Sorry it's been so long since I last updated any of my stories. But thank you to my reviewers for waiting. I'm going to try to update more so hopefully it won't be a few years till I do again. This is going to be a practice test for my new story idea. It's a crossover of Harry Potter and Kitty and the Midnight Hour. So when you finish reading please let me know what you think. Now on with the story and I hope that you enjoy it.

Everyone knows that the Potters were very caring and loving parents. They would anything to protect family and friends alike. They proved that when they died trying to save their little boy. But what people didn't know was that James wasn't Harrys' real father, not even James. Lily had gone to the states for a vacation before her and James had married, just a little time to clear her head and think. She stayed at a motal in a little town in Colorado. While she was there she met someone that she was strangely attracted to. He was a young lawyer to be home for break, his name was Ben O'Farrell. They spent their time talking and getting to know each other. But all too soon Lily had to return home to England and to James. They night before she left, they spent making love and then that morning they kissed each other good bye and lily left. When she returned her and James were married and 9 months later little Harry was born. James never knew the truth every time he asked how her trip was Lily was just smile and just the subject. She knew who Harry's real father was. She wrote everything down in a journal that she would give Harry when he was old enough. Sadly she would never get the chance to tell him, for when he was 15 months old Voldemort came to their house on Halloween. He killed poor James and Lily and Harry was sent to Lily's sister Petunia and her family.

Ben O'Farrell often thought about Lily after she left. For years he thought about how her life was and what she was doing. He tried to write her a few times but every time his letters were returned unopened. He thought her and her husband had moved. It never occurred to him she and her husband James were dead. After that Bens' life took an unexpected turn, while helping is werewolf hunting cousin Cormac, he was attacked and turned himself. Cormac took him to the only person who could help him, Kitty Norville; who was a werewolf herself. She helped him during the first transformations and the feelings afterwards. He and kitty and been married for almost 2 years when Ben learned something that would change his life.

Sorry the first chapter is really short but I'll try and make the next one longer. Please review and let me know what you think so far and tell me if I should continue this or not.