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Chapter 7

A few days passed by with Rachel, Puck and Sam being extra sensitive to her and Santana hated being the one they pitied. Then again she wasn't doing much to dispel the sentiment since she took three sick days at work and spent most of the days staring at the phone hoping that Brittany would call. And if Santana was truly honest, she was hoping that Hayley would call too. Santana finally decided three days moping was well and truly enough so she promised herself that today was the last day she would sulk. But she was going to enjoy the peace and quiet while she could. Unfortunately the peace and quiet was not forthcoming that afternoon.

Sam came barging into the apartment carrying a multitude of eco-friendly fabric bags startling Santana who had been dozing on the couch.

"I'm gonna do it today, I'm gonna tell Rachel how I feel about her," Sam announced grandly and Santana rubbed her eyes sleepily but couldn't help grinning.

"It's about time you put those gigantic lips to good use, I can't imagine sucking babies heads to give them a nice sheen pays that well."

"You know you love them," Sam retorted smiling back at her then he raised an eyebrow at her jokingly, "Want me to do a magic sex dance for you to cheer you up?"

"Only if you want to make me throw up," Santana countered smartly and Sam gave a mock frown though he was smiling like he knew something she didn't.

"You mean it won't give you tingles in your lady loins?" he asked chuckling and Santana recalled what he was talking about and shook her head.

"Who told you about that?"


"Well she has a big mouth too, shit, and we used to say Rachel was the one who couldn't keep a secret jeez," Santana cursed thinking back to her days as part of the Troubletones and then Sectionals where Sam's magic sex dance had indeed given her tingles in her lady loins. Sam came over to her and hugged her unexpectedly.

"Santana I'm so glad you found your way back to us, life just wouldn't be the same without you," he told her sincerely pulling back to look into her eyes and Santana looked up at him smiling. If she wasn't gayer than Elton John she definitely would have had her claws into Sam a long time ago. But was Sam better for Rachel and was he the one Rachel truly wanted? Santana knew she couldn't let this go down with just Sam and Rachel, Puck needed to be there as well for her entertainment so she could see when one of them got completely rejected, and also so Rachel ended up with the right guy.

"You just gonna wait here till Rachel gets home?" Santana asked curiously.

"Yeah, I have a few things to set up," he admitted sheepishly motioning to the bags of candles and rose petals he had brought with him. Shit, Sam was turning out to be a regular Casanova.

"Ok, well I'll head off then, Rachel will be home in about an hour," Santana told him making sure to grab her phone as she went and Sam waved distractedly as he went about setting up for his grand confession.
As soon as she was outside the door Santana looked at her phone and realized that it was turned off. Switching it on she saw that she had one voicemail and curiously Santana called and listened carefully.

"San, its Britt. I really need to talk to you; about us. Can you please meet me at the Coffee Hut at 6pm? Please San, it's important. Also delete this message as soon as you get it, I think Lord Tubbington is spying on me."

Santana paused for a second before deleting the message. There was no way she was turning up to get rejected for a second time. Putting Brittany's voicemail out of her mind Santana quickly dialed a familiar number.

"Hey bitch, you need to make your play for Berry now," Santana spat into the phone and she could practically see Puck scratching the back of his head in confusion.


Predictable. Santana rolled her eyes.

"Because I said so, hurry up."

There was silence on the other end of the phone and Santana could hear noise in the background, the screeching of tires and Puck yelling he was going home. Santana smiled with contentment. And now all she had to do was play the waiting game.

"Hey San?" Puck yelled into the phone startling her.


"Thanks for encouraging me to do this, even if it was for your own perverse pleasure in seeing me screw it up," Puck said sarcastically and Santana smiled. No one got her like Puck did; she didn't think anyone ever would.

