Well my darling little sickos, this is the end of Ember In the Dark. Admittedly it IS a little short, and it gets a little mooshy in the end...but there's still some sexy-time ^_^' I hope you all enjoyed it my darlings. Especially you Loveless fangirl. I wrote it for your request after all! Hearts and slash!

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Warren opened his eyes and peered through the dark as his door creaked quietly open. He heard gentle footsteps move into his bedroom. He recognized the quiet feet. It was Will.

Since he'd been allowed to go home, Will had slept over almost every night, or every other night at least. Seeing as Warren had been prescribed some heavy pain medication, he was usually asleep most of the time. Either way, for the past week, he had woken with Will up against his side, but hardly touching him at the same time, wary of his wounds. In the hiatus of time in which he was awake, he was either eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, cleaning his stitches and redressing them or being fed another dose of pain pills.

But tonight, he had refused to take any pills. That in turn let him sleep lightly enough to hear Will cautiously move across his room and gingerly slip into his bed. Warren surprised the smaller boy by reaching out and taking his forearms in his hands. Will gasped as Warren pulled him close and wrapped an arm around him.

Will shifted back slightly and whispered, "Did I wake you? I'm sorry."

Warren shook his head and murmured, "No. I'm just not in a doped up coma tonight." Will smiled lightly and asked, "Are you in any pain?"

Warren shook his head again, and murmured, "No."

"Do you need," Will started.

"Shhh." Warren hushed. He loved the sound of Will's voice after he had spent so long saying absolutely nothing. But throughout the week, in the brief intervals that Warren was awake and Will was around, all he did was ask if there was something he could do for him. If he was in any pain. If he needed anything at all.

Warren didn't want to hear Will worrying.

"I'm fine. Entirely fine." Warren reassured the smaller boy, pulling him closer. He gently ran his fingers through Will's hair and sighed quietly against his face. "Tell me what you've been doing this week. Besides worrying about me…" He murmured.

Will didn't speak for a moment. For a moment he closed his eyes and let himself feel the warmth in Warren's skin. He'd spent the past few nights sleeping beside him, keeping himself from touching him too much. He wanted Warren to heal entirely and be painless. But it felt good to be in his embrace with his warm fingers pushing through his hair again.

"Well…they flushed out all of the villains in Gwen's circle at school."


"Yeah. They got a confession out of Gwen's sidekick too…a freaky little guy called Stitches." Will said.

"Stitches?" Warren murmured, continuing to run his fingers through the smaller boy's hair. Will smiled, "Yeah. Dad said he remembers him from high school. Lou Palmer was his name. Always was the giggly type apparently."

He licked his lips briefly, sighing contently at Warren's quiet, combing fingers. "Dad told me…he told me that she was planning to take down the school. Make it…fall from the sky…"

Warren opened his eyes and looked into Will's through the dark.

Will shook his head, gazing at him, "If you hadn't…if you hadn't done…the entire school would've fallen on Homecoming. She would've…turned us all into children and raise us all to be villains…and that would've been the end of Sky High…"

Warren scoffed quietly, "Funny how one thing affects another."

"But you still got hurt…" Will muttered.

Warren shook his head. He turned up Will's chin and kissed him.

He murmured against Will's lips, "I feel great."

He sighed quietly through his nostrils as Will responded hungrily. During the week, Will had hardly touched Warren, afraid to hurt him. That on top of the constant bout of sleep that Warren had been immersed in frustrated him beyond the mysterious beyond. He needed this.

He growled in his throat and turned Will over onto his back, straddling him. Will gasped, grasping Warren's forearms tightly, making Warren's bones creak loudly.

"Ow." Warren grunted.

"I'm sorry!" Will cried, his hands jumping from Warren's forearms quickly, as he shrunk into the sheets. He looked at his hands, shocked by the sudden force that had returned to his strength.

Warren ignored the throbbing pain ringing his forearms. He stared down at Will, and smiled a little in disbelief. He leaned down and captured Will's reluctant, surprised lips. He brushed his fingers through Will's hair as the smaller boy shook his head against his lips.

"No…we shouldn't…your wounds aren't healed yet. We shouldn't…I think my powers are…I don't want to hurt you." Will breathed every moment their lips weren't touching.

Warren smirked with a small laugh. He remembered, days ago, that he was telling Will nearly the same thing. He kissed Will again. From the attack on Will to the erratic danger that Warren had been through, Will's powers had disappeared. He had hated how Will had been so silent, scared, and weak.

