CHAPTER 16: Epilogue

I walked into St. Mungo's. I was going for an appointment, I mean James had managed to play a prank that wasn't getting cured no matter what, he had apologized a million times but I swear he had taken it a step too far this time.

I walked up to the receptionist followed by Scorpius and Rose, Rose was scolding Scorp for laughing while Scorp tried to contain his laughter threatening to break out.

I asked "Excuse me, I would like to meet a healer please"

She took one look at my face and said "Healer Arya is free right now"

I said "Sure"

But it had been three years since that disastrous summer, it was probably just a coincidence.

It couldn't be that Arya.

Then I heard the lady's voice "Um sir, are you alright?"

I snapped out of my reverie and asked "Huh, sorry, did you ask me something? I'm fine"

She looked a little concerned but asked "I was asking for your name"

I said "Oh, sorry. It's Albus, Albus Potter"

She looked up wide-eyed "The Albus Potter? The Albus Potter, who is a top Auror? No way!"

I blushed, Scorpius snorted, I ignored him and said "Um yes, can you please sign me up soon, the boils are starting to sting"

She nodded but was more flustered.

She handed me a receipt and I paid for the appointment.

Just then someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and saw Lianna standing there "I came as fast as I could….oh my god! What happened to you? You look…..hilarious!"

She was laughing, and Scorpius couldn't help himself any more he laughed his head off, though Rose smiled she gave Scorpius a whack on the head.

The receptionist said "You may take a seat, we'll tell you when you can go in"

I nodded and went over to the chairs, Lianna sat beside me and I asked "You came here to laugh at me didn't you?"

She smiled but she said patting my face "No, I came here to see you"

I said "I'm going to kill James"

Lianna rolled her eyes "Shut up Al, you know you're not going to harm a single hair on his head and it'll be like that for the rest of your life"

I said indignantly "I'm threatening when I want to be!"

She smirked "I know, but with your family you're a softie"

I glared at her and she laughed.

I shook my head and Rose said "You know you look good with the boils"

Lianna and Scorp snorted, Rose continued "It makes you look different more rugged"

This time the other two burst out laughing.

Rose blushed "What? I just said the truth!"

I shook my head "Rose stop it, you're just making it worse, please"

She sulked "Fine, I'll shut up but when you want someone to tell James off don't even count on me doing it for you, and you know you can't do it yourself"

Lianna said "I'll do it, how dare he prank my boy-friend!"

I grinned, then the receptionist said "Sir, I mean Mr. Potter, I mean …."

I said smoothly having fun making her nervous "Call me Al"

She blushed deep red but her eyes showed excitement, I missed making girls flustered, it was funny, I asked "You wanted to tell me something?"

She caught her breath and said nervously "Healer Arya will see you now"

I got up and said "Thanks, and your name is?"

She was gaping at me, she said "Naomi Tennyson"

I gave her a smile "I'll remember that"

I gave her a wink and walked to the door.

I knocked and a voice from inside said "Come in"

I turned the knob and entered the room, it looked organized and clean, just like any hospital would be.

At the desk sat a pretty lady who looked like she was in her thirties, her hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail with a few starnds falling on her face, her blue eyes were what surprised me, they were the same blue innocent eyes that had a childish curiosity in them, but there was an intelligence and a sort of motherly look in them that hadn't been there before.

I was pretty sure I was seeing Arya.

I nervously said "Um hello?"

Her features turned into a bright affectionate smile "Hi, please sit down, there's no reason to be afraid"

I sat down and she peered at me "You're name is….Albus" Her smile grew into a thin line and her eyes looked a bit nervous.

I nodded "yes I am"

She smiled again as if nothing had happened.

She asked "Would you like to tell me how it happened?"

She pointed at my face, I answered "My older brother….James… He thought it would be funny to play a prank on me and gave me a toffee to eat and I ended up getting these, I couldn't get them off since"

She looked extremely surprised but she said "Uum… yeah…so we'll just give you this potion to drink, it'll all clear up and you'll be back to normal in a matter of seconds"

I nodded, she pointed to a cupboard with her wand and summoned a vial it zoomed into her hand she handed it to me "If you will open the cork and drink it, it should be good"

I uncorked the vial and gulped down the contents, I handed her the empty vial which she kept in a box and suddenly I felt my face and I also felt like everything was disappearing under my fingers. All the boils were gone, She smiled "Well you're back to normal"

She then looked at my eyes and said "I think I know you"

I said "You might have confused me with Harry Potter, a lot of people do that, I'm his son"

She shook her head "No, you're Mr. Albus right? Don't lie"

She looked as if she was pleading with me I nodded slowly "Yes Arya, it's me"

She smiled and tears streamed down her face "How come you still look the same?"

I laughed "I'm eighteen now, I was fifteen then"

She asked confused "How?"

I answered "Arya, if I tell you this you won't believe me"

She shook her head "I will believe you"

She sounded so much like her youngerself.

I told her how we had gone back in time, she listened to the story nodding and understanding.

Once I finished "See now? Why we couldn't stay, you're way older than us, you were ten then but in the present you might have been thirty four years old while we only mere teenagers"

She stared at me "But I still didn't forget you, I still remember seeing you when I was ten"

I answered "I don't know Arya, this is what happens when we meddle with time everything turns crazy, we should have altered your memory but James and I couldn't bring ourselves to do it"

She nodded "I'm glad you didn't do it"

I smiled "So how are you now?"

She grinned "I became a healer, like Mummy, and now I have a husband and a daughter"

I smiled "That's amazing"

She nodded "It is"

I said "I'm glad you got what you wanted Arya, I'm glad you made it"

She said "I was a first year during the war, I was one of the few who stayed at the castle to fight"

I raised my eyebrow at her, she said "I tried fighting but I didn't know much so I hid out in the forest crying with pain because I had hurt myself the whole time, your mother helped me"

I asked "Were you alright?"

She nodded "She helped me a lot your mother, I'm forever indebted to your family"

I said "No you're not Arya, you're not"

Arya got up and gave me a hug "You are a wonderful person Mr. Albus, if you ever need something just ask, you know where to find me"

I smiled "Over the hills?"

She laughed "No, not anymore, I live in London now"

I nodded in understanding.

I said "I'll leave now, I'm sure we'll meet sometime"

She said "We will"

I said "Bye Arya"

She nodded "Bye Mr. Albus, don't ever forget me"

I smiled with a lump in my throat "I won't"

I turned and walked out of the room.

Tears were prickling at my eyes.

Lianna asked me "You took a awful lot of time in there, Rose and Scorpius had to go I stayed behind…..Albus why are you crying?"

I heard the concern in her voice, She took my hand in hers and I felt better, she said "When you're ready you can talk about it"

I nodded.

She said "And don't think you're off for flirting with that receptionist"

I laughed.

She kissed me on the cheek "Whatever Rose says you look better like this"

I laughed and pulled her closer to me.

As for Arya, it'll be alright, she's my sister too and I'll still want to look out for her even though she's old enough to be my mother.

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