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Chapter One

"Good luck Filia-chan!"

"I know you can do it, you'll win the election---no sweat!"

"Invite me for a drink when you win okay?"

"Thanks, thank you, no problem…" Filia smiled her all-time winning smile and sauntered through the hallway with her head held high, the school presidential elections were today and she knew she was leading the race and leaving all the other candidates in the dust.

Nothing could possibly go wrong, she even asked her magic Q ball, and it NEVER once was wrong, she had complete faith and no doubts in it's abilities. The only reason why the twitch in her stomach would not go away was because of one thing.

Namagomi…that name brought a sour taste in her mouth and all the way down to her gut as she swallowed bitterly…

That stupid…idiotic…overly-cocky…overly-confident…smug little… lying trickster…purple haired****@#$$%^&*@#$#%%&&, ahem, jerk…

She weaved a hand through her golden hair and tugged on it until she felt the pull of her roots.

Why did she care? Why did he have to butt in every important thing in her life? Filia sighed, it went waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy back, all the way back in Kindergarten…


"Class, we have a new student in our class, I would like all of you to be nice to him and make him feel very welcomed."

5 –year- old Filia looked up from the pile of Barbie dolls and stuffed animals to acknowledge the purple haired child with an innocent grin stuck to his face.

"Hi!" Filia chirped cutely, "My name's Filia, what's yours?"

"Hello, my name's Xellos."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Depends on what you're asking."

"How come you have purple hair?"

"Because I was born in a faraway country where everybody has pink hair, and I was the only one with purple hair, and the legend was that whoever had purple hair will become king of that country. So I was crowned prince for about a week, until my parents got sick of all the attention and we escaped to here." Xellos replied without missing a beat.

"Hmpt! I don't believe you," Filia lifted her nose high in the air, "You're obviously lying."



"Wrong." Xellos winked at her, "And I'm not done with my story, did you know I have the royal crested box with me? And whenever I take it out and make a wish, it will come true. That's how I avoided the bunch of soldiers sent after me, I wished for my own invincible army and defeated everything that was in my way."

"Prove it then, show me the royal crested box."

"Alright, but you'd better keep this a secret between me and you." Xellos lowered his voice, "If anyone else knows, there will be consequences…"

Filia gulped nervously and nodded her head as she watched him dig into his pockets.

"Hey!" She shouted angrily, "That's a plastic box!"

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Xellos put his hand over her mouth, "It might LOOK like a plastic box, but that's just to deceive everybody."

"Fine, "Filia grumbled and folded her arms, "Make a wish and let's see if it comes true."

"I wish that we will have chocolate chip cookies for snacks at break time today." Xellos solemnly wished.

"That won't happen! We've had donuts five days in a row---"

"Let's just see what happens then."

"Children, children…settle down. We'll have our snacks now."

"What're we having today?"

"Chocolate chip cookies."

Filia stared at the cookies in amazement, before crawling to where Xellos sat comfortably on a beanbag.

"How much are you charging for that box thing?" Filia asked in a hurry.

"Well…it's kind of important to me, I mean, what if those soldiers come looking for me again? What'll I do?---"

"You can hide out at my house, I'll hide you in the shed or in the attic…but please, please, please can I have that box?" Filia tugged his sleeve and gave him her best pleading look.

"I guess…" Xellos cupped his chin and frowned, torn between decisions, "but how about you give me that silver ring on your finger?"

"This…?" Filia looked at her index finger and twirled it absently, feeling the smooth metal against her skin; it was her very favorite ring…

"I can understand if you don't want to…but…"

"Whatever," Filia made up her mind and took off her ring, "I want the box more."

"Good…" Xellos smiled that familiar smile again, "You made a wise choice."

Filia skipped away happily with the box tucked away safely.

"And children," The teacher called out to the class again, "Don't forget to thank Xellos's mother the next time you see her, she made the cookies especially for us today."


"Would someone tell me what a cube is? Yes, Filia?"

"A cube is a solid with two parallel, congruent, circular bases."

"That is correct, and a kite? Xellos?"

"A quadrilateral with two pairs of equal adjacent sides."

"Right again, and what is the line of best fit?"

The teacher looked at the classroom in despair, "Someone else other than Filia and Xellos?"

A tumbleweed blew by.

"A line that passes as close---" Filia blurted out.

"---as possible to a set of plotted points." Xellos smoothly cut in.

Filia gave him her very best death glare and Xellos replied with his usually smirk.

"Rrrrrrrriiiight, again class, learning is for ourselves; competition is good, but not too much okay?"

They both nodded promptly and smiled an angelic smile.

"So…what's a even number?"

