-Jeanette's POV-

I woke up first, stretching, then grabbing my glasses. I suspected it was about six a.m., so I figured no one else was awake. I went to the bathroom, plugging up the sink then turning the water on hot. The sink filled with steaming water, and I added some soap so it was all bubbly and fruity scented. I hopped in, after slipping my nightgown off and turning the water off, closing my eyes in relaxation. My eyes shot open ten seconds later as my legs started to feel all tingly, and I snatched my glasses off the rim of the sink. As I placed my glasses on my face, I gasped. There, instead of my legs, was a long, glistening gold tail, a fish tail. I now had a golden bikini top on, which matched the scales. I slowly reached out and touched it; it was hard yet smooth, and very strong. I gulped, wondering how I was going to explain this to Simon, or my sisters, and the people that lived in this house. I glanced at the door, and thankfully I'd locked it. I managed to wiggle out of the sink, sitting on the rim. It was quite slippery, due to the moisture, so I grabbed a wash cloth and began drying off. The moment the water evaporated off my fur (and scales) my body shimmered, temporarily turning clear, like water, and then my legs returned. I was overjoyed! I jumped up, slipping on my shirt and skirt, which I'd brought in with me, running out. I went back to my room, where I found Simon awake, along with Theodore and Eleanor. Brittany and Alvin were still sleeping, no surprise there. They never woke up before noon unless we had something phenomenally important going on.

"Hey guys. I've got news." I said.

"What is it Jeanette?" Eleanor asked, brushing one of her pigtails with a tiny brush so it curled on the end.

"Uh, well, um…." I stuttered, not really sure how to go about the situation. "Well, uh, the water. It uh, it did something to me." I said.

"What do you mean?" Simon's tone and expression were slightly concerned, but as he looked me over, it was replaced by slight confusion. "You look fine."

"No, that's not it." I said. "Come with me guys, I'll show you." I said. I knew I probably should tell them before they found out like, a few months later and had a coronary or something. "Brace yourselves." I said, turning on the faucet to a low trickle. I slid my hand under it, a shiver traveling through my body as the icy cold water came in contact with my fur and skin. Sure enough, ten seconds later, my legs felt all tingly, and I lost my balance, toppling over into the sink. They all jumped back, surprised.

"J-Jeanette? What just happened?" Simon asked.

"That's what I'd like to know. I just found out a little while ago." I said.

"This is…. strange." Eleanor observed, reaching out to touch the fin. "Wow, it's so-" she stopped short, toppling over into the basin with me. She had a matching bikini top, and a tail!

"Oh gosh! This is bad!" she exclaimed.

"That's an understatement!" I muttered.

"You ok? Did it hurt?' Theodore asked.

"I'm fine. It hurt a little." Eleanor said. "Uh, will you help me out?" she asked, holding out her hand.

"Sure, Ellie. Hey Jeanette, how did you get it to go away before?" Theo asked. "Well, I just dried off." I said. Theodore grabbed my sisters hand and began to pull her out, then toppled over with her. He, also, had a tail, much like ours, except his was more orange than gold. He looked kind of like us, minus the bikini top.

"Oh, ow." He mumbled. He then looked down at himself, wondering why he'd fallen, then noticed the tail.

"Oh, brother." He muttered. "Uh, Simon? A little help here?" I asked hopefully. He grabbed a wash cloth, then handed it to me. I dried myself, and my sister and her boyfriend, and our legs came back.

"Thank goodness I'm not a fish anymore." Eleanor said.

"What… how did that happen? That's genetically impossible for you to have a tail! Well, a fish tail, anyway."

"I thought it was kinda pretty…" Eleanor said to herself. I'll admit, it was a nice, shimmery gold. It was actually quite attractive, but it made me uncomfortable to think it had replaced my legs. I mean, that just wasn't normal.

Then I began to wonder, how had this happened? I had never been aware of it before. And it didn't just happen to me, obviously. Eleanor and Theodore were affected as well. But why us? And how had it happened? There had to be some explanation. We hadn't done anything that had caused this transformation, had we. Wait a second… "The pool."

"What?" Eleanor and Theodore asked at the same time.

"The pool, on Mako Island. Remember, all the weird bubbles and the glowing and all that? What if that was the cause of this… change?" I didn't know what else to refer to it as.

"Well… Yeah. But if that's really true, why hasn't anyone discovered. Something that scientifically amazing should've been long encountered by now!" Simon reasoned. He had a point. Why hadn't it been found before now, and announced to the world. Something this amazing… it would change the scientific world as we knew it. And what if it could do the same for humans… That would make them, what, mermaids? Or mermen, depending on the gender of the victim.

"Wait a second. If Jeanette's right, and that glowing water is what made us change, then does that mean the others got tails, too?" Ellie asked.

"Good question. Let's find out." Simon said. He touched some of the left over water in the sink basin, and about ten seconds later, ended up in the bowl himself.

And of course, that was the moment Brittany and Alvin ran in, arguing over who got to use the bathroom to freshen up first. They hopped up next to us, still arguing. After a few moments, they noticed Simon's newly acquired fins. "Oh. My. Gosh." Britt spoke before her eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed. Oh, just great. What else could go wrong?