The Fox, The Mage and The Kimono

Chapter Four

Lessons and Confrontations

Part One

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"Heh, Looks like the king got a cutie!"

"Don't talk like that, you'll get us demoted!"

"Eh who cares, I'm not worried. 'Sides, he can't get rid of us, we're the best!"

"Shush, she's waking up!"

"Ugh..." Lavender eyes blinked open to unfamiliar surroundings. The room was dimly lit and she was laying on what seemed to be clouds, but her head was pounding. She sat up slowly, feeling a bit disoriented, and pressed a hand to her forehead. "Wha...Where...?"

"Your highness, how are you feeling?" Hinata looked up to find a man with scruffy brown hair and red tattoos on his face . He gave her a wolfish grin as he bent at his waist.

Her stomach... "I think I'm gonna be sick..."With that she turned over to the edge of the bed and threw up what was left in her stomach, all over the mans shoes. Hinata could hear a man laughing in the back round and the man in front of her made sounds off disgust. When she was finished she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and took the glass of water that was offered to her.

The man who was laughing walked into the room and smiled widely, amusement dancing in his gray eyes. He was tall and musculer with a strong jaw and high cheekbones. Shoulder length red hair was pulled back into a loose pony-tail. "Morning Princess, or rather afternoon. Did you sleep well?"

Despite having thrown up a few seconds ago, Hinata straightened her spine and lifted her chin. "Where am I, and who are you sir?"

The man laughed, his hands on hips and his head tilted back. "Come now princess, there is no need to be so demanding so early in the day!" Pulling his hat off his head, he bowed at the waist, the hat pressed to his chest. "First in command, The Crowned Princes' political adviser, Higarashi Ryuu at your service!"

The man with the messy brown hair snorted, "Yeah, 'cuz we all know Naruto-dono is nothing but a muscle head."

"And this disrespectful twit behind me is Inuzuka Kiba, Third in command. He was transferred as an ambassador from the Inu country. Worked his way up and made it in Uzumaki-dono's good graces, lucky sonova-"

"-Finish that and I'll end you!"

Ryuu rolled his eyes. "And you, Milady, are smack dab in the middle of the Land of Foxes."

Hinata's eyes darkened and her fists clenched, nails biting into the sensitive flesh on her palms. "Why did you kidnap me? Money? Power over my kingdom?"

Ryuu sighed and placed his had on top of his head. "That I am not at liberty to discuss with you. If you would like to know, you will have to ask Uzumaki-dono. Until then, would you like a bath and a tray?"

Hinata nodded and allowed the men to lead her to the bath houses. She couldn't wait to give the Crowned Prince a piece of her mind.

As they walked through the building, Hinata noticed that every person they passed bowed to them. Some children ran up to her with flowers in their hands and pleaded for her to pick them up, their mothers watching from afar. Taking a bundle of flowers from one child, Hinata brought them to her nose and breathed in the sweet aroma. She thanked the child and placed a kiss on her forehead before walking along side the two men again.

"You will make a wonderful Queen Milady."

Startled, Hinata looked to Ryuu who was giving her a close eyed grin. "I will do what I must for my people."

Kiba turned, deciding to walk backwards, and put his arms behind his head. "But the real question is, will you make a good wife for Naruto-dono?!"

"I will be no mans wife, not till I have taken the throne."

Kiba frowned before turning around again. "Oh your taking the throne all right, just not the one you want..."

Ryuu punched Kiba in the stomach before turning to make sure Hinata didn't hear him. Sighing in relief when he saw the princess gazing off into the distance.

"How much longer till we reach the bath house?" She asked, looking at him from the corners of her eyes.

Ryuu smiled softly. "We're about half way there."

The longer the walked the less often people would come around her. The cottages and shops dwindled down and they entered an area of large, older looking buildings. It reminded her of the Tamashi district in her country. The area where only nobles were allowed anytime of the year and where commoners were allowed during holidays was the resting spot for the Seishin kōken'nin (guardian spirits)
of the country. Her countrys' Guardian was the White Falcon, hence the name of her country.

"Ano...Ryuu-san...Where is the resting place for your Seishin?"

Kiba glanced back toward her. "You mean you haven't heard? Our country doesn't have one."

Hinata raised an eyebrow. "How is that possible? Shouldn't your country have been over come with disease and drought by now? Not to mention war!"

Kiba shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets. "My country has one, The Gray Wolf. The Land of snakes has one: The Violet Viper, and as you know the Land of Sharks does too: The Blue Shark-Not a very impressive name if you ask me—But The land of foxes has never had a Guardian Spirit."

Hinata walked a little faster so she could hear a little better. "But how do you protect yourselves from the other countries?"

Ryuu kept his eyes forward and his lips sealed, letting Kiba do all the work was the best option right now.

"Well, I really don't know. What I've heard though is that every generation there is a burst of giant red fire. When the new babe is born to the throne, a monarch dies and when their life force passes, so does the fire."

Hinata rolled her eyes and turned to look off into the distance once more. "Sounds like a fairy tale to me..."

Hiashi stood in the middle of the great room, a grand smile on his face and egomaniac laughter bubbling from his throat. In his hand he held a seven tailed whip and spralled out on the floor in front of him was his late wife's nanny. "My dear, you have been a very great help to me these last few years. It's a shame you were born a half bread really, but there is nothing I can do about that now is there?" Grabing a fistful of her onyx black hair, he pulled her into a sitting position wish such force that her bare back slammed into his chest. The welts from the whip burned and she cried out in pain when her skin slapped up against his.

"Why must you be so unwilling to help your king when he is in need of assistance, hmmm?" He brought the whip down against her stomach, the tails flying whatever direction they want. Tear streamed down her face as one stung her breast and another just below her navel. "Was it so hard to bring her to the courtyard and LEAVE HER THERE?!" Yanking her hair back once more, he hit her harder, this time allowing the tails to draw blood.

"P-Please...S-Stop" She whispered hoarsely.

Hiashi let go of her hair and watched her fall back to the floor. "I suppose you think that now I will allow you a sort of freedom, hmm? Well, not till my plans have gone through. No dear, you and I will be together till the kingdom is mine..." The man knelt down behind her and lifted her hip up toward his, aligning his shaft with her flower. " I loved every moment I spent with her you know. Even her very last after I gave her the rat poison. She knew it was coming. She could feel it you know?" Slowly he entered her, reveling in her cries of anguish both physical and emotional.

"Can you feel yours?" With those last few words he slammed into her with a force so strong it knocked her unconscious.

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