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Ichigo grimaced to himself and shifted himself around as he sat in the rocking chair nursing his daughter. Grimmjow caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and turned until he could see his mate's face.

"What's tha matter, Berry? Is 'Rasu being fussy 'bout nursing again?"

"No," Ichigo scowled at Grimmjow. "She's fine. DAMNIT!"

Grimmjow jumped as Ichigo swore and leapt to his feet. Watching worriedly as Ichigo began to pace the room with his daughter held against one shoulder, Grimmjow quickly set his son, Aymeric, back in his crib. Grimmjow then hurried over to where Ichigo was pacing and wrapped his arms around the lithe, orange-haired Beta. Holding him in place, Grimmjow placed his head on top of Ichigo's.

"Something's botherin' ya. Now cough it up."

Ichigo twisted in Grimmjow arms until he was face to face with his Alpha.

"I don't know! Something feels off and I can't figure out what. It's like something is buzzing in my brain and the sensation is driving me insane!"

Ichigo could feel tears of frustration pour down his face as he spoke to Grimmjow. He really didn't know why he was feeling so..so...GAH! Ichigo mentally threw up his arms in exasperation. This was his body and he couldn't even describe how he felt. Ichigo felt Grimmjow release him from the comfort of the encircling arms and looked up in puzzlement.

"Give me tha squirt and get yourself into tha bedroom. I'll be there in a sec. Jus' let me lay tha brat down."

Ichigo nodded and let Grimm take Amaterasu from his arms. As soon as his arms were empty, Ichigo did as his Alpha wanted and left the nursery. When he reached the bedroom, Ichigo was overcome by a burning sensation that was at once immediate and, yet, very far away. Sitting on the bed, Ichigo felt more tears pour down his face as he waited for Grimmjow to be done dealing with their twin cubs.

About 15 minutes had passed before Grimmjow was certain his cubs were down for the night and he quickly made his way to the bedroom. When he got there, Grimmjow was shocked to see Ichigo curled up on top of the bed, whimpering. Rushing over to the bed, Grimmjow pulled Ichigo onto his lap and forced the Beta to look into his eyes. Once he had done so, Grimmjow was able to see pain and confusion swirling in the depths of Ichigo's beautiful golden flecked, chocolate colored eyes.

"Come on and talk ta me, Ichi. I can't read yer damn mind. Ya gotta tell me what's up."

Ichigo whimpered and tried to pull his head away from Grimmjow, but Grimmjow had a firm grasp on his chin and wasn't about to release his grip any time soon. Giving in, Ichigo finally spoke up.

"I don't know what's wrong. I've been feeling off all day and as the day went on I started feeling worse. Now I kinda feel like I'm burning. But at the same time it doesn't feel like I'm the one who's hurting. Does that make any sense?"

Grimmjow thought for a moment and cautiously asked if Ichigo had heard from Shiro at all today.

When Ichigo answered that he had not, Grimmjow got a feeling that he knew what might be causing the problem.

"Call yer twin out, and don't take "NO" as an' answer. Ya hear me. Make him come out."

Ichigo looked puzzled but did as his Alpha said.

'Shi? You there? Grimm wants to see you.'

'NO! Not gonna. An'ya can't make me.'

Ichigo firmed his lips and entered his mindscape, determined to do as he was told. Once inside, Ichigo could see no sign of Shiro anywhere, but he could feel in better detail the burning sensation that had hit him a few minutes ago. Only this time, the sensation had a direction. Curious, Ichigo followed the feeling and finally found Shiro curled up in a ball against one of the skyscapers. Placing a hand on his twin, Ichigo was shocked to feel how hot Shiro's skin was. Grabbing ahold of him, Ichigo pulled the both of them back out to the real world and their Alpha.

When Ichigo opened eyes he hadn't even realized that he had closed, he noticed three things. First, he felt normal for the first time that day. And it felt wonderful. The second thing he noticed was that he had been successful in pulling Shiro out with him. And the last thing he noticed was that he was in the process of falling off of Grimmjow's lap. He discovered this because Shiro shoved him off and proceeded to straddle Grimm's lap, writhing and thrusting his hips up against the bluenette.

"What the FUCK!" Ichigo hollered out, just managing to save himself from landing on the floor. Staggering to a more upright position from the crouch he had landed in, Ichigo was shocked to see Grimmjow was now pinned to the bed and that Shiro had somehow, in the few seconds it took Ichigo to stand up, ripped off all of the clothing the two had been wearing.