The line disconnected and Santana figured she better hide in case Rachel saw her and wondered what she was doing outside the apartment. For the record, sitting in bushes for an hour was mucho uncomfortable. Finally Rachel arrived humming and Santana watched her walk into the building and checked her watch. If Puck would just hurry his fine ass up this party could get started, Santana didn't want him to miss it. A police car pulled up nearly riding right over the curb and Santana emerged from the bushes pulling twigs from her hair.

"It's about time," she remarked snidely and Puck flicked her the finger as he hefted a mangy looking bouquet of flowers from one hand to the other and she wrinkled her nose in disgust, "Jesus is that the best you could do?"

"On short notice yeah," he retorted walking by her and he started climbing the stairs two at a time and Santana hurried to catch up.

Puck didn't even pause on the threshold, he just opened the door and he and Santana bumbled into the hallway but they could hear what Sam was saying clear as day and neither Sam nor Rachel noticed the two of them standing in the shadows of the candlelit living room, the living room floor covered in rose petals.

"Rachel I just wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you. I once told you that you weren't my type but I don't know how I could have said that when you are exactly the type of girl I want. You are the type of girl who will do anything for a friend, who will do whatever it takes to make a sad friend smile, who will wake up at some god-awful hour the day I have an exam to bring me a bagel and coffee so that I don't take my exam on an empty stomach. I love that girl Rach, I love you."

Puck's hand clenched the bouquet of flowers so hard the stems wilted as they waited for Rachel's answer.

"Sam I…." Rachel whispered and Puck turned to leave but his bouquet knocked over a vase sending it crashing to the floor and Sam and Rachel turned to both Santana and Puck who looked at the floor guilty as Rachel exclaimed, "Noah, Santana what are you both doing here?"

"Fuck Rach, I was going to tell you I was in love with you but fuck, Sam is a much better choice, he even had candles and a speech and shit, I just…here…" Puck mumbled scratching the back of his head then he thrust the bouquet of flowers at her awkwardly. Rachel gathered the flowers to her chest and looked up at Puck with an expression that told Santana exactly who Rachel was going to choose before she spoke. Then she turned to Sam.

"Sam I love you, I do," Rachel whispered her brown eyes shining with unshed tears and Sam gave a sad smile.

"There's a but in there," he commented trying to keep his voice light but there was pain behind his words and in his eyes and Rachel nodded indicating he was right.

"But I'm in love with Noah, I have been since high school," Rachel admitted glancing at Puck shyly before looking back up at Sam.

"Really?" Puck asked from the sidelines and Santana elbowed him to shut his stupid mouth.

"I'm so sorry Sam," Rachel apologized sincerely and Sam forced a smile to his face.

"Its fine Rach, I'm happy for you two," he told her and Rachel's face brightened but Santana could tell that saying those words was killing Sam on the inside. He leaned over and hugged her then stepped back awkwardly, "I better go."

Sam exited the room quickly stopping to pat Puck on the shoulder as he went. Puck and Rachel stared at each other lovingly.



Santana figured she should probably get the hell out of there before she vomited. Rachel and Puck didn't even notice her leave.

She found Sam standing frozen outside the loft front door looking at the ground forlornly. Santana had thought she would get a bit of amusement to see either Sam or Puck end up heartbroken from being rejected by Rachel but now that she was seeing Sam's face in the aftermath she couldn't feel anything but ashamed of herself for orchestrating this in the first place. Damn growing a conscience.

"Sam I'm so fucking sorry for pushing you to do this," Santana apologized and Sam shrugged and gave her a one armed hug.

"It's fine, at least I tried right?" he half joked and something about his tone made Santana turn to look up at him and inspect his face closely. He was heartbroken of course but there was something else about him.

"You're ok," it came out as more than a statement than a question and Sam smiled ruefully looking back at the closed door no doubt trying not to think about what Puck and Rachel were most likely doing behind that door.

"No but I will be," he assured her confidently and Santana frowned curiously. He totally got his heart smashed and got completely rejected but he knew he was going to be okay. Santana wanted to know how he knew that, and more importantly he could have told it to her three days ago.

"How do you know?"

