Title: Make It or Break It

Author: Dreamyin

Summary: Harry Potter's luck can't give the wizard a break. In Voldemort's desperate and last attempt to kill Harry in the Final Battle, Harry is whisked away to a new world. Determined not to let himself be brought down, he thrives to become stronger and to find a new place to call home. However, how long it will take for his strange abilities to be noticed? Follow Harry as he deals with the difficulties that are thrown his way in this new life as he creates a new hidden identity for himself.

Beta: Beloved Daughter.

Hello curious readers! This is one of those stories that just pops up in my head and demanded to be written. Since I'm very busy (with another story) and real life, I'm unsure on how much I will update or if I will even manage to finish this story, but I'm going to do my best. The idea of the beginning of the story is mostly there, so that part will be written at least. Also, yes, this is one of those 'Harry ends up in Shinobi Land' stories. However, having read a couple of HP/N crossovers that included Harry going to Naruto-land, (and even though there were many that I liked a lot), I still felt that I missed something. So, in this story Harry will not immediately end up in Konoha or be related to anyone, but finds a place to form his own 'identity' first. I'm hoping to try something new and give you readers something to ponder about if you are bored.

Now for once and for all (including for the rest of the story) the Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and Harry Potter. They belong to Misashi Kishimoto and J.K. Rowling respectively. I do take credit for the OC's (like Taiki and Noburu) that will pop up in the story as well as the identity that Harry will create and ever so slightly the idea about there being a difference in gravity between the worlds. If anything does remind you of other stories, please let me know. It would most likely be coincidental though, as I dislike people copying things without giving credit and make sure to follow the same principles – I don't steal. (Well, as far as that is possible while writing a fanfic, but you get the idea.)

Now please enjoy and let me know what you think of this idea!

p.s. this intro might be considered a slightly clichéd one, so if you have read too much of those already, you could just as well scan the page – it's only that you might miss some pretty good details though hehe.

Make It or Break It

Chapter 1: Breaking Nature's Law

"Hey Sirius."

"How did you know I was here?"

Green eyes glanced towards the man in a rather confused manner. "I just did. Shouldn't I have?"

"Well, it's not very common. Though maybe..." The man trailed off as he sat down next to the teenager.

"What is it?" His godson prodded, curiosity clearly in his eyes.

Sirius smiled at him. "It's nothing. I just thought I remembered something about your mother. I just can't put my finger on it." The man shook his head.

"It's probably nothing." He reassured the green-haired teen.

The raven-haired boy stared at him for a long moment before he turned to watch the moon again.

"If you say so." He agreed, though his tone wasn't as convincing.

"I am Serious, Harry." His godfather told him, ruffling his messy hair.

The teenager smirked at the comment and the two men chuckled.

~ Final Battle ~

Harry Potter had seen and done many things for one his age.

For one, the now-seventeen-years-old young man had already confronted death long before most others would. Besides this 'accomplishment', the raven-haired teenager had been the victim of the unfairness in life many times. There had been times in which he had to face his weaknesses and faults and accept that he would have to stand up and move on, stronger and wiser than before.

He had learned to be wary of people from experience. He also knew how to let people in and to protect those who are dear to him - even if this meant shunning them. He knew about coping with betrayal, deceit, abuse and grief. The young man had learned how to cherish the many happy moments of his life as well.

Yes, those living in war learned to treasure those moments very quickly.

Which was why he was currently trying his utmost best to remember all those joyful moments as he once again fought against the main source of his troubles, the Dark Lord Voldemort.

"You might have survived the Killing Curse once again, Potter, but I assure you that, the next time, I will make sure to burn your body to the ground." The snake-like man hissed at him in Parseltongue.

"You will never get that chance, Tom" Harry taunted right back, trying to calm his raging emotions as the glowing line of magic between them shifted once again.

'Come on Potter, calm yourself.' He chided mentally, feeling himself shake from the epinephrine that ran through his body.

It was not as easy as he tried to make it sound of course. There was simply so much at stake and Harry was afraid – oh so afraid – of what would happen if he were to fail.

"Don't be too sure of yourself, Boy-Who-Shall-Die." The snake-man in front of him hissed right back at him, anger seeping through it. The magic line shuddered from the force that both wizards were putting into the attack. Most of the magic eventually evaporated into the air surrounding them, making it more difficult for some wizards and witches near them to breath.

The two combatants were not unaffected either, each silently struggling with the oppressive tension that was rising between them.

Harry felt sweat roll down his back from the effort it took him to keep up with his enemy. In a way, no matter how much he hated Voldemort, he couldn't help but feel a slight respect – and fear - for the strength that the man possessed. Tom really was a great wizard. It was just a real shame that he had let himself be lured to the darkness.

