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FemHarry is named Ailith. Meaning: Noble battle Pronunciation: (AY lith)

Ailith defeated Voldemort when she was sixteen not seventeen/eighteen since I want her and Yuki to be the same age. Also, I know that the legal driving age in Japan is eighteen and seventeen in the United Kingdom but I want her to have a car in my story to make it easier for her to get around. I don't think it will be a big part of the story so the only answer I have as to how she is allowed to drive is MAGIC.

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The Witch and her Rat

by OneWorldLife

'Well, time to finally meet in person.' Ailith thought as she drove her newly bought car up the path to Sohma Shigure's house. 'I hope these Sohma people are treating Tohru well. Oh! That's one of the bikes I saw in the pictures Tohru sent, that is U-chan's I believe and Hana-chan's, too. I guess this was a good time to visit.'


"I'll get it, you kids continue with your fun!" Shigure called from his office. He opened the front door revealing a girl looking to be about sixteen/seventeen years old. The teenager was pale, with black hair falling in soft curls to the middle of her back and dark emerald green eyes. She had a dark blue long sleeved shirt on as well as a black skirt going just below her knees. The obviously foreign girl gave a short bow.

"Hello, I'm looking for Honda Tohru, I've been told she lives here," she said in accented Japanese.

"Tohru didn't tell us she was having another friend over," Shigure said casually as he let her in, though the question could be heard in his voice.

"She doesn't know. I wanted it to be a surprise. We're cousins, but we've never been able to meet do to extenuating circumstances. I finally had the opportunity to visit so I hopped on a plane as soon as I could and here I am. My name is Potter Ailith, by the way." Ailith said.

"Sohma Shigure," he responded in kind as he led her to a sliding door. "They should all be in here. I'll be in my office if anyone needs me."

"Thank you."

Ailith approached the door, preparing to slide it open when she heard something that made her stop to listen.

"It's like, Tohru is in some kind of pain, and we, as her friends, can't help her at all." said a voice that sounded like U-chan from the one phone call she had with her cousin a year ago.

"She won't think like that! She's not like that! Not at all!" said a ruff angry voice.

"Honda-san, she... is someone who doesn't want anything in return. That kind of person…" the second, smoother voice trailed of as Ailith heard someone coming down the stairs. Ailith quickly whipped her wand out of its holder on her arm and cast the disillusionment charm on herself.

She did not want to be caught eaves dropping, and was once again thankful that Fudge tried to get on her good side by giving her the ability to cast spells outside of school, without the consequences she was well acquainted with, before she turned seventeen.

Then Kingsley allowed her keep it once he became minister and making sure the Japanese ministry wouldn't do anything about it once she decided to move there for the next few years. It was interesting to note that there were no magical people or places anywhere in a couple hundred miles from the current city she was in. (1)

Just after she finished casting the spell, Tohru came down the hallway, clearly headed to the room that everyone else currently occupied. She looked just as beautiful, and ditzy, as she did in the photos. It almost made Ailith smile…almost.

It was difficult for Ailith to smile and be happy after the last and final battle with Voldemort. She had lost Sirius last year when she stepped into a trap created by Voldemort at the Department of Mysteries. That she knew it was a trap but went anyway because it was expected of her and her own curiosity made the guilt almost crippling to her. It was when the Dark Lord tried to possess her that she was able to glean some information from him when she fought him off.

Ailith earned a percentage of his knowledge, allowing her to become even more advanced then she was from all her late night studying in the library and after her second year the Room of Requirement, thanks to Dobby who had asked to become her house elf after she helped free him from the Malfoy family.

He started work at Hogwarts by her request so that he could stay with her most of the year and since house elves don't have much to do during the summer at Hogwarts other them cook food for the two to three staff members who stay at Hogwarts during the summer to keep watch and keeping the place relatively clean, he was able to help her with her summer chores without her relatives knowing, giving her more free time to go to the library and learn the muggle subjects her Hogwarts learning schedule neglected. She was extremely grateful for that, especially now that she would have to go to muggle school to be with family. (2)

Ailith had needed to get away after the final battle she had with Voldemort. The knowledge she had taken from him had also contained the very important information of his horcruxes and where they were. Albus Dumbledore had confirmed that he had suspected that the diary was a horcrux. Ailith had been a bit mad that he had kept that information to himself, but had seen that most wizards just didn't want to believe that Voldemort could come back as anything,first hand last year.

