Poker causes pregnancy

Takes place a few years after the war and Ichigo has regained his powers. The Seireitai has made peace with Huecho Mundo using the vizards as go betweens and the living world is neutral territory. Especially Urahara's shop.

Disclaimer:Absolutely don't own bleach. If I did, there would be a ton of wardrobe malfunctions.

WARNING:Contains Yaoi and MPreg. You've been warned. Bya x Renji and Grim x Ichi

"Man, Renji, I've felt like crap since the last poker game. I don't get it", Ichigo said as he opened the door to Urahara's shop. Renji and Byakuya were right behind him having shown up at the same time.

"Yah, same here. Musta caught somethin' last time", Renji commented back. "Can't believe how sick I've been this last week". Surprisingly Byakuya chimed in with, "He is to go to Unohana-taicho for a check-up when we get home tomorrow".

Ichigo began chuckling as he continued through the door, getting out of the way of the two following him, Renji scowling and starting a whispered conversation with Byakuya.

"What's up, Strawberry?", asked Shinji. "Share the fun". Ichigo gave him a death scowl, saying, "I'm not a strawberry! How many years have we known each other? I can't believe how defective your brain is". Shinji gave a face splitting grin and said, "The question still stands, what made you chuckle. That's like, unheard of".

"Just the two loverbirds behind me".

"Let's get this bi-monthly rules and regulations meeting underway now that the last people are here!", enthused Urahara as he waved the new arrivels over to the large table everyone else was sitting arround. "As we all know, So-taicho established this meeting to let all the partied involved air any greivances involved in the running of the different worlds and ..."

"Shut up and deal all-ready!", Grimmjow snarled making room next to him for Ichigo to squeeze in. "We all know what this manditory meeting has evolved into".

"Ai, alright, alright. Dealer's choice tonight. First game is low-ball", Urahara said, getting a devious gleam in his eyes as he expertly begins shuffling cards. (A/N: In low-ball, the worst hand wins.) "Tessai-san, snacks and drinks, arigato!", Urahara called behind him towards the kitchen.

As the drinks and snacks are brought out and placed around the table in reach of everyone, Ichigo leans in to Grimmjow and notices that his scent is surprisingly calming the nauseous stomach that he has had for the last week. Ichigo proceeds to lean in even further and takes a deeper sniff from behind Grimmjow's neck and starts to make a purring noise in the back of his throat.

"Oi, what the fuck!"

"Sorry Grimm...I-I don't know what ha-happend", Ichigo stuttered and pulled back, looking confused. To try and cover it, Ichigo then reached for his cards and asked for someone to hand him a drink, he didn't care who it was or what they gave him. As he thanks Hallibel for the coke he takes note of everyone else sitting at the table and can't help smiling at the odd group. After all, who would have thought that so many differences could be overcome? He still found it hard to believe some days that a lasting peace had come about after the war and imprisoning Aizen.

"Ante up! Renji you're to my left so first bid is yours. As dealer, I won't be playing this hand", chirped Urahara. "50 yen to open and raise, please remember this a friendly, low-key game to foster comraderie amongst the various.."

"Yah, yah. Here's my 50", Renji interupted, throwing his money into the center. Byakuya follows suit as does Shinji, quickly followed by Grimmjow. Ichigo takes a swig of his pop, looks at his cards and raises by 50. Hallibel shakes Stark off of her back and adds the 100 yen the kiddy has grown to. Stark comes to the meetings, but is to lazy to play. Instead, he enjoys the chance to sleep without Lilinette interferring. Yorouchi adds the needed amount with a cheeky comment about Ichigo feeling to lucky this early in the evening.

As everyone finishes adding the money, Urahara starts asking who needs more cards. Renji takes three and promptly folds after looking at them. Byakuya takes one and puts 50 in the center. Shinji also takes one. Grimmjow takes two and smirks, raising the bet. Ichigo takes two, looks at his cards and raises Grimmjow, smirking back at him. Hallibel raises an eyebrow at Yorouchi and they both fold. Byakuya and Shinji both call. Byakuya has a pair of threes. Shinji swears and throws his cards down.

"Dammit! I thought for sure my pair of fours would hold up!"

"Heh, heh. I got ya beat, ya prissy stuck up. Pair o' twos", Grimmjow practically cackled and reached for the money.

"Oi, hold up, ya bastard! Ya ain't won yet". Ichigo smirked evilly as he laid down the best hand in low-ball: 2,3,4,5,7 with the seven being black while the others are red. "Ha! Broken flush straight". And with that he raked in the money, leaving Grimm swearing next to him.

Amazing what a story morphs into. This was just going to be a oneshot about the evil geniusness of Urahara, oh well. Hope chapters will be alright.