Chapter 3

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Final-Fan: Don't worry. I do have a plan in mind. Firstly I'd like to say that this fic will have multiple story arcs (think Sailor Ranko, Twice in a Millennium etc). As far as Saiyans and their crazy power levels go, while there will be some high powered enemies in the later arcs the people with the saiyan blood won't be the only ones to be able to take them on. The Sailor scouts know how to use magic, and they're going to get much better at it (better than babidi even).

Also, everyone in this universe is originally from it (I felt it would have been too much of a hassle trying to explain how they got there). And their world does have Aliens level technology. It isn't as prevalent here as it was in the movie but they do have it.

Vld: You can relax. As I said in the review section I have no plans of killing off newt.

Satan City

In a large Mansion, in the richest part of the city, a teenager with raven hair was seen sparring with an older man in a burgundy gi.

"What's wrong dad? You aren't getting tired are you?" "No way Videl! I still have plenty of fight left in me." Replied Hercule. The two Martial Artists, now identified as Videl and Hercule Satan, continued to trade blows for a few minutes before a stop was called.

"Whew, that was pretty good dad." Videl said. "Your old man still knows a few tricks." He replied. They both turned towards the door when someone came in. "excuse sir, madam, but the tournament officials are on the phone.

"Thank you Theo. We'll take it in here." The man bowed, then turned and left. Hercule turned and picked up the phone. "Hello. Yes, Mr. Takinawa. Don't worry. We still have 3 months until the tournament. Both me and Videl will be ready. Thank you."

Nerima Ward

Nabiki was on her way to one of her contacts in the news industry. The report she saw the other day was really getting to her and she wanted to know what was going on, and if she should be worried. While she did have a reputation as an Ice Queen, truth be told Nabiki did worry about her family. When she got there she headed straight for the third floor to a Mr. Soongs (1.) office.

"I'm sorry Ms. Tendo, but I really don't know anything. While I do agree that something is being kept from the public, it isn't our news agency that's keeping it. It's the Military." "Are you sure you don't know anything?" Nabiki asked. "No, I don't. Look, as a Reporter, I too want to know what's going on, but the Military is being very tight-lipped. I'm sorry." "Well, thanks anyway. If you find out anything, please, let me know." "Sure thing Nabiki." Mr. Soong replied.

Minako's House

"Man. I didn't want them to find out yet." Minako flopped down on her bed. "Want who to find out what?" "GAH!" Minako jumped and lashed out with a kick which was blocked by her dad. "You're getting better, but you still need to practice." "Dad! Don't sneak up on me like that!" "Heh, sorry Mina." "Yeah, my friends found out about my Jusenkyo curse. I planned to tell them eventually I guess. I just wasn't quite ready, y'know."

"Yeah, I understand." Her Father said. "But they did deserve to know. I mean what if it affects your abilities while fighting monsters?" "Oh man! I didn't even think of that."

"Maybe you should practice some in your male form. You should also see how your curse affects your transformation." Yamcha suggested. "Yeah that's a good idea. There is no need to get in the middle of a fight and find out my powers don't work." "Alright then, let's get started."

"Wait right now?" Minako asked. "Well we never did finish our training out at Jusenkyo due to your incident. We may as well get some more training in. Maybe a short training trip." "No, dad. No." Minako said. "Oh relax." Yamcha replied. This one's right here in Tokyo. No weird springs we know nothing about." "Yeah, I still get nightmares from the last spring I was at." Minako joked.

"And maybe you'll get good enough for the World Martial Arts Tournament that's taking place in a few months." "Wait what?" Minako said as they headed out the door."

Authors Notes: Well, that's it folks. Another chapter complete. Sorry for the long hiatus but between my schedule at the time and me not really knowing how to put this story out, well Anyways, I hope you like the story. I will try and get more chapters out on a more regular basis. Goodbye for now.

1. Star Trek fans should recognize this name. He's the person that created Data and his brother (and no, I have no plans of making a Star Trek crossover. I'm just a fan of the series).