The diadem was taken from the Room of Requirement as soon as she had said it was there. The locket turned up at 12 Grimmauld Place (when she caught Mundungus Fletcher trying to steal it) and Ailith was extremely glad she didn't have to go into the cave and drink, or force someone else to drink, the potion the locket was supposed to be submersed in. The ring was procured with the utmost care.

The cup was by far the hardest. The goblins would not cooperate until it was decided necessary to reveal why they needed to acquire the cup to a few choice goblins. After telling them the goblins considered all the facts and allowed them entrance into the Lestrange vault with a basilisk fang but they were not allowed to take anything out. Their reasoning was simple, war was bad for profit and war was what would happen if the horcrux was allowed to remain untouched, besides the wizards wouldn't be stealing anything, just changing it a bit.

All other horcruxes had been destroyed by the basilisk venom from the dead basilisk in the camber of secrets.

The feeling of relief didn't last long as Voldemort had soon learned that the diary he had left with Lucius Malfoy had been destroyed. Voldemort had checked on his other horcruxes to be sure they were safe but had become enraged when he found they were either gone or destroyed. The only one he hadn't checked was the one at Hogwarts. He was confidant that it was safe but had decided to attack Hogwarts and retrieve it all the same.

Ailith was in Hogsmeade at the time of the attack and had protected the village as best she could. The order had arrived quickly and she had soon been swept up n a duel with Voldemort. Ailith's secret training with Moody and Kingsley during her fifth year had done her some good. In the end though she was hit and died by the killing curse… or at least that was what was supposed to happen.

It was discussed between her and Dumbledore that she might be a horcux and well as Voldemort's snake. Ailith decided that if there was any truth to the theory she needed to die. She had, for the second time in her life, survived the killing curse and had soon defeated for the last time. (3)

Nagini, Voldemort's snake, had been killed by Neville Longbottom shortly after the D.A., most of the school, and their parents, had joined the fight. Many had died but none that effected Ailith more then the deaths of Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, and Fred Weasley. Among the injured were Hermione Granger, who had broken several bones, Luna Lovegood, who had almost lost her arm, and Tonks who was in a coma at this very moment.

Ailith didn't want to stay in England with the constant reminder of what she lost all around her so she had taken the promise she made to Tohru as her excuse to escape for a few years. She knew she would have to go back eventually but for now she would be exchanging letters with her friends while she visited her cousin. Ailith had gone to the ministry and had used her celebrity status to have a private session to complete her Newts and re-do some of her Owls. (4)

By this point in time Tohru had opened the door producing a set of cards and saying that they would play, 'Poor Man'. Ailith assumed that was what the game was called.

It was here while everyone's attention was on Tohru, that Ailith cancelled the spell, allowing her to be seen again. As Tohru entered the room, Ailith walked into the doorway that Tohru had forgotten to close. Ailith watch them for a bit wondering when she would be noticed.

She quickly spotted U-chan and Hana-chan from the pictures, she had learned much about them from the letters and they had even written in the letters to her. They might not be family but she considered them pretty close to and knew it wouldn't be long before they became like sisters to her.

Also in the room was an orange haired, orange eyed boy that gave her the feel of a cat just waiting to pounce. She also felt that his preferred prey would be the other boy in the room if the dark looks he sent him when no one was looking were any indication.

The other boy had light gray hair and dark gray eyes. He had the feel of someone who had experienced much torment and had been swallowed by it. The orange boy also had it, she realized, but not to the same degree as the gray eyed male.

Ailith had the same problem so it was easy to see in the boy though he hid it well. She had never gotten over what had happened at the Dursleys, she had refused to talk about, though what she experienced there for the first eleven years of her life, and to a lesser degree over the summer once she started school, was never far from her mind.

