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Chapter 1

"Are you sure you want to do this?" My dad, Charlie, asked me for about the hundredth time today.

"Yes dad, I'm sure," I couldn't help but smile at his over protective nature.

"You have the mace I gave you?"

"Yes, dad."

"And Kate is all ready to go for school?"

"Yes, dad."

"And you.."

"Dad," I interrupted him. "We'll be just fine. Thank you for everything. I mean that. I wouldn't have been able to do this without your help. I love you."

"You too, Bells. You too." He hugged me tight. Charlie was never good with expressing his emotions, but ever since Kate came along he's gotten better.

Try explaining to your dad that his sixteen your old daughter got pregnant and see if that doesn't spawn some sort of reaction.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. The one and only time I have sex, I get pregnant. Who knew that was even possible? Not me. If that isn't a sign that I should have kept my legs closed I don't know what is.

There's always those what if's that float through my head. The what if we didn't do it? How would my life turn out? Would I be states away at an Ivy League college that I was planning on? Taking the semester's abroad like I've always dreamed? With each of those what if questions it would eliminate the best thing going on in my life. Kate, born Katherine Rae Swan. That little five year old is my pride and joy.

When I found out I was pregnant and talked it out with Charlie, we had some decisions to make. First off was telling the father, my boyfriend Mike Newton. He was always a nice guy, but wasn't ready for anything I was telling him. Needless to say, we broke up and I didn't put his name on the birth certificate. My daughter deserved better than just a name without a face to go with it.

After a couple months, the stresses of everyone's comments at school were getting to me and the doctor said the stress wasn't good for me or the baby.

That's when homeschooling began. I was already planning on staying homeschooled once my baby was born, so why not just start earlier. I wasn't going to miss much of my actual school, other than Angela Weber. She was my best-friend at the time and one of the only people that stuck by my side during the entire pregnancy along with a new girl that moved to town, Alice Brandon.

Alice Brandon was a complete whirlwind in my life. She was the most unique person I've met, from her spiky black hair, crystal blue eyes, and pixie like features. Her life was mapped out. After graduating high school she was moving to Seattle to become a clothes designer. Most people called her a dreamer and said she lived up in the clouds. I knew better, most of the clothes I owned and Kate owned are from her collections which she was only making and selling online at the time. Now she lives in Seattle and owns a boutique, just like she always said she would.

With the help of Charlie and his new lady friend, as he called her, Sue Clearwater, I graduated early and started college almost right away. I was the girl that was destined for Ivy Leagues and ended up attending a community college in Port Angeles. That's okay though. I busted my ass to get where I am. One class away from graduating with a business degree and I found a full time job in Seattle where I will finish my last class in an actual university. I couldn't be happier.

I waved Charlie goodbye and carried the last bag of stuff into my new Seattle apartment. It wasn't in the best of neighborhoods, but it wasn't the worst either and it was just a few blocks from the subway which would be Kate and my mode of transportation. At times like this I missed my old red pile of junk truck, but I'll be damned if I'd let Kate ride in it. Not to mention the fact that it officially kicked the bucket a few months ago. Poor big red.

"Kate," I called out as I shut the door and set the bag down to join all of the others that covered the wood floor of the living room.

"In my room, mom," she called back. I could hear her trying to unpack. She was happy to have her own room now, since she shared mine back at Charlie's. I was glad for my own room too, even if it was the tiniest thing I've ever seen.

My whole apartment was tiny. It was a two bedroom and one bathroom, but it was ours and I loved it. Before moving everything in we had the walls painted a soft beige, Kate's room a light purple at her insistence, and my room a light rust. My white iron bedroom furniture from Charlie's was now Kate's bedroom furniture. I upgraded myself from a twin bed to a queen size bed that I found at a thrift shop. It was a stunning honey colored wood that has roses carved in the wood. I think it's the most girly piece of furniture I have ever owned. That thought made me a little giddy, I was always a tomboy. Pretty much how Kate is now, you can throw a dress on the girl and she'll twirl and act like a princess, but the next day she'll go fishing with Charlie and play in the dirt.