Grimmjow was no less shocked than Ichigo. He had thought that Shiro might have been the source of Ichigo's discomfort, but had no idea that having Shiro brought out of Ichigo's inner world would result in this. Pulling Shiro away from his face for a moment, Grimmjow got a good look at his other Beta.

Shiro's eyes were heavily lidded as lust swirled through his unique gold-on-black eyes, his normally pale cheeks were heavily flushed, and his breath was coming in rapid, shallow pants. Grimmjow inhaled deeply, taking in Shiro's scent, and began to swear.

"Ichi-bitch, ya hafta leave fer now. I know what tha problem is an' ya haven't been cleared by Szayel yet, so I suggest ya find somethin' ta do fer awhile. Yer twin's in heat. Which means he needs ta mate wit' me."

Ichigo blushed and quietly left the room. He had no problem with his Alpha and twin mating without him, although he actually kind of wished that he had been given the all clear healthwise from Szayel so he could join in. But Szayel had informed him that mating before the twins were fully weaned could cause his milk supply to dry up and Ichigo didn't want that to happen, so off Ichigo went. Hopefully, there was a new movie or two in the rec room. Ichigo sighed as he headed off. Someday, the three of them wouldn't have interference from the cubs and when that day happened...Ichigo couldn't stop the preditory look that over took his face.

Meanwhile back in their bedroom, Grimmjow had his hands full of a needy, in-heat Beta. It was all he could do to slow things down enough to get them both fully on the bed and not half hanging off. Just as he thought that he had things under control, Grimmjow was shocked out of that mindset as Shiro shimmied down his body and, without any warning, sucked his half-hard length deep into his hot, wet mouth. Grimmjow groaned and felt himself harden fully as Shiro deep throated him and swallowed around his member. This went on for a few minutes until Grimmjow thought that he might lose his mind from the sensations Shiro was invoking in his body.

Shiro gave one last, pulling suck, releasing Grimm's massive erection with a pop, before crawling back up his Alpha's rock hard body. As much as he had loved the treat that he had found, he now needed something more. Something his body was literally on fire for. Shiro reached his goal and dove foward, pining Grimm's arms to the bed with his knees and attaching his lips to those of his mate, while at the same time, he reached back with one hand and pulled Grimmjow's erection into position at his tightly clenching hole. Shiro grinned into the kiss he was bestowing on his mate, and, without any other warning, took his mate fully into him.

Grimmjow let out a shocked groan at the feeling of Shiro's heat suddenly wrapping around his throbbing cock and couldn't help but buck up, trying to put more of his needy length into the tight, moist heat that was trying to pull him deeper. Shiro swallowed all the noises he made in his ferocious kissing and began to ride Grimmjow in a grinding manner, letting his own cock be sandwiched between their two bodies. Grimmjow wanted to thrust harder into his mate, but couldn't get enough leverage to do so. Just when Grimmjow thought he might go insane if the pace didn't pick up, Shiro let go of his lips and sat up, further impaling himself on his Alpha's thick cock.

Grimmjow howled as Shiro began to bounce on his lap, taking in his length deeper and harder in this new position. Reaching up, Grimmjow began to fist the long, pale length that was bobbing and dancing, oozing copious amounts of pre-cum across his stomach. Grimmjow didn't know how much more he could take, when he felt Shiro's silken heat begin to clamp down on him. Fisting Shiro's erection faster, Grimmjow screamed out his release as Shiro suddenly sprayed his seed across the bluenette and his tensing, quivering muscles clamped down, hard, on Grimmjow's buried length. Grimmjow could do nothing but lay there and scream out Shiro's name as he felt his seed pump deep within his mate.

Afterwards, as he felt exhaustion drag at him after that intense orgasm, Grimmjow was shaken out of his stupor by Shiro attacking his mouth again. Raising his brows in surprise, Grimmjow felt alarm, even as he began to feel himself harden all over again, as Shiro released his lips and spoke to him for the first time during this whole affair.

'Ya didn't think jus' once was gonna satisfy me, did ya? Ya ain't gonna be able ta walk fer a week without icing yer dick when I'm done with ya.'

'Oh shit!'

If Shiro=uke, than set aggresive=full force.