The boy also had an uncertain feel to him, like he wasn't sure how to talk or act with the people around him. He looked up in her direction and their eyes met. In that moment she had the strangest urge to run up and hug him.

"Who the heck are you!" the orange haired boy yelled at her, effectively breaking the connection that had formed between her and the gray eyed male.

The women of the group then turned around, all three recognizing Ailith from the pictures they had exchanged at the beginning of the year.

"Onee…Onee-san?" Tohru stuttered out, tears filling her eyes, not quite able to believe that her cousin was really standing there. She remembered when they first started to exchange letters. She was eleven and had not met U-chan yet. A letter had come in the mail and her mother told her that it was from their cousin. She then explained that her mother had a sister who moved to England for a job and ended up getting married. Her mother cut ties with her sister for marrying an Englishman and Tohru's mother had only know about the other side of their family was from her mother's frequent rants about how disgraceful it was. (5)

The letter told of the surprise Ailith had when she searched her family genealogy and found that she had family outside her Aunt and Uncle. It asked if she might be able to send letters to find out more about her Japanese heritage and connect with family.

We soon started exchanging letters and we brought U-chan and Hana-chan in on the letter exchange saying that though not by blood they were also part of the family. Ailith promised that she would visit when the threat of Voldemort, the man who had killed her parents and seemed to be still after her for reasons unknown, was gone and she wouldn't be putting them in danger of the Death Eaters he controlled.

Ailith had expressed her grief over Kyoko's death and that she wouldn't be there for the funeral. She had also sent some money to help her survive until she moved in with her grandfather on her father's side. It had been a big help in buying the food she needed while living in the tent and had promised to pay Ailith back only to be refused every time she tried.

Ailith eventually wore her down enough that she accepted it as the gift it was, though it had taken a few months.

"Hello, Tohru-." Ailith replied only to be cut off by being pounced by a crying Tohru.

"You're…You're here. You're really here." Tohru managed to say through her tears.

Ailith gave a soft half smile, though it didn't reach her eyes; as she hugged her close, bending her head down to reach Tohru's shoulder.

"It's nice to finally meet you in person, Tohru-chan."

"Well are you gonna introduce us or what!" Kyo yelled finally having enough of being out of the loop.

Tohru and Ailith broke apart. "Oh, right, I forgot. Forgive me." Tohru said while bowing.

"This is my cousin Potter Ailith. She lives in England. Onee-san this is Sohma Kyo and Sohma Yuki." Tohru said while Kyo nodded at his name and Yuki bowed. Ailith noticed Kyo and Yuki tense very slightly when told she was Tohru's cousin, but decided not to call them out on it, no need to be rude after all.

"It is nice to meet you Potter-san"

"And you Yuki-san", Ailith said with, what she thought was, the customary bow.

"Nice to finally meet you in person Ai-chan" U-chan said.

"You have powerful waves" Hana-chan said, being typical Hana-chan.

"Thank You Hana-chan." Ailith replied. "I'm sorry if I interrupted your game, but I wanted my arrival to be a surprise."

"It is quite alright Potter-san. How long are you visiting if I might ask?" Yuki asked.

"I have actually decided to move here for the next year or two. My father's family built a vacation house near by that I'll be staying at. I've already enrolled in the school and if I remember correctly from your letters Tohru-chan, I will be in the same class as well." (6)

"Alright, we can catch up later as to why you're here, but for now I will beat orange head and make him dye his hair white!" U-chan yelled, drawing the groups attention back to the card game they were about to play.

Ailith not knowing how to play simply sat at Tohru's left, coincidentally having the affect of making her sit on Yuki's right. Yuki, she could admit, was rather handsome but as someone who wore a similar mask she could only guess at what had him feeling so isolated from everyone else. If it was similar to what she went through, she hoped she might be able to help, though she didn't know how much she could be when she had trouble even thinking about it.