I tied my long brown hair at the nape of my neck and got to work unpacking.

Three hours later I had the kitchen put together and the living room set up. I could hear Kate still moving about her bedroom. For a five-year old she was very particular about where her things went.

I decided to skip taking the clothes out of the boxes in my bedroom for now and poured myself a glass of wine. I sat down on the brown suede sofa that covered the most of one wall and flipped on the light sitting on the end table text to it.

Instead of flipping on the television set in the center of the entertainment center on the opposite wall, I quickly flipped open one of my favorite literature books until I heard the pitter patters of feet come running down the hallway.

"I'm hungry, momma," Kate plopped down on the sofa next to me.

"Oh you are?" I set my book down and pushed my daughter's shoulder length brown hair out of her face as she nodded. She looked just like I did, minus the eyes. Instead of chocolate brown eyes, hers were blue like her father's, the soft creamy skin and brown hair was all me though. I still couldn't believe how gorgeous I thought she was. She has me wrapped around her finger. I got lucky with Kate. She's the most mellow child I know and very intelligent. I owe my mom, Renee' and Charlie more than anything. Ever since I informed them of the move to Seattle they were asking me about Kate's education. I was going to do a local public school, but they pulled their resources and have decided that I should put her in a private school. Accepting handouts from my parents has never been easy for me, but when it comes to my daughter's education, I will gladly take all the help I can get.

"Well, seeing as we have no food," I poked her in the belly to make her squirm, "let's go to the grocery store and pick up some stuff."

"Okay," she jumped up and ran off to get her shoes.

One-hundred dollars later our refrigerator was stocked and the pizza in the oven.

I checked on Kate's room and put rest of her belongings in her closet. I couldn't help but laugh that her room was done and not mine.

At least I had my outfit ready for my orientation at my new job tomorrow.

It was already getting late after dinner, so I told Kate to just go wash up and get ready for bed while I put everything away. At Charlie's she was always my little helper at putting the dishes away after dinner.

I did the final checks on making sure her teeth were brushed, school uniform out, schoolbag ready to go, and no monsters under her bed or in the closet. A big thanks to Charlie for letting her watch all of those old black and white horror films with him. It took a year for me to convince her and a new shower curtain that was not the color black that Dracula did not live in the bathtub.

"Goodnight, princess," I tucked the covers around her body and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight, momma. Love you," she mumbled into her pillow falling asleep already.

"I love you too."

I dropped Kate off at school and walked the couple blocks to the office building where my orientation was being held.

Cullen Corporation was engraved in stone in side of the building. I looked up to take in the building, it was huge. It was made of light grey concrete and there were glass windows everywhere. I hoped there was a window by my desk.

I walked in and headed to the 15th floor where I was told to check in.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan, here to see Esme Cullen," I told the blonde receptionist.

"Just one moment," she responded barely looking up. Her fingers clicked along the keyboard and she talked into the phone at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking.

I had meetings over the phone with Carlisle Cullen prior to this one; I learned then that Esme was his wife. She ran a charity out of this same building.

"Miss. Swan," a middle aged woman that I could only assume was Esme walked out of a glass door to my left. Her caramel hair was tied up in a bun. "I'm Esme Cullen."

I shook her hand gently. She looked so delicate. "Bella Swan."

"Come on dear. Let's go get started."

Mrs. Cullen led me through the same glass door and into a long hallway choosing the door at the very end to walk through.

"Please have a seat," she motioned to a cushy chair in front of her desk. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"No, thank you," I sat down in the chair. My goodness it was comfortable.

She nodded and looked down at what I assumed was my file on her desk. I caught a glimpse of it when I walked in.

"So, it says here that you have one class to go and you'll have a degree in business," she stated.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Oh please don't call me ma'am. My husband may like formalities, but I assure you I don't. It's just Esme, dear," she smiled at me. She had a certain motherly air about her.