"I just do, I know that she will be the happiest with Puck and sure it hurts like a kick to the nuts but he is what will make her happiest so I'm happy for them," Sam shrugged his shoulders but he had an accepting look on his face. Santana stared at him a moment and then she knew what she had to do. She checked her watch and then looked back up at Sam apologetically.

"I'm so sorry I gotta go."

"That's cool, me too," Sam agreed leaning over to kiss her forehead and Santana hugged him close for a long moment.

"Love you," she whispered and Sam smiled.

"Love you too."

Santana walked through the door of the Coffee Hutt just on 6pm and saw Britt waving at her excitedly. Santana was surprised to see that Artie was there as well. What the heck? At least he looked as confused as Santana felt. Santana strolled over to them not wanting to lose her nerve. She had to say this now.

"San thanks for coming," Brittany greeted her warmly and Santana held up both her hands.

"Brittany I wanted to say…" Santana never got to say it because Brittany interrupted her wearing that adorable pout that always melted Santana's heart.

"Let me talk okay? Artie I love you, I have since high school but I have also loved Santana since high school and I still love her now," Brittany announced and Santana and Artie both glanced at each other before back at Brittany who was smiling, like she was proud of herself for finally telling them what they had both already known.

"So who do you want to be with?" Santana asked, her voice shaking a little. Her heart was beating so fast. There was a chance; she had a chance with Brittany. For some reason Santana didn't feel as excited as she thought she would be.

"I love you both, I want to be with both of you so that neither of you have to be sad," only Brittany could say something like that with such an honest, sincere look on her face. She reached out her hands and took one of Artie's hands and one of Santana's and gave them both a reassuring squeeze. Artie pulled away first.

"Britt, I love you but I want someone who will make me their number one. I can't be with someone who wants me to share them, I'm sorry," Artie apologized with a sad shake of his head.

"Artie," Brittany tried to find a way to change his mind as Santana watched them silently. The pained look on Artie's face; the unhappy look in Brittany's eyes as he rolled back from the table, it was heartbreaking.

"I think I always knew it was going to be you and Santana at the end Britt, but I'm glad I got to have you for as long as I did. I'll always be grateful for that," Artie told her sweetly taking her hand and kissing it gently then he gave Santana a rueful smile, "Good luck you two."

Brittany and Santana watched as Artie rolled himself out of the Coffee Hutt. They both sat silent for a long moment and then Santana spoke the words she knew she had to.

"Britt go after him."

Brittany stared at her in confusion.


"Britt I love you but he loves you more. He's stepping back so that you don't have to feel torn between us, that proves how much he loves you and I want you to be happy. You will be happy with him," Santana choked out tightly feeling a few tears roll down her cheeks and Brittany leaned forward to brush them away lovingly.

"I could be happy with you," Brittany whispered to her and Santana forced a weak smile and shook her head. Seeing Artie and Brittany together, and the look on Brittany's face when Artie was leaving it was clear to Santana who Brittany should be with.

"Go Britt, he's your person," Santana encouraged her and Brittany stood up but looked down at Santana biting her lower lip.

"But what about you?" she asked worriedly and Santana got to her feet as well.

"I think it's time I stopped living in the past and went to get my person back," Santana told her and Brittany smiled then flung her arms around Santana's neck. Hugging her friend tightly Santana knew she had made the right choice; for her and Brittany. She would always love Brittany but she was in love with someone else. And it took her all this time and a love confession from Brittany to realize it. Santana pulled back first and gave Brittany a gentle nudge and Brittany smiled brightly then ran out of the Coffee Hutt. Wiping away her tears Santana followed her out the door but to a different part of New York to go get her person back.

When Hayley opened the door to her apartment Santana started speaking before Hayley could get a word out although she did note the fond smile that came to Hayley's face at the sight of her.

"I want to give this another try," Santana announced and Hayley's face became serious.


"I'm not in love with you," Santana told her wanting to be honest. Hayley's face remained expressionless.