"An integer—"

"That has 2—"

"As a factor!—"

"Example, 2,4…"


"Stop interrupting all my sentences 'kay?" Filia growled at Xellos. "Wait for your turn."

"You're one to talk."

"Shut up."

"Make me."

"Trust me, you would not want that."

"My, my Filia-chan, are you threatening me?"

"Good, you've caught on."

"Conversations with you are always so delightful."

(Teacher and students: sweat drop)


Filia frowned again in present day, now she was older, more mature and in High School, she would deal with things a lot more sophisticatedly.

"Hey." A cool voice broke through her train of thought.

"Zelgadis," Filia felt a blush reach her cheeks, one look into his dark eyes and smooth face was enough to take anybody's breathe away. Surrounded by constant female attention, not to mention his very own fan club, he was definably one of the most sought after bachelors in the school.

"Just came to wish you good luck."






"Well, see you around." Zelgadis finished this conversation with one of his 1000000-watts smiles.

"Okay." Filia faltered a little, her head felt a little dizzy and she felt as if she suddenly needed a lot of support.

What the…why do I ALWAYS freeze up around him? It's not like I don't think I'm attractive enough or that I could never get a date, it's just the way he looks at me, and the way that he smiles that makes my stomach flutter…ugh, now I sound like some love-sick teenager my mother always complains about.

Oh well, I guess it can't be helped after all…yup, it's gotta be love…but why'd it have to be so complicated?

Filia slumped down in her seat and leaned back with a sigh. Didn't she read somewhere that deep sighs are a sign of depression? Better not get depressed, she has a battle to fight today, and Filia does not lose---ever.

Speak of the devil…

"Hello Namagomi!" She greeted him the same way she had since kindergarten.

"Ohayo Filia-Chan." Xellos grinned at her sweetly, too sweetly. "Are you ready for the elections today?"

"Hai! Are you ready to lose?" Filia leafed open her agenda and clicked her pen, ready for the announcements and anything else important.

Xellos slid in his seat casually.

"What an overly active imagination you have, so childish and naïve…"

"Don't feel so bad Xellos." Filia pouted her lips in mock pity, "When I win, I'll be sure to at least mention your name for sportsmanship."

The homeroom teacher waved his hands to get his student's attention.

"Class, just a few quick announcements before class starts, as you know, we have shortened periods today due to the school presidential elections this morning. And we even have two candidates in our very own homeroom."

Filia beamed and Xellos had on his usual grin as the class exploding into a thundering storm of applauses.

"Also, there's the Formal dance coming up this Friday, so everybody show up and have fun—not too much though."

Maybe I'll finally work up the nerve to ask Zelgadis, Filia thought in pure bliss as she strolled out when the first period bell rang, not aware of the crowd of males drooling after her.

"Should I ask her out man?" A sophomore whispered to his buddy.

"No way, like you're actually in her league."

"Yeah, she is so hot."

"Beauty and brains, that kinda chick is hard to find these days."

What the hell do they see in that…rude, violent, close-minded girl? Xellos wondered to himself as he walked to first class. He'll admit she wasn't ugly--fine—she was gorgeous, and sometimes she even had a little common sense, but what else was there, a quick tongue that stirred up constant arguing? Classic death glares? No thanks, as far as Xellos concerned, a relationship with that fierce little dragon is a failed relationship.

Out of the corners of his eyes he saw a flash of red; Xellos grinned as Lina greeted him with her usual self-assured, I-don't-have-a-care-in-the- world smirk.

"So Xellos, ready to kick ass as usual?" She asked as she fell into steps beside him, "You know what you better do when you win don't you?"

"And what's that?"

"Duh," Lina slapped her forehead in exasperation, "Invite your old pal out for dinner, really Xellos…you are so clueless sometimes."

Xellos couldn't remember the exact moment when he became friends with Lina, he wasn't sure if he wanted to remember, but he knew why. There was sort of a partnership thing going on between them, Lina once told him they could beat Bill Gates and Microsoft out of business ten years from now on and secretly Xellos had no doubt. They were both amazingly calm under the toughest of situations, neither of them would ever admit defeat until they were dead( which doesn't make any difference). Competition and excitement was what they strived on, which was one of the reasons Xellos liked hanging out with her; he could always count on her to do something unexpectedly crazy and dangerous( those words in Lina's vocab are considered 'fun'). The only thing that turned her off was her appetite; the girl would eat until she dropped, which was what she usually did.

"But the last time I paid you maxed out my credit card."

"How selfish of you," Lina turned her face away to wipe an invisible teardrop. "Letting money stand in the way of our friendship…"

You're one to talk, Xellos thought in annoyance as he kept that smile frozen on his face, money was right after food on Lina's list of most important things in life.

