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Yuki Cross stood in front of the Day Class girls as the Night Class came out for their classes. It had been a hard day for the prefects. A new student had been admitted to the school in the middle of the semester. She had been introduced to all the students and then placed into a room. Word had spread fast about the Night Class and Yuki could see the girl standing by the trees, not really interested at all.

There was something about her that set Yuki on edge. She was really quiet and not at all in awe of the Night Class's reputation. It seemed as if she really didn't care. It was just one more person she didn't have to hold back from attacking the Night Class.

The gates of the Moon Dorms opened and the night class walked out. The girls erupted into squeals and cheers, calling to their favorites. Yuki had to step up and block them, all the while realizing none of them had called for Kaname Kuran. A tiny shiver went up her spine. She knew they were doing it that way because she was Kaname's one and only.

"You're slacking today, Yuki."

She turned her head and smiled when she saw her friend. "Hey, Zero."

Standing at 5'11 with silver hair and lilac eyes, Zero Kiryu was the other prefect. He was the only one everyone was scared of because he just had that way about him. He stepped up beside her and began shouting orders to the Day Class so the Night Class could pass. Yuki was vaguely aware when the new girl left the trees and headed back to the Sun Dorms.

"Who was that?" Zero asked as he stood in the way of the Day Class.

"I really don't know. She's really quiet in class and no one seems to see her." Yuki replied sadly as the Night Students walked by them.

"Shiki noticed her."

"I saw that." And she had. That's what bothered her.


Senri Shiki stared out the window blankly. He had had a rough time the last few months. His father had taken over his body, which had not been fun, and it shamed him. His friends were understanding but he hated himself for his weakness. Many times he wanted to leave Cross Academy, but his friends had kept him from it. He was grateful for that, though he would never say it out loud.

Something about today made him realize he was glad he hadn't left. There was something in the air that was different. Like the calm before the storm or the darkest before the dawn. Something was going to happen and he wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

"Do we have to worry about her?" Shiki heard Ruka ask. Obviously she felt the same thing he had and was worried about it.

Kaname flipped the page of his book, staring intently at the words. "I don't know."

That was not helpful.


Boston Sanders sat quietly in one of the trees outside her dorm. She had been shipped to Cross Academy when her step-mother didn't want to put up with her anymore. Instead of sending her to a normal boarding school in the country, she sent her all the way around the world to Japan. To Cross Academy.

The ride hadn't been that bad. Her father owned a corporate plane and she had just taken it. Her father would be mad at her step-mother but it really didn't matter to her. If her step-mother wanted her gone, then so be it, but she was taking all the good things.

When she had walked on campus, the first thing she had felt was cold ruthlessness. Her skin prickled at the sensations that coursed through the air and rested on all the surfaces. She knew that feeling rather well.

Vampires were around.

Every single girl she had met told her about the Night Class who resided in the Moon Dorms. She'd heard everything under the sun about every guy and some girls from her classmates. They were ecstatic about them and talked up a storm, but she wasn't listening. As far as Boston was concerned, none of it mattered. They were vampires and she hated them.

She followed the girls to the Moon Dorms' Gate and stood by the trees to watch. Her hand traveled to the crescent visible below her left eye. There were more just like it all over her body and they were tingling. They always did when a vampire was around, considering they were years old. She had the one under her eye colored in the make it look like a tattoo.

The gates opened, sending tremors down her spine. She watched as the school's defense committee tried to keep all the students in line. They weren't doing a very good job, which was to be expected. The girls' squeals were heard all the way to the trees.

There was no doubt in her mind that the rumors of the vampires' beauty were true. They could make anyone fall in love with them. But they were all beasts and she hated them. Turning away completely disgusted, she went back to her dorm.

She showered and returned to her room. Ignoring her roommate when she came in gossiping about someone named Idol, she did her homework and tried to go to sleep. It didn't work.


Shiki stared at the third floor window for some unknown reason. Something very strong was pulling him to the Sun Dorms and he had no idea why. He had been feeling that way since the beginning of the week and it was starting to suck. He found himself daydreaming sometimes, which sucked even more.

He was supposed to be in class, but ever since Yuki and Kaname had returned, Kaname had been lenient. They were changing; everyone could feel it. They weren't sure if it was good or bad yet.

He was getting ready to go back to his dorm when the curtain to the room he was looking at pulled open. The girl was standing at the window staring at something. Even with heightened vision, he couldn't make out her entire profile or what she was looking at. Her hair was short and shaggy, exposing what he assumed was soft skin.

Shiki ground his teeth in frustration. What was he doing? She was human and he was a vampire. They couldn't fraternize. That only happened in movies. He wasn't going to put anyone through the decision of staying with him or being let go. Besides there was no way his family would allow him to stay with her.

He shook his head roughly. Now he was thinking of marriage when he didn't even know the girl. He turned and stomped back to his dorm. He needed to get his head set on straight.


Kaname watched as his subordinate went back to his room. He had hoped they would never meet. Shiki had already had a rough time with knowing his father was a murderer but he didn't need this added stress.

He looked at the window where Shiki had been looking. She was staring at him as if she knew. And he supposed she did. She was exceptionally bright. He waved her off and returned to his dorm.


Boston tsked and pulled the curtain close roughly. She had seen Kaname Kuran, the one man she wanted to kill. But she had to bide her time. She would get revenge.