Chapter 3

Nerima Ward: Tokyo

Nabiki was in the living room watching a cartoon. Yes, she was that bored. She was about to turn it off when a special news report came on. "This just dead soldiers were found at the Tokyo Military base.

A female Lieutenant and a male private. It appears that they've been brutally murdered. The authorities haven't released their names yet pending notification of their family. We will report more as we learn it. This is Chad Meung, signing off."

"What, was that?" Said a bewildered Nabiki. Something definitely seemed off about the report that she just saw. She could tell that the news reporter wasn't reporting everything that he knew. And where there was information to be found, Nabiki would find it.

Juuban Ward: Tokyo

Ami turned off the TV and sat back. "Something is definitely going on. First I find out that we might be getting a new team member. Then I hear about two murders at the local military base. I should look into this." She immediately got up and started to phone her friends.

Rei's Shrine

"Yeah I saw it too. You think I should do a fire reading? Yes, they definitely sound related. Okay, bye Ami." Rei hung up the phone and let out a sigh. Why couldn't they just have normal lives? Every time it looked like they were getting a break, something came up to call them back again. "Oh well. I might as well get started.

She made her way into the fire reading room and sat down. She allowed all of the tension in her body to melt away, settling her mind into a peaceful state. She soon began chanting. After a couple of minutes, an image came to her. She immediately started retching right there.

Ami Mizuno's home

"A-are you sure about that Rei." Ami asked. "Yes Ami. It looked as though something exploded out of that woman's chest. I couldn't clearly see what it was, but I can tell you that it is very dangerous." Her friend replied.

"What in the world are we dealing with here?" Ami said It was clear that she was worried. "I'm not sure, but I definitely want to have a scout meeting tomorrow afternoon." "That's probably a good idea." Ami said. "I'll start looking on the Mercury Computer to see if I can find anything." "Okay Ami. I'll call the others and schedule the meeting for tomorrow afternoon." And with that Rei heard a click as she hung up her end of the phone.

Juuban Hospital

"Ma'am please calm down!" Yelled one of the Orderlies. "But I have to do something. Don't you people understand? We're all in danger here!" Cried Ripley. "Ma'am no one is in danger. We are completely safe here." The Nurse said calmly. "NO! I have to find Newt and get her out of here!" Suddenly she felt very groggy. She collapsed as the orderly pulled the needle out of her neck.

"I don't know what set her off like that. She seemed so calm yesterday." Said Dr. Mizuno. The other Doctor let out a sigh. "Don't worry about it Miranda. I really don't see how it's any of your fault." "Do you think she might have known someone at the Military Base? That special report had ended not too long before she started screaming." Dr. Mizuno asked. "Don't really see how. She's been in the Hospital ever since she first arrived in Tokyo." Said the other Doctor. "Still, I'd like to check around. One can never be too sure." "Heh. Sure Miranda. Just be careful okay." "Sure Jonathan. I won't do anything too reckless." Miranda gave the Doctor now known as Jonathan a quick hug and then turned to walk out the door.

The Mizuno Home

Miranda walked into the living room to find her daughter staring intently at her palmtop. 'Must be working on more scout business'. Miranda had known for some time now about Ami's activities. She had actually found out from her husband when he came across the scouts fighting a Youma. He helped to defeat the Youma, which surprised the scout of course. What further surprised them was that he recognized Sailor Mercury.

After that Ami went to her parents for advice and support regarding Sailor business. She thought of her mom as a pretty intelligent person. She also thought that anyone who could keep up with a Youma the way her father did was also worth going to for advice on fighting them.

"Something's about to happen. Isn't it?" Ami looked up at her mothers voice. She let out a sigh. "I don't know yet. Something's definitely going on but I don't know what it is. Not yet anyway." "Well how bout this." Said her mother. "We got a patient earlier in the week. She seemed fine for the most part. Then this news report comes on the Television se about these gruesome deaths over at the Military base. Afterwards she starts freaking out. Don't know why." "You said that she started freaking out after she saw the news report?" Asked Ami. "Yeah. Why what's up?" Replied her mother. "Well it may be nothing, but I'd like to ask her a few questions about it." "Why Ami? What good will it do?"

"Do you remember that ship that crashed into the ocean earlier this week?" When her mother nodded Ami went on. "Well I've been looking around, and I've found out that she was on that ship. The same ship that was taken to the Tokyo Military Base." Miranda's eyes grew wide as she realized what her daughter was saying.

"You're saying that something on that ship killed those two soldiers?" She asked. "I don't know for sure." Ami said. "That's why I want to talk to her. See what she might know." "I'll see what I can do." Said Miranda. "Thanks." Ami said. "I'd appreciate that." "No problem kiddo." Miranda said.

Rei's Shrine

"Glad you could join us today Minako. And what's with those clothes. They're a few sizes too big and they look like boys clothing." Rei said. Rei's comments about her clothes caused Minako to blush slightly. "Sorry guys. I've just had a lot on my mind these past few days. And as for my clothes, I'm just trying something different. That's all." Minako said.

"Well," said Artemis, "we may have a new team member." "What? Who?" Asked Minako. Ami chirped in. "He's called the Venusian knight. He was your brother back in the Silver Millennium." "What does he look like." Asked Minako. When Ami showed her a holographic projection of the man in question, Minako suddenly started sweated profusely. "Minako? Minako What's wrong?" Makoto asked.

"I, um. I think I might know where to find that guy." Came her reply. "You do? Well where does he live so that we can check him out?" Usagi asked. She was rather curious about this new guy ever since she'd heard about him. "Yeah, I wanna know if he's available." This, of course, came from Makoto. It also happened to cause Minako to blush scarlet.

"Um, Minako. Why is your face all red?" Asked Rei. "I. I. I'm not sure if he's um, interested in that sort of thing." This got every ones attention. "You mean he likes boys?" Makoto asked. She sounded a little disappointed when she asked this. "Yes! No. I'm not sure." "Minako why are you so nervous all of a sudden." Asked Rei. "Yeah Minako. What's up? Usagi asked. "I um, oh geez. Ah you'll probably find out anyway."

Minako then proceeded to get up, go into the kitchen, and come back out with a glass of cold water. When she was sure that she had every ones attention, she upend the glass over her head. She them watched as every one present suddenly grew wide eyed at her change.

"I but, you're the guy we've been looking for?" Rei asked. "*Sigh* Yes Rei. I'm the guy that you've been looking for." Minako replied. "But I don't understand!" Said Artemis. "Why didn't say anything when we passed you on the street the other day?" "Because." She replied. "Because I didn't want anyone to know about my secret just yet. That's why I didn't say anything. It's also part of the reason why I left from the training the way I did."

"Only part of the reason?" Ami asked. The others were wondering too. "Well, there were a bunch of other springs there too. I didn't want to accidentally fall into another pool and end up with a curse even worse than this one." Minako said. "Oh." Was her only response to this.