Chapter 7

Mayor Jones, or better known as "The Freak" held the precious blue eye'd blond in his arms. It had been two weeks since he'd kidnapped the child, Fred Chiles. He'd changed Fred's name to, Fredrick Herman Jones Jr. that way no one would ever know it wasn't his. Cutting out photo's from a magazine faking them as his wife. The woman in the cut out was blond, & could easily pass as Fred's mother. Mayor Jones made up the story that his wife had ran off, leaving their baby behinde with him. It took the young blond to finally call The mayor "daddy" but, he did. Fred could noticed the differentce in the warm, safe feeling gone when his "father" held him. He cried often & was never the same happy child he once was.

The Mayor carried, Fred with him as he did bussiness. He rang a the door bell of a large mansion, that was placed on a hill right above Crystal Cove Beach. A tall strong blond man opened the door. "Hello Mayor Jones, what brings you here?" The neat, clean blond asked.

"I'm here to give you a personal congrats on your 5th daughter being born." The Mayor said, handing him a very nice packaged basket of fruit & other gifts.

"Well, thank you Mayor, want to meet her?"

"Yes, that would be nice. Oh & this is my son, Fredrick Jr." The mayor said, holding the restless one year old on his hip.

"Ah, nice to meet you little one. " The rich, Barty Blake said, shaking the young childs hand, leading them through the mansion to their master bed room, were his beautiful, red head wife rested with their priceless blue eyed, red head baby in her arms. The baby had long red hair, naturally curly. "My daughter Mayor Jones, Daphne Ann Blake." Fred's face lit up smiling at the tiny baby in the womans arms.

"Oh, I can see Fredrick will already be friends with my daughter." Barty Blake laughed, his wife, Nan Blake, held her daughter up closer to the toddler. "Nan, this is Fredrick, he's the Mayor's son."

"Pleasure to meet you, little Jones." Nan greeted. Nan was happy in every way possible, the birth of their 5th daughter was celebrated & cherished, for Daphne was close to not making it into the world. She was considered a miracle. "Daphne likes you." She laughed as her new born smiled at him.

"Right, well she's beautiful but, Fred & I have to get back to bussiness." The Mayor said, leaving the mansion.

"He isn't very friendly Barty, I'm not so sure I like him." Nan said, playing with her daughters fingers.

"Neither do I. He's strange. We should keep our daughter away from his son, he could be trouble." Barty said. He & his wife both were very protective of their children, only the best would be acceptable.

Nine slow years had went by, Fred was no longer a toddler, but, a brave, dare devil, ten year old. He was never told any deffernet than his father was the Mayor & his mother had left him. So he'd never know about his real, loving & caring parents, Brad & Judy. He didn't remember anything about them.

Fred was a good son, well deserving of a caring father, which he didn't have. The mayor paid little to no attention to any of Fred's needs. Fred tried his best to make his father proud of him, he got good grades in school, was captian of the childrens football team & was nice to everyone possible. Fred could also be very clueless, like his real father, Brad Chiles. The mayor never cared, unless Fred was leaving him alone he was never happy with him.

"Dad, I'm going to the park." Fred shouted to his father, the mayor.

"Sure, whatever Fred." The mayor shouted.

"You want me to be back before dark, right?" He asked.

"Whatever." The mayor answered, scanning papers & reading.

"Bye." Fred sighed. Running off down the streets of Crystal Cove. He arrived at the park, just like when he was younger, he still loved the fresh air, & the out doors, the pureness of the breeze for the crystal clear orange sky, that the sun was setting on. Fred breathed in the air, gazing with his blue eyes to the orange sun, resting on the lake.

"Taking in the beautiful sunet, are we?" A sweet soft voice said from behinde him. Fred turned around to see his best friend, Daphne Blake, she was wearing a sun dress with a green scarf. Here & Fred met up often after the long day at school.

"Hey Daph." He greeted with a small smile on his face.

"Something bothering you?" The nine year old asked.

"It's nothing, really." He said, turning away from her face, to glance at the sunsetting again.

"I can tell somethings wrong Freddie." Daphne said, walking over to him, looking up at his face. Knowing she wouldn't give up until he finally admitted what was wrong, he told her.

"It's my dad Daphne. " He said, turning his head from the sunset towards her face. The red head picked up one of his hands. Daphne, had realized this past summer, how much she cared for Fred. She was experincing her very first crush. It hit her in the heart hard, wishing every night that he'd one day, just maybe, one day he'd finally tell her he loved her too. She let her wild nine year old imagination get away with her sometimes, Daphne was a princess at heart. Beautiful inside & out. Fred stuck with her most times, she was one of the few people in his life that brought him joy & helped him through his problems.

"Fred, I'm sorry." She said gently to her taller blond friend. "It's really hard for you lately, but, don't you go to camp soon?" She asked, he nodded. "See, that'll get your mind off things."

"Yeah, I'm really excited about it! I'll miss you though, & Shaggy, Velma & Scooby Doo." Fred said.

"I'm sure you'll have fun!" Daphne said cheerfully.

"Thanks Daph. I gotta go pack, I leave tomorrow." He said.

"Bye Fred, I'll miss you." She admitted.

"I'll miss you too Daphne." He said. "Want me to walk hom with you?"

"That's okay. It's not too dark yet." Daphne said, wanting to be an independent young lady.

"Oh, okay. If you say so." Fred said, starting on the street back to his house.

"Wait! Uh, Freddie, on second thought, you walking home with me sounds like a good idea." Daphne said. Fred cracked a smile.

"Alright." He said, walking with his best friend to her mansion. The two walked down the streets of Crystal Cove, there was barely any sun light left.

"So why don't you come to camp with me this year Daphne?" Fred asked.

"I don't know, I doubt my father would ever aprove. Plus I don't like getting dirty." Daphne said. Fred rolled his eyes, getting dirty seemed like so much fun, he could never understand her.

"Why doesn't your dad aprove? It's just camp." He said. Mr. Blake always kept Daphne from doing most of the fun things Fred & the others had.

"He says it's too dangerous & all that stuff." Daphne said, shuffling her feet, across the ground as she walked.

"Too dangerous! Ha, I've been going to camp all my life & never died!" Fred said, trying to sound like a brave & daring man. Which he was, only in a child.

"Look, I don't know Freddie. My dad's just..." Daphne started. Getting frusterated at the blond then suddnely, she looked like a deer in the headlight, as a car zoomed right in front of them. "Daphne! Look out!" Fred shouted, pushing her out of the cars way, missing the two children by a heartbeat.

"Are you ok?" Fred asked, helping Daphne up off the ground.

"Yeah, what happened?" Daphne asked, looking around. "Freddie! Look! Their chasing us!" Daphne screamed, pointing at the car, speeding up to follow them.

"Quick, stick with me!" Fred comanded, taking the red heads arm & running, into the woods.

"Freddie! Where are we going!" She cried as they ran fast as their feet could carrying them. The car, broke through the woods. Fred & Daphne ran to a dead end, off a cliff, below them was the water of the lake. Daphne started to breath heavily, going into panic mode.

"What do we do!" She screamed, asking him. Fred looked around, trying to think of a way out, a plan was no where to be found in his mind.

"I don't know!" He shouted, feeling like a loser.

"We're gonna die, aren't we!" She screamed, worried.

"Not today, Daph!" He said, scooping her up into his ten year old arms. Daphne gripped onto him tightly.

"Fred! No we can't! It's too shallow!" She screamed. Fred, leaped right off the cliff into the water.


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