001. Romance

A regulation meal from the galley wasn't exactly the romantic dinner he had intended, but after the unannounced overtime, the attempt to maintain their date allowed for little else. Chris laughed as his plastic utensil hardly cut the block of matter that was passed as a slice of meatloaf. He flushed a little, but gave her a look through his bangs.

"Don't laugh."

"It's funny though!" she smiled, bouncing a bit on the other side of the table, "I told you not to get the number 2 special."

Allelujah looked back at his tray, sighing a bit. He abandoned the meatloaf to spear a few cuts of green beans, putting them into his mouth with a grimace. Christina valiantly pressed her lips together to hold back another laugh. "They don't even taste like...anything."

"They're not meant to taste good," Christina adjusted invisible glasses, mocking Tieria's stern tone, "They are meant to fulfill nutritional requirements."

Allelujah snorted, covering his mouth to keep from bursting into laughter. "Don't do that here, he might come in."

Chris wrinkled her nose, grinning playfully. "He won't; he's too busy playing with the new updates from Veda."

Allelujah shook his head, smiling, "You're terrible."

"A little," she consented, giggling brightly. She laughed as he tasted the mashed potatoes, almost gagging and quickly spitting them out into his napkin. "Yeah, potatoes don't do well being dehydrated and then reconstituted in zero gravity. Hence, why I got the broccoli rice," she taunted, holding up a spoonful of her own meal. Allelujah gave her a pitiful look.

"You're just being cruel now."

She rolled her eyes, letting out a long suffering sigh before offering her spoon.

"Fine, I'll share. But this is the only time," she warned him firmly, though she was smiling. He brightened, taking the offered bite.