But now that things seemed to be inching back toward a balance in their lives, Will's powers had returned. Quite suddenly in fact. Will hadn't remembered having to be gentle when he handled his silverware and dishes back home during dinner. He hadn't remembered having to worry about propelling Warren's front door right off of its hinges when he came earlier that night. But now, after a comforting reassurance from Warren and a warm, thrilling kiss he had nearly broken Warren's arms with amazing strength that he wasn't used to controlling. More strength that he knew what to do with.

Warren shook his head to silence Will's warnings, kissing his neck, "I'll be fine. You think I can't take a hit?" He chuckled.

Will couldn't help but smile lightly for a moment either, thinking of the massive fight that they'd had that had nearly annihilated the school's cafeteria. But he writhed a little, controlling the force he put behind his hands as he tried to push Warren off of him. "No…we can't…" He pulled in a gasp when Warren bit the vein in the side of Will's neck.

Warren reached under the band of Will's pajama bottoms and into his boxers, running his heated tongue across the bite mark as he did. Will let out a gasp when the pyro touched his growing erection. He shook his head again, "You're still recovering!" Warren chuckled huskily against Will's skin, and drew the smaller boy's lower lip into his mouth. He felt the push on his chest fade as Will's hands wrapped around him, pulling him closer with a bit of force.

Will panted breathlessly as Warren began to worship his neck with tongue, teeth and lips. He closed his eyes, and tried to pull himself together. Before he could, Warren shifted and slowly pulled his bottoms and boxers down his legs. He writhed slightly. The last thing Will wanted was for Warren to overexert himself.

His hands briefly touched Warren's sides warningly as he shifted again to kiss Will. He felt the flame retardant gauze wrapped around his midsection, protecting the heat-resistant stitches. He tried to shake his head once more, but Warren cupped his jaw and kissed him.

Will sighed as his hand glided gently down his neck, down his chest and wrapped itself around his erection again. Will let out a guttural moan, his hands fisting in Warren's hair as the pyro stroked him roughly.

"Okay," he breathed, having been thoroughly negotiated. He heard an approving growl in Warren's throat. "But you'd better stop, hah, teasing me…" Will ground out. He heard Warren briefly fumble in the drawer of his nightstand. And only a few brief moans and caresses later, his legs were nudged apart gently and he felt Warren's warm, slick fingers circling his entrance. He jumped slightly with a grunt as a finger slowly pressed inside of him.

Warren leaned down and ran his tongue roughly against the side of Will's neck to distract him. His hand kept up on Will's arousal as well. He kissed and sucked on Will's skin, nipping at it occasionally and biting gently. And he was pleased with Will's responses.

The smaller boy pressed into the pyro's caressing hand and lolled his head to another side, intoxicated on the adulation being administered to his sensitive neck. Will bit out delicious groans, his hands fisting in Warren's long hair as another finger pressed into him.

Will's body seized briefly as he choked out a cry. In the dark his eyes rolled upward, thick air passed through his skull and he shuddered. He moaned, holding Warren tighter as he cocooned himself in the feeling of his fingers pressing in and out of him, hooking inside of him and brushing against that wondrous spot within him.

Warren crushed Will's lips with his, trying to ease his own pleasurable ache. He was patient, but patience could only last so long when one has been downing pain pills with drowsy effects for a week with one's lover hardly touching them for fear of breaking them. He was surprised that Will had even let him do this at all since his powers had come back. They just gave him another reason to be paranoid.

Warren didn't want Will to be paranoid. A pleased growl thrummed in his chest when Will gasped, arching his back when three fingers scratched at that sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him. He shivered and seized Warren's lower lip between his teeth when he kissed him again, eliciting a gasp from the pyro.

"No more…please…God, please no more…now…" He breathed against Warren's throbbing lip.

Warren pulled his fingers from Will's insides, fleetingly capturing Will's lips again when he whimpered at their exit. When he pulled away, he slicked himself with lube and slowly pressed into the smaller boy. He let out a crude grunt when he grabbed Will's legs and pressed his thighs up against his chest.

Will lolled his head from side to side as Warren slowly started a gentle pace of thrusting in and out of him. His eyes rolled upward and he breathed out whines of pleasure and gasps of desire. Almost in a state of delirium, he held onto Warren to keep himself in this world. The pyro worshipped his sensitive neck with wonderful groans and growls as he carefully thrust into Will.

