Revenge of a Monster

By: Darkbetel666

A/N: So, as you can see, I'm fairly new to writing fan fiction about this movie (which has been a favorite of mine for some time now). I've always wanted to write this story, but I never actually wrote out my ideas until now. I hope you enjoy, but please feel free to leave comments, reviews, and constructive criticisms.

Summary: Beetlejuice rises from the waiting room with a new agenda: to seek and torture to death the very ghost who banished him into oblivion – Barbara Maitland.

They danced in merriment. Everything seemed perfect now that Beetlejuice was gone, banished for eternity… or so it had seemed.

Lydia hovered above the ground dancing gleefully with the ghostly figures of the deceased football players surrounding her.

Barbara and Adam, though dead, could not recall a time when they were happier, aside from their wedding day of course. They had no children, but considered Lydia as their niece, as their daughter, as a part of their permanent family who they looked after and cared for deeply.

Barbara had felt maternally attached to Lydia from the moment she spotted the couple in the attic from the ground. Something made Barbara's heart swell when Lydia was around; Adam knew this, making him admire his beautiful wife all the more. This gentle and kind trait of Barbara's was one of the major factors to the reason why Adam fell so passionately in love with her. He wouldn't give her up for anything in the world.

After the fatal crash, Barbara felt a growing absence or urge within her. She longed to have children, but because of the crash, Adam and Barbara would never have the chance to start a family of their own. Perhaps this is the reason they loved Lydia as much as they did. After all, she was most likely going to be the closest thing they would ever have to a child.

Despite the sadness of never having a child of their own, Adam and especially Barbara were so pleased to have met Lydia and to have been blessed with the chance to get to know just how special she was, heavily gothic appearance and all.

It was later that night, while all the residents of the formerly charming country house were sleeping, that a creature from the depths of hell composed a plan so malicious and evil, it was almost out of character. All bets were off the next time he encountered Barbara Maitland, the one most responsible for his newly cursed existence.

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