*Hides behind delicious looking Patch*

Okay, so, once again, it's long time! I honestly am envious of the other authors in here that find time to actually write and upload and STILL keep their grades acceptable!

NYways, I've decided NOT to continue this story. It will and always will be a one-shot. This is why I'm hiding behind this delicious piece of FINE ass. No pitchforks yet! Let me explain!

The reason that I won't be continuing this fic or putting a second chappie is that I find that it'll be boring. This story was meant to be a short one and it will stay a short one. A reviewer (who I greatly appreciate for opening my eyes!) told me that if I turn this into a chapter story, it might loose it's charm similar to a Disney movie ;) So, I'm really sorry. A lot of you guys reviewed that I should continue with this story and I really feel awful for not doing it. I WANT to make you guys happy. I don't want to disappoint you. I'm not sure if I'm ready to write a chapter story given my schedule. I'll just be leaving you all in suspense.

NYways, I'll still try to write one shots like this ^.^ I'm just not sure though when they'll be posted since my sched is abit fired up. STUPID SCHOOL! Ahm, anyone want to help me accidentally burn down my school building? No? *sigh* Fine. I'll just do it on my own. For you guys. Lol! Joke! Seriously though, I really do apologize. I hope you all aren't angry or something like that.

*Stays behind Patch since he is most irresistible and going away is just inevitable* ;)