Still, Harry told himself, no matter the power that the Dark Lord possessed, Harry could do this.

He had managed to survive all those years against all odds. He should be able to do this. Everything would have been for nothing if he let himself end up dead. Hermione had been nagging them during the whole hunt of the Horcruxes to read, to learn, to become stronger. The three of them had worked so hard.

And Harry really had become stronger as well. Not only physically, but also mentally he had grown a lot. He had had years to mentally prepare for this moment! He was finally going to end this freaking prophecy and be done with it!

Even if it was the last thing he did.

Harry's eyes narrowed with the new determination that he had found in himself and the shakiness of his hand decreased slightly.

He even managed to give his archenemy a mocking and grim smile.

"Everybody dies eventually Tom. Nobody will be an exception. Why do you fear death so much?" He hissed right back at the man, though none of the anger was put in it.

Oddly enough, he felt a bit like Dumbledore, chiding someone for his fear of death. Yet, now that Harry had had his own little experience with death, he realised that Dumbledore had been right. The knowledge that there was still something out there, after this life, instead of dark nothingness made it that he didn't fear it as much anymore.

If anything, he would be nearly content to join his parents in the end.

'…and those that might have fallen during this battle.' He couldn't help but think grimly as his heart clenched at the idea.

Instead of death, he feared for the chaos and darkness that he would leave behind if he left the world of the living and let Voldemort win.

His heart skipped a beat at the thought, and he swallowed.

Voldemort suddenly seemed to up his power, which caused him to grit his teeth as he felt himself starting to slip ever so slowly. At first he had barely noticed it, but the meeting point of their magic started to inch closer to him. Judging from the glee in his enemy's eyes, Voldemort noticed the same. This revelation only made the Dark Lord put even more force behind his attack, making Harry actually growl out in frustration.

Voldemort laughed at him.

Harry's hand started shaking again.

The younger wizard momentarily closed his eyes to stabilise himself in the memories that would usually make his heart feel lighter, similar to casting a Patronus.

'I just need to wait for them to kill Nagini.' He reminded himself as well, desperately gripping his wand more firmly.

He had been running around too much to kill those bloody Horcruxes the last couple of years to falter now. It would all be in vain if he let himself be overwhelmed and get all of his friends k…

'No. I won't allow it.'

He refused to acknowledge the sensation of tears building up behind his eyes. He didn't want to think about what would happen to them if he were to lose. He shouldn't either. He should be focusing on winning.

But he was running out of energy.

And Voldemort's magic was getting dangerously close.

'I will only truly have left this school when none around here are loyal to me... Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.' A memory of the old bearded Headmaster resurfaced out of nowhere. Harry wasn't sure if it were these exact words and why he suddenly thought of it, but brought him some inspiration.

Something that he desperately needed at the moment.

He also remembered Hermione telling him about all the magic that Hogwarts possessed. She had rambled about the connection that the castle had to the headmaster, he vaguely recalled as well. He didn't have a clue what she had said about it anymore, but he didn't care. He was going to try something – probably something very stupid that could get him killed– but he would have to take the gamble.

'If I have any luck left, this would be the perfect time to use it.'

So, in a rather desperate attempt to acquire new energy, he mentally tried to connect with the magic of Hogwarts.

'Please let it work.' He prayed as he silently reached out for the magic in the walls to lend him some strength.

'Please…I'm no headmaster, but please! Please!' Was the only thing he managed to call out, allowing his feelings to accompany his thoughts. There was a long pause as Harry continued to struggle to put his mind on two rather difficult actions, without any sign of it actually working. Just before the wizard was about to decide that it was a lost cause, that he had gone mad for even trying, the magic within Hogwarts responded.

A memory flashed in front of his eyes – Albus smiling down at him – and Harry suddenly felt like he could breathe again.

"I will only truly have left this school when none here are loyal to me..."

Tuning out another taunt coming from the Dark Lord, who by now had noticed that something was happening, Harry felt a wave of comfortable magic come over him and suddenly it was if he had opened his eyes for the first time. All the magic around him, Hogwarts itself, it was suddenly visible to him. It was not through seeing, but it was a sudden knowledge that he couldn't shake off. It didn't take him long to recognize Hogwarts presence – its magic - because she felt like home. He mentally gabed as he saw the foul energy that Voldemort possessed.

It was even worse than he had thought.

Voldemort was talking to him again, but Harry ignored it. Instead he was slowly opening up to the wave of Hogwarts magic that was surrounding him.

