Ivan meets Sexier Ivan Story idea inspired by:
Ivan Yepez Full story written by:
Summer Davy

One hot summer day, Ivan was strolling along with his usual "Chick Wave", as he called it. Having not only the hottest girls in the palms of his hands but he was dating, the one, the only, Savannah. As lucky as he was, there was a downer to being the hottest, most sexiest guy at Salida Middle School, the pimpled-face,
wheezer (and not the band) and inhaler freaks. But little did he know, that he was about to run into some who changed his life. As Ivan gave Savannah one last good-
bye kiss for about the third time, he walked into his humble home, only to find well, himself, reading a Forb's magazine. But Ivan noticed something strange about this Ivan, He was sexier. "Who the hell are you?" Ivan said getting ready to pull out his baseball bat. "Well, I'm you, in much more sexier version." Said Ivan #2.
Ivan pondered and thought, he could some good, so they beacame friends and both became the sexiest men in the universe...