The muscles in Will's stomach clenched and the cords in his neck tightened when Warren brushed against that sweet spot. He yelled out, his fingertips scratching at Warren's shoulders, making him hiss.

With each thrust, Will's belly felt full to the brim with his lover.

With each thrust, Warren reveled in the heightening temperature of his blood as it boiled and raged inside of him. He could hardly feel the ache in his stomach as his adrenaline and pleasure built up against the dam.

His long hair tickled Will's face as he leaned down to kiss him. He relished the moan he muffled with his lips, delighted at the sound of it rumbling in Will's throat. His big hands moved from the smaller boy's thighs and up to cup his face as his warm tongue tangled with Will's. He captured his upper lip and sucked roughly on it.

Will's hands slid down along Warren's body, feeling his heated skin. They pulled the pyro's hips hard to his next thrust which he met with his own hips. Warren grunted loudly, gripping Will's hair. "Easy," he gasped.

Will breathed, "I'm sorry!" guilt riding through him. He could've easily just broken Warren in half. He had to be more careful. But Warren expressed his forgiveness by grazing his teeth against Will's lower lip. He groaned into the pyro's mouth, being pressed back into the sheets, being moved, lifted, and lowered by Warren's thrusting hips.

He sharply gasped, a blinding white shock racing through his muscles and nerves that lifted his cloudy mind from his body for a fleeting moment. His pleasure-wild scream was muffled by Warren's hot palm as he came destructively. Another shock pulsed through him and he whimpered, his insides becoming coated with searing hot liquid from Warren's body as the pyro bit down on a loud, growling groan.

Will's body slowly came falling down from the clouds like rain and he felt as if he had become an exhausted puddle in his lover's bed. He panted, eyes closed, hands cradling the collapsed pyro over him. He relished the sound of Warren's hot breath against his ear as he descended slowly from wherever he had gone.

He listened quietly to his pyro's breathing as it slowed. His skin was warmed by Warren's body to the point of sweating. He kissed the exposed side of Warren's neck, his lips warming against his skin.

He flinched when Warren shifted with a groan and pulled himself from Will's insides, flopping over onto his back. Will turned, propping himself up on an elbow, "Are you okay?"

Warren placed a hand over his bandaged stomach, and breathlessly tried to laugh. "I'm fuckin' amazing."

"You're bleeding!" Will squeaked, seeing dark spots against the gauze wrapped around the pyro's middle. Warren shushed him and pulled him against his body. "Stitches seeped a little when the blood got pumping. Calm down. I'm alright. Better than that."

Will swallowed, "Does it hurt? How bad? Are you sure that,"

"I sure hope that I did a lot better than you're letting on," Warren chuckled.

Will shook his head, blushing, "No! No, no…I mean that was…that was…that was…I…" His gaze lowered and he sighed.

Warren smirked his trademark smirk, brushing the pad of his thumb against Will's cheekbone.

"Sorry," Will murmured, "I know I'm talking too much…" He laid his head against Warren's shoulder.

Warren shook his head, clasping the smaller boy's chin. He traced Will's lip gently with his tongue, drew it into his mouth and sucked on it gently. He brushed his fingers through Will's hair and he murmured, "I want you to talk." He kissed Will again, warming his lips. "Don't be quiet ever again."

Will swallowed and looked into Warren's nearly-closed, dark eyes. Then he tried to smile and laughed softly. He whispered, "Let's just hope you don't regret saying that. I'm not Layla on a rant about recycling and femininity, but I still got a pretty big mouth." Warren smiled, and closed his eyes, sighing quietly against Will's forehead.

"Mmm." Warren hummed sleepily.

There was a brief moment of silence as Will listened to Warren breathe. Finally he spoke. "Warren?"


"Thanks for being...my Hero...my lifeline...you know..." Will murmured, blushing, trying to turn his thoughts into speech. "I'm glad you're my...light...my ember in the dark..."

Warren smiled, eyes still closed. His arms tightened slightly around Will and he kissed him silently before becoming still once more.

Will watched his pryo for a short time until his breath was long, steady and quiet. Warren's strong arms remained wrapped tightly around Will. So he settled contently in in Warren's protective embrace, laying his head against his shoulder and closing his eyes. He listened to the fiery heart in the pyro's chest beat placidly.

And on the brink of sleep he heard Warren murmur something. It was so quiet and he was nearly asleep so he wasn't sure if the pyro had actually said it or not. Nevertheless he felt a significant amount of heat in his chest that wasn't simply from Warren's furnace of a body.

"…You're my Will…"