"But I think I could fall in love with you," Santana said quickly and then she breathed a sigh of relief. She got through it and finally, finally said what she felt, to the right person. Still Hayley's expression didn't change.


Santana raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on her hip Rachel Berry style. She had kind of been expecting Hayley to shriek or faint with happiness or something.

"Is that all you can say? I'm kind of pouring my heart out and shit here," Santana told her uncomfortably and Hayley finally smiled again shaking her head.

"When we first got together I just wanted to piss my parents off but then I got to know you and everything changed for me. I fucking love you Santana so if I have to wait for you to fall in love with me that's fine, I can wait," Hayley told her simply and Santana finally knew what it felt like to have feelings for someone and have them returned. And it felt pretty damn great.

Santana grabbed Hayley's face and crashed their lips together. Hayley responded immediately wrapping her arms around the other girl tightly. There were hands everywhere, pulling at clothes with mindless desperation as they crashed into Hayley's apartment and slammed the door behind them. Hayley pulled back for a moment breathing heavily and looking at Santana with so much affection that she felt she might burst with happiness.

"Santana I wanted to say…"

"Shut up or you'll ruin it," Santana growled lunging for her and Hayley just smiled and pulled her close for another kiss.

Four weeks later…

"Well all's well that ends well huh?" Kurt commented as he looked around the table crowded with couples. And Sam. That was the only loose end. Kurt gave him a mock apologetic look, "Oh sorry Sam."

"Yeah fuck you too Kurt," Sam retorted defensively flicking him the finger for emphasis. Santana was pleased that she had an influence on Sam, even if it was kind of bad, the boy needed a shakeup of his good guy image. Hayley and Blaine shared an amused chuckle. Kurt gasped like Sam had personally offended him but no one really reacted since they knew that he was a bigger drama queen than Berry. Santana leaned forward onto the table and sipped her Cosmopolitan thoughtfully.

"What is with you two dudes wanting the same chicks anyway? Rachel, Mercedes, what the hell were you both thinking anyway? That bitch turned whack by the end of senior year always going on about shining and being a star or some shit like that even though being a star was Berry's thing since way back," Santana muttered with disgust shaking her head. Santana had had a love/hate relationship with Mercedes; she loved the way her voice blended with Mercedes' but she hated…pretty much everything else about her.

"Hey I likes me some lady lumps," Puck grinned wickedly and Rachel slapped his arm but the slap itself lacked fire because she was smiling happily. The two were getting so sickeningly sweet together Santana wanted to vomit every time she saw them. Luckily she was moving in with Hayley in a week so she only had to put up with it another seven days. She was counting the seconds. Everyone looked to Sam for his excuse regarding his Mercedes insanity.

"I went through a big girl phase," Sam excused himself with a shrug and an exaggerated wink. And then Santana remembered one more thing.

"And of course you both wanted a piece of this," Santana reminded them gesturing to herself seductively and Puck rolled his eyes while Sam laughed.

"And Quinn, we both dated Quinn," Sam said softly and Santana looked up at him sharply noticing the softness of his voice.

Sam and Quinn had had one last hurrah senior year after Sam went through his Mercedes phase and right before Quinn and Finn had gotten back together. The relationship had only lasted for a few months; when Quinn found out Sam wasn't staying in Lima they broke up, Santana remembered even though she had been the one to end it Quinn had been pretty devastated by the break up and so had Sam. Actually Santana figured the break up was what spurred Quinn back into Finn's clumsy arms causing Finn and Rachel to break up for the last time since Finn and Quinn were both staying in Lima and Rachel and Sam were going to New York. Like Quinn distanced herself from Sam and attached herself to that giant oaf just because Sam was leaving.

"You know Quinn and Finn broke up last year," Rachel added into the conversation as though it wasn't a giant bomb dropping.

"They did?" the hopeful tone in Sam's voice was unmistakable. Santana frowned.

"Yes, it was very amicable apparently. They decided that they were heading in different directions and they split," Rachel explained quite calmly and Santana gaped at her in shock.

