Bonfire Night

"Come on, Ziva," Tony willed his partner to speed up her pace, "We need to get to the front." The Israeli scowled, causing the old man next to her to almost faint. "I do not see," she spoke in Spanish to Tony, "Why we have to do this." Tony shook his head and responded in English, "It's Bonfire Night." The teams had a mission in England, and were flying out on the 6th, the day after Bonfire Night. Tony has explained the English holiday to the team, and begged them to go to a display. They gave in. After a while.

Two kids chased past them, clutching sparklers, grins magnifying on their little faces. "Danny," the girl screamed, "Gimme my sparkler back." The boy named Danny laughed. "Stop being a baby 'ally," he had a strong Cockney accent, "Mam told ya to stop bein' a kid and act your age." They scooted off. Ziva laughed at the accent, and caught Tony's eye. Her smile lit the dark sky, and Tony was so pleased she was having a good time.

Suddenly, a rocket exploded, causing the gathered audience to gasp in awe. "Wow," Ziva breathed. Tony grinned, as a Catherine Wheel fizzed a beautiful green. Soon, the show was on the road. The fireworks exploded around them, making beautiful colours and loud bangs. "Where are the others?" Ziva asked. "Who cares?" Tony smirked as another firework went off, "I'm having loads of fun." In truth, the others were in the hotel room, but of course, Tony and Ziva didn't know that. In fact, Abby was listening to her iPod, McGee was writing, Palmer was visiting his cousin Maria and Ducky and Gibbs were playing cards on their cushy London Marriott sofa. But, secretly, they all wished they could be outside enjoying the fireworks.

After 3 hours, the show began to close. Final fireworks lit up the sky, and little droplets of rain landed on the heads of the tallest people. "It was a beautiful display," Ziva whispered, hoping that it would go on a little longer. "Not as beautiful as you, Zeeves," he partner smiled. Ziva blushed redder than the Jumping Jack gracing the sky at that moment. He looked deep into her eyes, and leaned in. She met his lips just as the final firework exploded into the sky, and the audience burst into applause. Tony and Ziva continued, not even knowing who or what the celebrations were about. Just like a scene from a movie, the couple broke apart as the final sparks faded into the black night.

"I hear there is another display down the road," Ziva told Tony as she slipped her hand into his. "Okay," Tony grinned, "I would like that."

And together, they walked into the bright mass of orange fireworks, that closely resembled a sunset.