The moment he did, he immediately felt a lot steadier. His hand stopped shaking almost completely and he moved his feet to ground himself better to the ground. Feeling much more confident, he decided to trust the magic of Hogwarts to act as a shield to protect his mind as he continued to circulate the energy surrounding them.

It was working, the advance of the Dark Lord had been stopped.

If anything, the tides had turned. Voldemort's eyes widened as he saw Harry's magic draw closer to him.

Then it happened.

The feared Lord in front of him suddenly faltered – Neville had killed the Horcrux! - which made Harry realise that this was the time to end it.

Either Harry would beat him and live or he would go down with his archenemy. He was very much aware that before the battle had really started, everyone had said their silent goodbyes in one way or the other. His goodbye had been said. Whatever would happen, as long as his friends were safe, he would be more than willing to sacrifice himself. He had been willing to do so before, without knowing whether Voldemort would be really defeated, so he was willing to do it once again.

He was almost eager to.

A slightly creepy glint appeared in the teenager's eyes at the thought of his enemy's downfall and the wizard actually managed to shoot a grin to the snake-like man in front of him. Said man was staring at him in horror, slowly starting to realise how vulnerable he suddenly was.

Their wands shot forward and a glowing line of magic connected them once again.

"Suddenly feeling a lot less confident, right Tom?" Harry called out to the over the noise, once again gaining support from the energy surrounding them.

The Dark Lord tried to rebuke but was unable to, as he was being overwhelmed. The Elder Wand suddenly started defying him without his Horcrux there to give him extra power. Before Harry knew it, his magic hit Voldemort and the Elder Wand flew right into his hand. The awareness of the energy surrounding him suddenly increased, and he realised that it was actually flowing closely around them.

As if they were standing right in the middle of the eye of a maelstrom.

Harry had been so distracted by this mind-blowing revelation – How could he suddenly sense this? Was this Hogwarts doing? - that his attention had slipped from Voldemort, believing that it was over.

The wizard's eyes widened in horror as he did notice that a part of the energy was suddenly absorbed by the Dark Lord in front of him, in an urgent attempt to attack him one last time. Harry's lack of attention ended up being a serious mistake, as suddenly a very familiar mist appeared right in front of him.

"Potter!" A gruesome high-pitched cry was heard all over Hogwarts as the black shadow charged forwards.

Caught off guard and feeling very desperate, Harry instinctively pulled on the magic around him. The energy obeyed his pull, but only a moment later Harry couldn't keep it under control anymore. Another second later, the last remains of Lord Voldemort were on him. Harry shivered as the dark energy – looking vaguely like a hand – grasped his throat. For a moment, the wizard couldn't breathe as Voldemort tried to Apparate away, pulling the teenager along with him.

Who knew, Voldemort might have been planning to Apparate him to the lake and get him to drown. He might have tried to get back to the top of the tower once again and let him fall to his death. Nobody would know, for the magic followed the pair the first couple of meters along with the apparition and tightened around them. It swirled so quickly that the black shadows were overpowered by a bright blue-ish light, which eventually evaporated into thin air.

Leaving dark shadows and ashes behind.

And pulling the Boy-Who-Lived along as the energy moved through space and time.

It was this day, that would be remembered as the day that The-Boy-Who-Had-Lived sacrificed himself in order to protect those he loved against the Dark Lord.

In reality, the adventure of Harry Potter was long from over, but nobody in this world would ever know that. Except for maybe a certain dreamy blond girl, who in the midst of the remaining chaos, managed to crack a bright smile while staring up at the sky. A hint of tears appeared in her eyes as she whispered under her breath.

"Good luck, Harry Potter."

~ Memory's Lane ~

The raven-haired teenager was lying on his back in the grass, watching the stars that filled the dark sky. He seemed distracted, though that didn't mean that he wasn't aware of the predator that was slowly prowling towards him. The dark figure crouched down ever so slightly as he neared, sneaking up to his target. Then he playfully wiggled his behind, his tail rapidly moving from side to side, before he jumped-

"Hey Padfoot." Came the calm acknowledgement.

- and Sirius sighed in slight disappointment. The teenager didn't seem startled at all as he changed back to his human form.

"One of these days..." He muttered under his breath before he turned his attention back to the teenager.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping Harry?" He asked, nudging Harry's leg with his foot.

"I can't sleep." The heavy bags under his eyes indicated that he hadn't been sleeping for a while now. The older man frowned, worried about his charge. He might not be able to see him much, but that didn't mean that he couldn't try to take care of the boy.

