Author: Jannasaur

Genre(s): Angst / Romance

Fandom: NARUTO
Characters (pairing): Kakashi Hatake x Sasuke Uchiha

"Do you know why you're here?" The grey-haired man asked.
"Yes." The younger male replied, with raven lashes cast down. "I'm sick."

Sasuke is 16 years-old when he is put into a Mental Institution after countless suicide attempts. But what happens when a 29 year-old psychiatric at the Institution suddenly becomes infatuated with the Uchiha?

Rated M for:
KakaSasu, Homosexuality, Paedophilia, Rape & Molestation, Lemons (Sex) Yaoi (Male/Male) Slash, Crazy NARUTO Characters, OCC-ness, Medication & The usual stuff about Mental Clinics. This story will also include Dark Themes, Abuse, Depression and Suicide. Some things a lot of people may not be comfortable with.

Disclaimer; I don't own NARUTO, nor its characters. All rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto© I make no money from this.



Intro: Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke sat quietly, staring at the whitewhitewhite bandages rolled around his wrists. The bandages were tight, they were itchy and Sasuke didn't like them one bit.

"There comes a point, where enough is just enough. And I think that now, it is enough for Sasuke." The female doctor spoke. She was speaking to Sasuke's parents, and even though the young Uchiha was high on aspirin and pain-killers, he could still hear them outside the room he sat in.

"But he's only a child," Mikoto protested helplessly. His mother was always like this. "Tell her Fugaku; tell her he doesn't need to be in such places!" She begged her husband, and Sasuke could imagine her giving his father those puppy-like eyes. A look she always gave Fugaku in order to really persuade him.

Fugaku sighed deeply (A sigh of defeat). "She's right, what would people think if they found out Sasuke was put into some sort of, Special Mental Unit?" His father's voice almost sounded disgusted at the thought of his youngest being put into a Mental Institution.

Sasuke was deeply shocked. It wasn't like he didn't see it coming… After all, he had been in hospital plenty of times for suicide scares. But it seemed as if this was the last straw.

"Your son's mental health is much more important than 'what people think'. And I know you're a highly respected business man, Mr. Uchiha. But as a doctor, I have to do what's right for my patients. And right now, having Sasuke submitted into a Clinic could be what is best for your child." The doctor spoke in a strong tone, a tone no-one had spoken with to his father. Not ever.

"She's right," Mikoto sighed. "We have to do what's best for Sasuke dear, if not, we could lose him forever and then people will really start to talk." It was silent, which meant Fugaku had given in and listened to his wife. "Thank you, Dr. Tsunade," Mikoto added after the long pause in conversation. "When do we submit him to the Clinic?"


The next day, after a long night sleep and drugged up on aspirin and pain-killers Sasuke awoke to the blaring sunlight streaming in through his bedroom window. He pulled his thinthinthin body out from under the thick sheets as he shuffled over to the window and pulled down the blinds. Sasuke sighed a little sigh when all the sunlight coming from outside was blocked, and then made his way back to bed. But before he could even reach the sheets, his mother and father were already in his room.

'Don't they ever knock?' Sasuke thought to himself as he stood still, bewildered as to why both of his parents were in his room so early in the morning. Sasuke glanced over at the digital alarm-clock on his nightstand. Okay, so it was 12:30pm. That still didn't explain why Fugaku and Mikoto were in Sasuke's room. They hardly ever came up to his bedroom.

"Sasuke, " his mother said in that gentle voice of hers. She was going to tell him something he didn't want to hear right now, he just knew it. "Your father and I spoke for a long time last night, and after a lot of differences," she said, looking up at his father who looked as if he had a pole up his ass (as always). "We came to a decision."

The young Uchiha knew what the decision was; he had heard it last night when they thought he was half-dead on the hospital bed. But he had heard it all, and quite clearly too.

"We both decided to send you to a Special Clinic, for people like you." Basically, a Mad House for nutters and loons.

His parents watched him, as if they were waiting for a reaction from their miserably quiet child. Yet Sasuke didn't change his mood, he stared right back at them with a blank look in his eyes. Even if he did protest against what had been decided, he would still be put into the Clinic no matter how much he kicked and screamed.

"When will I be going?" Was his only question.

"Next week," his mother replied. "I signed the papers last night."

Sasuke sighed weakly at the thought of being in a Mental Institution. He had seen them on TV and on Movies a lot, especially from horror films. And what he had seen, he didn't like. He didn't like the idea of all those white walls, and the thin metal beds, and the straight-jackets and the cold room, and the padded cells and the injections… But maybe he was over exaggerating. Just maybe.

"You will be put into a child's ward, so you won't be around really ill patients. You will be with kids your own age, and adults who are experienced with people like you."

''People like you.' Why did she have to keep saying it like that? As if I had some sort of disease... I may be mentally ill, according to a doctor. But that doesn't mean I am any different to anyone else... But she kept saying it anyways: 'People like you...' People. Like. You.'