"You still talk to Finn?" she asked incredulously and Rachel gave her a sheepish look.


The realization came over Santana as though a bucket of ice had been poured on her head.

"Fuck no, you still speak to Quinn?" Santana screeched and a couple of tables nearby looked over at their table curiously and Rachel smiled at them with embarrassment.

"Yes, in spite of appearances Quinn and I were actually friends and still keep in touch," Rachel informed her in a pointedly soft voice but Santana didn't notice.

"Bullshit," she snapped in disbelief and Rachel gave her a serious 'mom' look.

"We are friends Santana," Rachel repeated and Santana pouted.

"Quinn's only friend was herself. Just when you thought she was your friend she would turn around and stab you in the back or tell Coach Sylvester you got a boob job," Santana told her resentfully the others at the table staying intelligently silent during the exchange. Santana really had thought that Quinn was one of her best friends until their fight club exchange in the hallway after Quinn ratted her out to Coach Sylvester. That sort of thing kind of really drove a stake through a friendship.

"Santana I know for a fact that Quinn misses your friendship and she regretted the way things ended in high school," Rachel told her apologetically on Quinn's behalf and Santana scoffed.

"She was a selfish bitch, all I can say is that I thank God I will never see her again," Santana announced banging the table with her fist to emphasize her hatred. Hayley gave her thigh a loving squeeze and Santana suddenly felt a little silly banging tables.

"Umm…" Rachel suddenly was looking everywhere but at her and that told Santana one thing.

"Sweet fuck Berry, Quinn is coming here? When?"

A silence fell over the table and Santana felt that shiver that told her something terrible was standing behind her. Something terrible, blonde and beautiful.

"Hey Santana, it's been a long time," Quinn said fondly and Santana turned to face her slowly. Quinn looked as beautiful as ever, blonde hair grown out again, clothes impeccable, still as slim as she was back in high school. Santana turned back away from her resentfully.

"Not long enough," she sneered grumpily and Quinn placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Didn't you miss me even a little?" Quinn asked in that sweet voice of hers and Santana hesitated a moment.

Did she miss Quinn? Did she miss the way Quinn stood up for her when the other cheerleaders made fun of her for being a whore? Did she miss being able to call Quinn in the middle of the night when she had a dream she just had to share and couldn't get in contact with Brittany because leprechauns allegedly stole her phone? Did she miss Quinn sitting behind her brushing her hair as they talked about their dreams of the future? Before Glee, before everything went pear shaped and they started being enemies instead of friends over boys, solos and whatever else they could think of.

"No," Santana said grudgingly turning to look up at Quinn who smiled down at her fondly, obviously seeing something in her face.

"You're lying," Quinn said knowingly and Santana rolled her eyes. She hated that even after all this time Quinn still knew when she was lying. She supposed that was something friends never forgot.

"Fuck you," Santana spat without any fire and Quinn leaned over and pressed a kiss to her cheek while Rachel grinned like an idiot. The rest of the group were watching Quinn with interest; one of them in particular. Quinn turned to look at Sam who looked up at her like she was his guardian angel.

"Hey Sam, did you miss me?" she asked shyly but everyone watching them already knew the answer.

"Yeah I did," he replied smiling at her then he slid up his chair so she could sit next to him which she did, still looking at him like he was the sun to her moon,

And right there Santana could see that loose end tying up. It was perfect; almost too perfect actually. Santana turned to Rachel wondering if she had anticipated this heartfelt reunion, or if Rachel had organized the whole reunion for the purpose of getting Sam and Quinn together and Rachel winked at her. Sweet mother of mercy, Rachel Berry was a devious little bitch. Santana was glad Rachel was on her side.

As Santana looked around the table at the people who had become her closest friends and substitute family she couldn't believe that she had been so lucky. She had a feeling that everything would be alright from here, everything would be just fine. They had each other, sometimes friends were all you needed.

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