"You have a lot on your mind then?" He prodded, though he already knew the answer. He settled down next to his charge, moving his hands behind his neck and waited for the teen to talk.

A dry chuckle escaped the teenager's lips. "Yeah. You could say that"

There was a silence between them, before the man smiled and pointed at one of the stars. "Did you know that that star -" He pointed at a bright star twinkling above them. "is the brightest star in the sky?"

"Yeah... so?"

"It's called Sirius." The man continued with a smug smirk.

"Seriously?" The teenager blinked.

"Of course I'm Sirius." The man grinned at the teen.

His godson had already seen the joke coming and had already given him a playful whack on the chest.

There was another period of silence between them, but Sirius didn't mind. The wary eyes of his godson had become a little brighter, so he took that as a sign that he was doing well.

"You know. A long time ago, the stars were one of the most reliable of all the navigation systems. They would especially use them in the deserts, since the Sirius star would always point them the way." Sirius continued to explain some more. All the time, the man couldn't help but feel happy that his godson was carefully listening to his every word.

"Want to know some more?" He asked, deciding that the teenager needed some distraction.

Green eyes turned to him and the teenager smiled. "Yeah, I would like that."

He grinned in reply and started pointing out various stars and drew imaginary lines between them.

"How do you know so much about them?" The teenager couldn't help but ask.

Sirius couldn't help but smile warily at him, matching his own tired state. "Well, when you are alone and have way too much time on your hands, you tend to use every distraction that you can possibly get."

Harry stared at him for a moment, studying the signs that were still present of his stay in Azkaban. After a while, he nodded slowly and turned back to watch the sky. He pointed at a cluster of stars.

"So... what was that called again?"

~Somewhere else~`

"Bloody hell…" Harry groaned out, sounding slightly muffled as he laid face-down on the muddy and dirty ground.

'What happened?' He thought as the dizziness in his head disorientated him. He felt like he had spun around so many times that he had been torn apart. Never had he thought that something could hurt more than Apparition and the Cruciatus Curse combined.

Was he dying?

He groaned out in pain, but his survival instincts would not allow him to give in so easily.

Trying to find out where he was, he moved his limps to heave himself on all fours. The teenager never got that far though and he gasped out in pain. The slightest bit of effort to get up brought him back down on the ground almost immediately.

"Bloody bloody hell." He breathed out once more.

For a long time, the wizard couldn't do anything but to lie there panting and trying to keep breathing. Tears ran down his face as his whole body hurt. Eventually he curled up in a fetal position, reminding himself to just keep breathing. He feverishly tried to block out the pain through Occlumency, but it wasn't working as the pain was actually keeping him from focusing properly.

He didn't really know how long he laid there, but eventually a part of his brain was urging him to stand up. He had calmed down slightly as the pain had been reduced to a less overwhelming intensity and he finally managed to push it even further down with the help of Occlumency – which they had found long ago was more of a wave plain mental stubbornness in his case.

He took another large breath and finally managed to get on all fours – though shakily.

After which he just barely kept himself from puking all over the ground. His face twisted into a grimace, as he could practically taste the awful acid in the back of his throat.

A lot of effort and pain later, the wizard was leaning heavily against a large tree, which looked like it had seen better days.

Now he mentioned it - he glanced around - the whole clearing looked like it had seen better days. Not that he could be sure. He couldn't see very well without his pair of glasses. Narrowing his eyes, he tried to spot them but he couldn't find them. Had they fallen of during the fight?

The only thing that he managed to grab was a very familiar shaped and burned piece of wood.

That was, or rather had been, his wand.

A pang of desperation and sadness shot through his chest.

'Shit.' He through. The whole situation was suddenly making him far too uncomfortable.

Had he not been practicing to use some basic Wandless Spells to defend himself, he would have freaked out by now.

But he knew better than to give in to his emotions in unknown situations – at least, that was what all those damn books told him - so instead he feverishly tried to keep himself from panicking.

'No glasses and no wand. Great.'

He rubbed his eyes in annoyance. The moment he started rubbing though, an itching suddenly appeared in his eyes. To be truthful, they were itching pretty badly. Getting more frustrated, Harry growled out. There was one thing that might be even more annoying that pain, and that was itching. Leaning back against the tree with his full weight, Harry used both his hands to rub against them, as the itching became even worse.

'Aw come on!' He thought in dismay.

Just before it was actually becoming painful, it suddenly stopped.

'Alright, that was creepy.' Harry thought as he blinked once again, his eyes aching from the effort he put into rubbing his eyes. He startled slightly as his sight had gotten better. Absolutely shocked, he checked once again, moving his hand in front of his eyes and back again.