"Hey Xellos…?" Lina's voice took on a overly casual tone.


"Do you have a date for the Formal?"

Where was she going with this? "Not yet."



"I was thinking," Lina suddenly seemed over interested in examining her fingernails, "Since you don't have a date and I don't have a date…weshouldgotogether."

"Are you asking me out?" Xellos looked at her in amusement.

"Yes," Lina shot her head up and stared him straight in the eye, as if challenging him, "I am asking you out."


"Say yes or I'll beat you up."

Xellos shrugged, "Yes."

"Great…! Pick me up on Friday night at 8:00, don't be late and don't bring a corsage, those things are so lame and those needles sting pretty bad…and you own me dinner sometime this week."

"…(sweat drop)"

* * *

Amelia stretched her arms above her head and bended down to touch her toes, she straightened up to looked in the girl bathroom's full length mirror.

Raven black hair that curled behind her ears and fell to her shoulders, bright blue eyes and…ugh! Why were her lips always so chapped? She took out her lip-gloss and applied it with careful concentration—there…much better, mmm… it smells good too.

With a manicured hand she smoothed down the wrinkles in her cheerleading uniform, better hurry up or else she'll be late for practice. She pushed opened the heavy door and hurried outside, almost knocking herself over when she ran into someone.

"You alright?" A voice asked in warm concern.

"Yeah, I'm okay…" Wait a minute, Amelia blinked as she realized something, I know that voice, I've practically memorized all the different tones and pitches of that voice…

Gourry smiled kindly at her.

"Better be careful, we wouldn't want our very own captain of the cheerleading squad to get hurt now would we?"

"No…no we wouldn't…" Amelia found herself floating in a faraway and very foggy cloud.

"Watch out next time 'kay? I might not be here next time to stop your fall."

" 'Kay…" Amelia nodded weakly.

"Well see ya… can't wait for you guys to cheer for us this afternoon."

"Yeah…we'll definitely be at your practice today."

Gourry walked away and gave her a quick wave, Amelia lifted up her finger and moved it a little.

I am SO pathetic! Why should I get so nerve wrecked by a single guy! I'm supposed to an expert in dating! I'm sort of pretty! And I'm not exactly boring…all I need is some more confidence, sometimes I wonder how I became the captain of the cheerleaders…What happened to all my leadership skills? My self-assurance…ugh! I should never doubt myself so much! But I can't help it…there are so many other girls he could pick from and I'm just a small fish in a BIG pond; not even, an ocean…

Amelia sighed and went back to the bathroom to check if her lip-gloss was smeared.

* * *

"Val, what's up man? It's been a while hasn't it?" Zelgadis looked at his friend in surprise as he sat in the chair across from him, "And when did you ever step foot in a library?"

"What are talkin' about? I come here all the time…" With his spiked green hair and yellow wolf eyes, complete with a leather jacket and a sly grin, Valgarv was anything but a preppy schoolboy. His aura was dark and dangerous, yet intriguing and sexy. ( A.N: and yes he IS ^-^)

"Right." Zelgadis folded his arm in expectation, "What'd you do now?"

"Just came back from skipping town a few days ago…got into a little trouble with the cops."

"I can't say I'm surprised."

"I need a favor…"


"Can I crash at your place for awhile?"


"Come on! What about the bonds of brotherhood? Didn't we promise we'll always help each other out?"

"Don't forget sisterhood either," Zelgadis gave him the slightest of a scowl, "Sophiel almost had a heart attack the time you walked in on her taking a shower."

"I didn't know!" Valgarv held up his hands in protest, "I heard her scream and I thought she fell or something, turns out it was Jiras—"

"Do you still have that dog?"

"Don't worry, I left it with a friend out of the states."


"Just for a few days."

Zelgadis groaned and felt another migraine coming in, "I hate the pact of brotherhood."

"But you know you're doing a lot of good for an old friend."

"It doesn't feel like it's worth it."

"Thanks, I own you one."

"You own me so much, it's hard to keep track of things. And Sophiel's not going to take this too well."

"I'm sure she missed me."

"Want to bet?"

"Naw, I'm broke."

* * *

"…And that is why, I think you should elect me as your school president. Thank you." The audience exploded into an applause as Filia walked off the stage with a full smile on her face; she collapsed in her chair and sipped happily from her water bottle.

"I'm impressed, that speech had a lot of potential; did you write it yourself?"

"Every letter." Filia answered. "And thank you Namagomi, your speech was very good too; are you sure you didn't steal it from somewhere?"

"Of course not," Xellos smiled at her, his eyebrows twitching a little from his nickname.

"I guess we'll find out who wins sooner or later…and please, promise me you won't be such a sore loser."

"Wouldn't even think of it."

End chapter one

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