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This is placed after Slash Fiction, after our little Sammy walks away. This contains no spoiler, cuz this is not even based on the previews of the coming episode.

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When Past Comes After You

Chapter 1: Still not Believing

Sam's head rested on the table of the bar he's been hours at. His eyes opening up and shutting down repetitively as he tried to focus on the world around him. No, he wasn't drugged, he was just drunk. We know him, we know he's not the kind of guy who drinks to forget about problems, but this time, hell... this time he needed to do something out of his character. He was tired, confused, but above all, hurt. Hurt by someone he loved more than his own life. After Dean number 2, mostly known as Leviathan told him what Dean number 1 did, he couldn't stop making himself the same question: "How could he lie to me like this?". For a second, he felt stupid, remembering the way he'd thanked him, how he'd believed his brother trusted him, the trustful look he'd given to him, showing how grateful he felt about it. Even like that, Dean had never said anything about what had really happened, and that just blew him away. Then he understood about Dean's latest reactions. He understood about the thing he wasn't talking about. He understood about the third witness, about the guilt, about everything.

"I don't think that we can ever be what we were, you know?. I just don't think I can trust you"

It all came to that, to remember that hard sentence he heard from his brother back then, around two years ago after he started the end of the world. Even though he never really believed that Dean truly meant it, mostly because time later he said he was wrong about it, now it all just lost its shape. It was blurry, confusing. He didn't know what to think about that. Was he really right? Wasn't Dean going to trust him again sometime? Has Sam lost Dean's trust forever? All those questions, wandering his sick mind, caused no more than tears, one after the other. He knew he had done very bad things, that he was a grade A freak, that he didn't even deserve to be alive. But many things happened in the middle that made him believe that Dean trusted him again. I mean, he sacrificed himself to save the world. He's been one damn year downstairs, he suffered because of Lucifer. And his suffering wasn't over even if he came back. He had to be careful with a wall that kept him from remembering Hell. Castiel broke every previous attempt to protect it, and all hell broke Loose inside him. He was now hallucinating almost 24/7, and even if he could tell the difference, it didn't mean he was okay with it. He realized how worried Dean was about this. This and many other things. Those are the stuff that made the youngest Winchester think that they went back to be what they were before he messed everything up. But with this? He couldn't tell, and that just ripped his heart out.

And because of that, because of the doubts that torment him, there he was, away from his brother once again. He needed a little "me" time, but he didnt know how long it was going to last. He was really pissed at Dean, he just thought he didn't deserve it, and not seeing any try of his big brother to keep him from walking away, he didn't even think of coming back anytime soon. He had no idea what to do, he was gonna let time decide for him. Now, he just wanted to lose himself into drunkenness and stop being the healthy Sam for a while.

And by healthy, he was right. He wasn't going to be mentally healthy for a second because his eyes suddenly met a figure that startled him. There he was again, the blonde man, owner of the heavy words "I'm not going anywhere, Sam" and he was damn right.

"Now you want to believe that what I say it's true, right?" - the imaginary devil said, giving Sam a tricky look.

"Shut up" - the Winchester glared brusquely, then shutting his eyes not to see that person again. He had to go away, he had to.

"I know you wish Dean didn't betray you, I know you want to believe me when I say that he's not real here. You wish you were with your real brother, the one who would never do something like that to you" - Lucifer tried to strike up a conversation Sam didn't want to have. He was pushing hard, and the blue-eyed kid didn't know how to stop it.

"Shut up" - he repeated, his voice wavering this time. He kept his eyes closed or just turned his head around, not having to look into those eyes full of wickedness, trying to drown him into madness.

"I won't shut up, because sometimes what you don't want to hear is what you should hear" the blonde man couldn't make Sam look at him again. "Sam..." he sighed. "These hallucinations are consuming you, don't you see? My torture is finally making progress. You gotta admit I'm awesome, ain't I?" - he presumed about his supposed new way of torture. Sam just put his hands on his ears, not able to hear any other single crap this imaginary son of a bitch said.

"Hey" - he called him with a rough tone.

"Hey!" - again, still not getting attention from him.

"HEY!" - it became louder, only to make Sam realize that the one who called him was the barman. He lifted his head up as the guy put a glass full of beer in front of him.

"Here's the beer you asked for. You okay, buddy?" - not that the stranger was worried, it was only unusual to see a drunk guy behave this way. Or maybe not?

"Yeah, yeah" - Sam answered, not even knowing for sure what the guy was asking. His mind was still road-tripping with Lucifer somehow.

He grabbed the glass and drank it as fast as he could. Once he was done with it, he shoved his hand into his pocket to take some money out and placed it on the table. "Gotta go" - he mumbled and got up the chair. Staggering, he made his way to the front door, opened it and finally stepped out of that dirty bar.

The dark and cold breeze fell on his body, causing him to grit his teeth as he felt it. The night set right above him and the darkness surrounding him weren't a good combination for a happy drunk (like Dean said once) who wasn't happy this time. His confusion grew bigger as he didn't recognize the landscape around him. Perhaps, the way he drank made him forget a little bit about his ubication, so he just began to walk normally, thinking he would remember it sooner or later. Until he heard a shriek of pain followed by a "Please, somebody help me!".

Even drunk, his instincts of a hunter were intact as he began to run, following the loud plea. He got to a pretty black alley, so black that his eyes couldn't see who was asking for help and what the hell was going on. But suddenly, two big men appeared, their faces not shown because of the lack of light and they grabbed Sam toughly. Even if he struggled to set himself free, those two were much stronger since they were sober and with all his feelers out, and knocked Sam out to make him easier to move and finally kidnap.

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