He was too shocked to actually finish that thought as his eyes started tingling again when he tried to focus on something too far. That was still too blurry it seemed.

Was his magic correcting his eyesight?

Bloody bloody bloody hell.

But still, from being practically blind to being able to see the closest tree on his right sharply… He never thought that would be even possible. Even with magic it was difficult – not to mention very expensive – to correct one's eyesight.

He still didn't have his wand. That didn't sit well with him.

'Well at least I'm able to see where I'm going.' He allowed the positive thought to enter him mind and pushed himself away from the tree, before his eyes widened in fear. 'But then again…'

"Where the hell am I?"

He looked around, suddenly feeling very much afraid of his surroundings. Where was he? Was he being watched? Where the hell was Voldemort?

No. That man was dead. That was for sure. . He clearly remembered the victory that he had felt, the relief, as he had seen him slowly breaking down into dust. For good this time…

'During the… flight?' Harry wondered, suddenly realising that he could be anywhere.

The amount of magic that had been swirling around him had been extremely dangerous and potential to do nearly anything. Even wizards themselves tended to underestimate this fact. Not only had the magic been coming from two powerful wizards, but there had also had also been part of the very old Castle herself. That had been a lot of magic for such a small place. That was indeed very dangerous.

Especially, seeing as magic was not completely bound to the laws of nature as he knew them.

And Harry had stupidly pulled it towards himself in his fright. Adding Tom's Apparition – Harry had recognised the awful nauseating feeling very well – off all things to the mix, couldn't be a good combination.

Where had he ended up?

He had blacked out a few times during his little trip, but he remembered the lights, the falling, the twists and the portal-like light that he had rushed to and…

A very strong sense of foreboding hit him full force as he finally took note of the strange- no different vibe of the air than he had sensed during his fight. Was this even magic? It felt so different. He hesitantly held out his hand, knowing that he wasn't very good at wandless magic. At all. Just enough to protect himself with the basic spells.

Still he had to try.

"Lumos" He whispered, holding out his hand.


"Lumos." He whispered more forcefully, gesturing his hand in a way he would if he had a wand.

It was weak and
it quickly faded out, but it had worked. Somewhat weakly and it only surrounded his hand, which was odd by itself, but it was something.

He sighed in relief.

He went onto the next spell.



In contrast to Lumos, Tempus used the magic of ones surroundings as a sensor to delay the information that it would show. It was a great method to check this strange vibe that surrounded him. It didn't feel like magic, but that wasn't possible right?

Here – wherever he was – it showed nothing.

'But there is always at least some magic on Earth…' Harry's mind cried out in horror.

"Tempus!" He whispered roughly.

He stared at the fuzzy mist that appeared in front of him and his eyes were itching again. This indicated an error.

"No way. Tempus!" He tried again.

And again...

He wasn't sure how many spells he tried that used the magic of his surroundings. He tried to search for a shield, some ward that might block him from magic, but he couldn't find anything. He tried to summon things that he knew should be able to reach him. He tried to Apparate.

'Focus on Hogwarts! Focus on Hogwarts!' He kept repeating on and on in his head, but the unpleasant sensation never appeared in his stomach. There wasn't even the heavy feeling of being blocked by a ward.

It felt as if it didn't exist. Which was impossible.

Harry wasn't sure how long he sat there. He wasn't sure when his exhaustion - his use of magic in the last few hours had not helped at all - overwhelmed him and he fell asleep. He only clearly remembered the moment that he woke up.

It was dark. It was night. He could see the light of the moon shining down on the clearing.

Nearly afraid to do so, the wizard looked up at the sky. His eyes feverishly started scanning the usually familiar sky.

The brightest star stood out almost immediately and Harry couldn't help but sigh in relief. At least, until he noticed that all the other stars... didn't match.

'A long time ago, the stars were one of the most reliable of all the navigation systems.' Sirius's echoed in his head.

Another sky.

'Shit please please don't tell me that I am -' Harry thought as his hands found their way to his hair and he clenched them.

"Where the hell am I?" He whispered in disbelief and he couldn't help but choke up.

Another world?

He couldn't be. That wasn't possible. He pushed that possibility roughly out of his mind.

Still, that didn't stop him from breaking down at the base of the tree. The situation finally got to him and he wasn't able to keep himself together anymore. Not without having at least some sort of support around him. Seeing as he didn't have anything, he cradled his burned wand and unsuccessfully tried to stifle his frustration.

He cried out, willing for his friends to come and help him.

But nobody did and he remained alone, until he finally fell once again into a distressed and exhausted sleep.

~End chapter~

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