I looked up to see a handsome teenage boy standing over me. He smiled as I propped myself up on my elbows to get a better look at him. He had beautiful bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when he smiled, and a full set of beautiful pearly white teeth. His medium length sandy brown hair stood all over the place, somewhat resembling a porky pine, that matched beautify with his olive tone skin. He was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen, not that I have seen a lot of people when I was homeschooled. He seemed somewhat nervous because he laughed and rubbed the back of his head before plopping down beside me.

"Hey, I'm David I was going to introduce myself in Biology but you ran out so fast I couldn't catch you. I saw you through the window on my way to lunch, and I figured since you knew you might want some company."

"How did you know I was new?"

"Small town, everyone knows everyone, it's kind of hard to miss a new face when you have been staring at the same forty faces for the last ten years."

"Oh, well I'm"

"Laurel, I know. So Laurel what you have for lunch today?"

"Well I have an avocado and alfalfa sprout sandwich."

David stared at my sandwich like it had just crawled out of a mud puddle off the side of a highway then landed in my hand. I laughed at his expression and took a big bite just to show him it wasn't something equivalent to road kill.

"What is a alfalfa sprout anyways?"

"Well it sort of looks like a tiny bean with a long skinny leaf growing out of it, but it's really good with the avocado."

David laughed at my strange sandwich combination and asked "what? No chicken or Cow?"

"Well I'm actually vegan…. So… meat is not one of my diet choices"

"Oh, Oh! That's cool, so your real big on fruits and veggies? Huh? Well whats your favorite Fruit?"

"Well I actually love peaches."

We casually talked about our favorite foods and how I get protein to replace meat. David seemed to dive right into a conversation with ease, like my restricted diet was something he talked about every day. It was amazing how he actually listened, like learning my diet was something he was generally interested in.