"Yes, Esme," I responded and smiled back. I was going to love this woman.

"You're twenty-one, oh, it says you have a daughter," she looked up surprised.

I didn't have to fill out the family portion of the application seeing as it was optional, but I had nothing to hide so I just did it.

"I do, she's five years old." This was the part where people gathered a new view on me. Esme didn't appear to look at me any different.

Instead of the "oh you're so young" I was expecting, she surprised me and asked me her name.

"Katherine, Kate for short," I answered, surprised that she was asking me instead of reading it off of my file.

"I bet she's lovely," she was grinning. "You are too, dear."

"Thanks," I blushed at her compliment.

"Tell me about her," Esme practically bounced in her seat. "I'm a grandmother of two. I adore children."

"She's a spitfire," I laughed. "Full of her own opinions, independent, and very intelligent. She loves to read." She got that from me. We enjoy reading together outside. "I have her enrolled at St. Mary Margaret. The school just a couple blocks away. She just started kindergarten today."

"My grandchildren go there as well," Esme beamed. "Alec is in the fourth grade and Jane is in first. I suppose I should ask you business questions now," she playfully huffed.

I chuckled with her completely relaxed now.

"I assume you've received all of the information packets regarding this company."

"Yes, I have," I answered.

I was already registered for the benefits which were exceptional. This company was very accommodating to their employees.

Esme and I talked on for another hour then she gave me a tour around the building.

The cafeteria on the 1st floor served warm lunches for a price, however there was also a complimentary salad and sandwich bar which I planned to take advantage of, it would definitely help me afford things for Kate. I would receive a forty-five minute lunch and one twenty minute break. Esme informed me that I could take my break to collect Kate from school and bring her back here. There's a company daycare set of on the 12th floor. That floor also contains her actual offices for the charity foundation she runs.

Her charity, she explained, helps underprivileged children. It is associated with other children charities in the area. Esme also holds benefits every other month to raise money for the foundation.

I was in awe of her. She seemed to be incredible.

"And your desk is over here," we exited on the 17th floor and walked past another reception desk. Down the hall and to the right, I walked into a wide open area. There were four desks spaced out, each with computers and file folder racks. Three of the desks were occupied. Esme led me to the empty one and told me it was mine. There was no window in sight. That's depressing.

"Now your job as an office assistant," she explained, "is to make sure that everything is in order. You'll mainly help prep for projects, type up emails, recheck things that have been written, among other things."

I nodded. You have to start somewhere and this job was a great opportunity.

"My son, Edward's, office is through that door to the left of you and my husband, Carlisle's, is the door on the right." The desks were in the area in between. "I know, it seems excessive that there are four assistants for the two of them, but I guarantee that you will be kept busy."

I couldn't help but agree. The other assistants barely looked up; they'd give a slight nod and then go back to typing away.

"Any phone calls that need to be made will go through the receptionist out front, so you won't have to answer phones or anything. Think you can handle it all?"

"I sure hope so," I laughed nervously.

"You'll do fine, dear. Welcome to the family."

Just as she said that the office door to the left swung open.

"Edward," Esme said grabbing the man's arm. "Meet Isabella Swan, she's a new assistant."

I looked up at him, he was no old man. Had to be somewhere in his mid to late-twenties. Absolutely stunning green eyes and bronze hair that stuck out everywhere.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Swan," he shook my hand.

"It's good to meet you too, Mr. Cullen."

"I have some papers on your desk that I need typed up as soon as possible," he said and walked off toward the elevator. Esme scowled after him.

She turned back to me looking apologetic. I waved her off. It was my job now after all.

"I suppose I should get started," I said and moved behind my desk taking a seat and flipped through the papers. They were all business contracts. About twenty of them, good lord.

I sighed and got to work.

Author note: The part with the black and white horror movies, totally happened when I was a kid. I'd watch them with my dad all the time. And the Dracula thing, also real. He had a black shower curtain and I was convinced Dracula lived in the bathtub behind it. Made going to the bathroom very nerve wrecking, lol.