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We were finally going back for the filming of the third season of Victorious and I couldn't be more excited. Why am I excited about that you might ask? The answer is simple; I get to spend time with Avan Jogia. A lot of Bade fans have made the assumption that we're already dating but sadly, we aren't.

I walk onto the familiar set and walk to the hallway that has the dressing rooms in it. I find the third door on the right that says 'Elizabeth Gillies' and open the door. I'm very happy to see that my whole dressing room is painted a gorgeous turquoise color. Daniella and I have been trying to get Dan to let us paint them since the first season. It makes it feel a lot homier. I put my purse down on the white, shabby chic vanity and went to go sit down on the damask printed couch. I turned on my laptop and went on twitter until I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. "Guess who." The all too familiar voice said.

"Um, Justin Bieber?" I said turning to face him.

"Ha-ha." Avan said sitting down next to me. "Since we don't have any scenes to film tomorrow and it is a Friday, I was thinking that we could have our movie night then. We haven't had one in ages."

It was true. This summer I was busy with my family, friends, and working on my music, while he was traveling in Europe.

"Sounds great." I said, nonchalantly twirling my hair.

"Okay. I'll see you in hair and makeup." he said.

"Yes you will." I replied.

Avan POV

I sat in hair and makeup with Liz even though I was long done. Whereas Andrew, the hair stylist, was just finishing up Jade's signature hair. I was just sitting there listening to her talk about her summer. I am in love with Liz and could listen to her talk about anything she wants to.

"Hey Avan, look at this link a fan sent me." She said passing me her iphone. We knew there was this website called Fanfiction and it had stories written for Bade and the show. But what she showed me shocked me. People actually wrote stories about me and Liz. Our couple name was called Elavan. I like it, it has a nice ring to it.

"Wow, that's so weird. When we have our movie night tomorrow, we need to read some of these." I said.

She was about to reply when Dan's voice came through the loudspeaker in the large room. "Liz and Avan to set" We walked to set together. The rest of the walk all I can think about is tomorrow getting to spend time with the girl of my dreams. I just really hope she feels the same way.

A/N: Hey dolls! Here's the first chapter to my Elavan story. I'm gonna give you a little summary right here:

Liz likes Avan and Avan likes Liz. But what happens when Ariana wants a piece of Avan too. Who will he pick?

You guys are probably thinking, What why Ariana, why not Victoria? Well I feel like lately, Ariana's been trying to flirt with Avan more, so that's where that came from.

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