It was the end of the day and Ailith was about to get in her car when she was stopped by Yuki with Kyo not far behind. She had told the girls before they went to bed, and the boys as she could see them listening in close by, that Voldemort had been captured but not without the deaths of her 'family' members. Ailith also told them that she had wanted to be close to her last blood relative other then the Dursleys. That it was mostly the truth made it all the more believable.

Ailith turned around with a questioning look on her face.

"Potter-san, how exactly are you family to Honda-san?" Yuki asked.

"I'm her second cousin. My grandmother was sisters with her grandmother on her mother's side. Why do you ask?"

"Her other relatives weren't very… welcoming." Yuki said, obviously uncomfortable with the current subject. The small relaxation in both Yuki and Kyo when told she was from Tohru's mother's side of the family had her wonder about what happened with the family on her father side and made a quick note to stop by Tohru's grandfather's house to find out.

"Thanks for the heads up. I'll go over there when I get the chance to set them straight." Ailith replied with what could be called a dark look on her face.

"We already did that," Kyo said, deciding to get his two cents in. (7)

"That may be but no one messes with my family. Tohru's the only real family I have left, anyone touches her have to deal with me," Ailith said, giving the two a warning look, though she was sure they wouldn't do anything to Tohru, it was better safe then sorry.

The conversation over, Ailith turned around to her car, catching a glimpse of Shigure as she did so. She turned her head to give him a quick glare before getting in her car and driving to her new home.

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(1) I don't see any other way to incorporate the Japanese Wizarding World into this story without some strange explanation as to why they didn't break the curse on the Sohmas and I didn't want the wizards to be monitoring them or something. I'm a real big fan of privacy.

(2) I know someone is going to tell me that Dobby wants to be a free house elf and all that but this is my story and this is how I see him. Besides the money he earned was used to buy Harry a present and he always loved Harry so he loved Ailith a little more and outright asked to be her house elf. That and I needed a way for her to learn of the ROR faster then in the books.

(3)Yes, I have Moody and Kingsely training her. Why? I see Moody as a clever and paranoid person (we all do I think) and I think that he would see that at some point Ailith is going to be fighting Voldemort head on. He would know that this would be a battle of the same height as Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald.

Moody would also see that Ailith needs training and if Dumbledore won't do it then he will. I think he would get Kingsely to help because A. Kingsely has all parts of his body and Moody just isn't as fast as he could be with his peg leg and B. Kingsely works with muggles more often then most from what is seen in the last book so he would know some of the muggle hand-to-hand fighting, or at least he does in my story.

(4) Ailith took her Newts (DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, Astronomy, History of Magic, COMC, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy) as well as a few OWLS (History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and for fun Muggle Studies) at the Ministry a week after the battle with Voldemort and passed with high marks.

(5) Tohru calls Ailith Onee-san because Tohru is supposed to be really polite and I see Ailith being older then her for some reason. I was looking up on the internet to make sure I was using the honorifics right and though I've seen people leave them out I would have hated to do the same as they seem like such an important part of the Fruits Basket story and who the characters are.

Anyway here is what one site said ( I do not own the site and I don't remember the name)

Onee-san: Older sister (or older female cousin.)

First name(sometimes with -chan): One's children, younger siblings, younger cousins, or other junior family members.

Onii-san:Polite and respectful.

Onii-chan:Polite and affectionate.

Tohru is know to be polite and sometime not using it in the correct way so I don't know if I got it right and would appreciate any help you would be willing to give.

(6) I don't know if the tell you ahead of time what class your going to be in or if they only tell you when you actually go to the school and are about to be introduced to the class, but oh well it's not a big part of my story.

(7) I don't know what the English or Japanese equivalent to this phrase would be so…yeah if I use any slang it will be American slang or it was used in the Mangafox translation. I'm sorry if some people don't like it but the idea for this story wouldn't leave me alone and I just had to write it out.

I have tried to keep with the cultures but in my opinion, with my horrible language skills, it would take me years to use the proper English (for Ailith) and Japanese (for all other characters) slang correctly and where I wanted to keep the Japanese suffixes in, I don't really care about the slang since I know it would only ruin this story with my bad knowledge of it.

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