Rhennthyl D'Imagisle's hand tightened around Seliora's waist as she leant against him, eyes red from the crying. The last few days had been stressful for them both.

Rhenn had had to take another horrible trip off Imagisle to meet with someone about something involving one of the other imager schools. During the few days he was gone, Diestrya had come down with a pox and Seliora, even with the help of the twins, had had some trouble taking care of her. She was also looking for her father-she hadn't quite grasped that he couldn't always be home due to the nature of his work.

And then, just as he came back and the pox started to pass this just had to happen. The world seemed to be conspiring against them. Although her grandmother had known, she hadn't told anyone. And everyone wesas left hurting the more for it.

Even Odelia had given up the pretense of avoiding Rhenn for this. Tears were streaming down her face too, and Kolasyn was hugging her. They all stood there-Seliora's parents, Rhenn and Seliora, Odelia and Kolasyn, all the way down to Bhenyt.

Even though they had all known it would happen, none of them had prepared for it. No one had even noticed the strength she exuded upon them all. None of those sly, foxish smiles on her face when they all acted like a happy family, laughing and telling jokes.

Maybe that was part of her legacy. After all, she had brought them all together. Even if they had been shifting apart of late, it didn't mean she had done any less than her absolute best to keep them together. Maybe, needing a shoulder to cry on, a friend to hug, she had actually managed to bring them that much closer together. A fitting final legacy for that omnipresent person.

Rhennthyl and Seliora's thoughts drifted to their daughter again. She was under the care of Maitre Dyana for the moment. For all her age and Diestrya's young energy, she had a surprisingly gentle hand with little ones. Then a new thought forced its way into their mind. She would have mighty large shoes to fill. Then came a flash-a face that looked something like Seliora except with different hair looked back at them. The person was shuffling plaques. The image faded.

Because of the flash, the funeral was completely lost on them in all but meaning for a time being. The pair stood there, staring at the fresh grave even after everyone else had left. Seliora approached it, Rhenn following, and kissed the headstone. "I'll miss you, Grandmama." She whispered to it, tears finally dripping from her stinging eyes.

Then she turned away and with a final glance, the couple headed for home. When they reached there, they saw Maitre Dyana knitting a bright green scarf while Diestrya shuffled her set of mini plaques. She had large shoes to fill for such small feet, but in the name of her namesake, she was already on her way.

Meyumi-chan: Short, I know. But I just read a really sad part in a story I'm reading and this kind of happened. For any who doesn't remember, Seliora's Grandmama's name was Diestra. Diestrya, Seliora and Rhenn's child, was named for her. :)

I will eventually update a chapter story of mine-eventually-so just sit tight. See Yall's Later!