Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from "Wings." All rights reserved by the author: Aprilynne Pike.

This is just the beginning. There is more to comeā€¦.I kind of took the idea I got from the beginning of wings and several other fay books and spun it. Enjoy!

Laurel always felt she was different, from her inevitable diet to her natural flawless beauty, but never did she in her farthest dreams even begin to imagine the actual reason for her uniqueness. Laurel missed the solitude of her home surrounded by nature; she missed the feel of the sun on her skin, the grass between her toes. From inside the crowded, unnaturally lit, class room laurel longed to be outside to feel all of Earth's elements surrounding her. Unfortunately, her mother made it abundantly clear her attendance to a public school was NOT under negotiation. Not only was she forced to leave her beloved house on the hill and the sanctuary of home schooling, all because of a dream job of her parents, she was also being forced to be surrounded by her peers and pretend she was like everyone else. When in fact she was completely different, she was almost suffocating from the lack of nature and constant chatter from the surrounding students, and no one would ever understand, Laurel didn't even understand her strange need for nature. When the bell finally signaled lunch she quickly packed her bag ready to sprint to the front lawn to embrace the sun and caress the grass. Laurel closed her eyes and began to relax for the first time all day that is until an unwelcomed shadow cast itself over her blocking the sun. Laurel opened an eye and squinted at the young man above her.