CHAP 1 : Why me?

I was minding my own business, as usual. I was reading a book that I had gotten for my birthday while lying on my bed.

I could hear someone or the other running down or up the stairs, I could hear Mum telling James off and I could hear Lily trying to get them both to keep quiet. A typical day in the Potter household.

The only two sane people in the house were my Dad and me, we'd keep to ourselves when everything got too noisy we'd loose ourselves in our work until someone remembered we were missing.

I was almost done with the book when I heard a knock on my door.

I said absent-mindedly "Come in"

The knob clicked open and then I heard the door shut behind the person who entered.

I saw James standing there as if he had a plan. None of his plans ended well for either him or most probably me.

I asked "What do you want?"

He grinned as if I had just promised to take him to a tornado's match with prime seats.

I told him "Spit it out"

He said "Dad's study is open"

I stared at him. He couldn't be that dumb I instantly knew what he was thinking and I knew we'd be in big trouble.
See the thing is, James is not what you'd call responsible actually he's the exact opposite. So Dad had issues with him touching anything remotely dangerous like sellotape for example.

Dad was very careful about his official stuff, Auror stuff and I wanted to be an Auror too.

Yeah so Dad was careful not to let James ruin anything to do with his work.

But James loves to get anything that is absolutely out of his reach. The more you say that's not for you and try to hold it away from him, the more he'll try to get it.

When he was young people called him a curious visionary who loved to question how the world worked and had a thirst for knowledge. Now they just call him an irresponsible, reckless, crazy, annoying, rule-breaking and an enormous prat.

What a transition?

I asked "Are you mad?"

He smiled "No I'm not, we've hardly been there, come on Al"

I told him "No James, just….no"

He fell to his knees and begged like a kid "Please Al, please pretty please"

I rolled my eyes, he was sixteen and he was acting like this.

I said "Look if you're so interested you can go yourself"

He whined "No it's no fun all alone"
I sighed "Leave me alone James"

He asked "Aren't you curious about Dad's work, after all you want to become an Auror don't you?"

I thought about it, I'd always been less tempted than James but it did mean I wasn't interested.

I looked at James who had an expression which clearly said that he had won.

I said "You'll have try harder because it's not working"

His face fell, he said "Come on Al don't be so boring, even if we do get in trouble it won't be for anything huge"

I almost laughed at that. Anything done with James always ended being a huge trouble that involved Mum becoming a monster and Dad telling us off, and when they both decided to hold a ranting party it was crazy.

Dad lost his temper on some rare occasions but when he did loose it, it was almost as if the roof came down.

James said "Oh god, we're not going to fight dragons or something, make your decision fast before Dad realizes the room's open"

I thought, if James went I should go to make sure he didn't do something stupid which happened every single time.

I said "Fine, but we take one look and we're out"

He nodded "Yeah yeah now come on"

I set my book aside and got off my bed thinking why I had gave in.

Maybe I was tempted to go in there, I had only ever been there once while we played hide and seek when I was tiny.

I had gotten so frightened I hadn't want to go in there ever again.

I guess it was time to actually see what was in there and not run out screaming.

Let's do this I thought.