbelief.


"Noah!" Rachel slapped his chest indignantly, offended on Santana's behalf.

"Puck?" Santana choked out. Not in a million years had she expected to find Rachel Berry rooming with Noah Puckerman, "Well fuck me."

A mischievous grin that Santana knew so well spread across Puck's face.

"Been there done that, could be persuaded to do it again if there was an offer," he retorted smartly waggling his eyebrows and Santana smirked while Rachel looked appalled.


"Chill Rach, Santana loves it," Puck chuckled moving out of the way so that Santana and Rachel could enter the loft and then he looked from one to the other curiously, "So what's going on?"

Santana just looked at Rachel for the explanation since she still wasn't exactly sure how the hell she actually ended up at Rachel and Puck's loft.

"Santana is going to be staying here tonight, maybe for longer," Rachel informed him using her bossy tone and Puck just shrugged but Santana narrowed her eyes at Rachel.

"Just tonight, I'll sort my shit out later," she said quickly and Puck gave her an amused smile but basically his expression said he didn't care either way.

"Of course," Rachel said dismissively and Santana had the sneaking suspicion that Rachel didn't believe her.

"Now you can stay in my room, let me just go get you some clean pajamas and I'll let you get some sleep," Rachel started leading her into the loft but Santana paused in the living room folding her arms across her ample chest.

"I can take the couch."

Puck pushed past them both groaning.

"Santana just take her room, Rachel is way more stubborn than you are and I don't want to listen to you bitches arguing all night."

"It's true," Rachel added solemnly ignoring the fact that Puck had called them both bitches and stubborn.

Santana rolled her eyes again.


Rachel opened the door to her room and gestured for Santana to go inside.

"This is my room here, go on inside and get comfortable, I'll just grab those pajamas."

Rachel shut the door behind her but it was left slightly ajar and Santana crept to the door to eavesdrop on Puck and Rachel who were moving around the loft and speaking in hushed tones.

"What's this about Rachel?"

"She was working at an exotic bar Noah, I couldn't just leave her there."

Santana heard Puck breathe in and out deeply and she peeked out a little further to see Puck and Rachel standing in the living room, Rachel holding a pair of pajamas in her arms looking up at Puck with a pouting lower lip.

"Night Rachel," Puck said softly and Santana watched as Puck leaned forward and pressed his lips gently against Rachel's forehead gently telling her, "I hope this doesn't blow up in your face."

"It won't," she assured him confidently and Puck shuffled back to what Santana assumed was his room. Santana hurriedly moved back into Rachel's room and looked up when Rachel entered carrying some pajamas as promised.

"Here you go do you need anything else?"

"No," Santana said quickly and Rachel smiled and walked to the door.

"Goodnight Santana."

"Goodnight Rachel," Santana said and Rachel's smiled widened when Santana added, "And thank you."

Rachel closed the door as she left and Santana was alone.

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