Summary: Harry Potter's luck can't give the wizard a break. In Voldemort's desperate and last attempt to kill Harry in the Final Battle, Harry is whisked away to a new world. Determined not to let himself be brought down, he thrives to become stronger and to find a new place to call home. However, how long it will take for his strange abilities to be noticed? Follow Harry as he deals with the difficulties that are thrown his way in this new life as he creates a new hidden identity for himself.

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Chapter 9: Breaking Apart

Jiraiya stared with hidden astonishment at the medic that was hovering over the girl, his bloody hands placed on the child's forehead and chest. Once in a while, Hari was muttering to himself so softly that it almost sounded like he was speaking another language.

It had spoken words that the young man hadn't even flinched when he had cut his hands to acquire some blood. Jiraiya had managed to spot the nearly invisible scars on the teen's hands and concluded that this was surely not the first time that he had used this method.

If anything, maybe it actually was his method to heal.

Never had the Sannin thought that he would meet anyone whom could possibly be close or was even on Tsunade-hime's level of healing. Not to mention that the medic wasn't even a ninja!

That combination was mind-boggling.

How did he manage to do it then? A part of his brain couldn't help but feel very– very much– intrigued by this strange power. Was it a blood-limit that had developed even without going through the standard ninja training? Mostly unheard of, but possible. Why didn't he sense any chakra though?

It was all fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

Unsurprisingly, the Sannin was now determined to find out. If there was a way for other people to acquire this skill, it would be an enormous advantage for the world and Jiraiya's own personal dream, world peace.

In the meantime, the blood had stopped dripping down from Hari's hands a couple of times, forcing the medic to draw blood again.

The Sannin tried to figure out what kind of effect the blood had, but he couldn't find anything. It simply dripped down and then became more like a jelly substance, but never losing its similarity to blood. And, even though Jiraiya couldn't sense any chakra, there was something there. Not that he could figure out what it was…

How frustrating.

That was only the abnormality that he could find though. The blood didn't glow. It didn't evaporate, nor did it dissolve into the skin. It didn't even change color.

Yet it seemed to work.

Because whatever the medic was doing, color started to return to the child's face.

No matter that just about a half hour before, the poor child had been sweating, twisting, constantly moaning and groaning out in pain. The state the girl was in, would normally be considered a lost case, but not by the young man in front of him.

Who was starting to tire himself out, judging by the sweat on the teen's forehead.

From the spot where the Sannin was standing guard over his friend's charge, Jiraiya glanced towards the – now somewhat less, but still - tense and twitchy ninja that was standing guard over his daughter. The daughter that he slowly saw coming gradually back to a healthy and promising life.

If this Hari could heal his child that had been so far gone and hopeless, then it was no wonder that the Jounin – who had reluctantly pulled off his mask and told the medic that his name was Ken - had dared to face a Sannin.

Said Sannin was proud enough to say that anyone who recognized him would be very careful around him – most of his allies not included of course. This meant that he had been slightly wary when the Jounin had stood in front of him in such a determined manner.

It had screamed of a suicide mission and those often caused enormous damage.

Why had Hari decided to help him though? He had seen the panic in the teenager's eyes for a moment. Jiraiya could have taken care of the ninja within a few seconds and yet the damn medic had stubbornly gone along with the man's pleas.

No, it wasn't because of the threat that Ken had posed. It was something else that the medic had seen in the man's eyes. Pondering absently about the mystery that was 'Healer Hari' – that had quite a nice ring to it - Jiraiya glanced at the two ninja who had been ordered to give the pair some space.

There was another ninja, Ryuo, standing right next to the man – a Chuunin level, Jiraiya had decided - a hand on his shoulder in a silent act of support. The Sannin had narrowed his eyes at the name, as it made him suspicious that the ninja originated from Amegakure, from Rain. It was one of the most common names in that region.

"Water." Hari spoke up out of nowhere.

The father of the child moved immediately, causing the Sannin to twitch ever so slightly at the sudden movement. He forced his muscles to relax when the ninja didn't move towards the medic, but instead darted away to get some water. He carefully tracked the ninja's chakra signature as he kept an eye on the ninja's friend who switched uncomfortably when he noted that the Sannin's gaze was locked on him.

At least the kidnapper's friend seemed to have better survival instincts than his desperate friend.

Just to mess with the man and because Jiraiya felt irritated by the current situation, he narrowed his eyes visibly in suspicion. The Sannin couldn't help but be amused by the twitch that the ninja was unable to repress.

Letting his smirk slip through, he glanced back at his current charge, ignoring the annoyed spasm of the ninja's eyebrow.

The moment that the Ken's chakra signature let him know that he had returned, Jiraiya immediately held up his hand as the ninja appeared on the ground with the water in hand. Grudgingly, the ninja abided by his rules and handed over the bucket with water. Jiraiya made sure to tap the deaf medic on the shoulder to alert him. Hari didn't even question him as he held out his hand.

The toad-summoned watched with interest when Hari placed his hands in the water, cupping some in his hand and carefully lifted the girl's head to seep it into her mouth. The father couldn't keep himself from helping, which he did very slowly in order not to provoke the now tense Jiraiya.

Had Hari been more aware of what was going on around him, he would have concluded that these suspicious-ninja-affairs were very bothersome.

Luckily, Hari wasn't area and seemed to accept the help without any difficulty. When he was done, he waved the man off without even looking at him.

It was the disgruntled expression on Ken's half-hidden face that had made it up for the stupid action of letting the ninja get close.

The ninja waited for one more half an hour before the medic tiredly leaned back and swiped at his sweaty forehead. "She's alright." He said, moving his hand to show that the father could approach the girl.

The ninja didn't need to be said twice and practically rushed towards his daughter, before cradling her in his arms.

The medic had seen this coming and put some distance between him and the girl.

"She should wake up in a couple of days. Let her rest, but after she wakes up for the first time, make sure that she wakes about every eight hours. She should drink a lot of water. She should slowly start to eat food. Try to avoid things with too much fat. Try to start with soup. Keep her warm and she should be alright in a maximum of two months. Try to keep her home for at least one month though. Her immune system has taken a huge blow, so be careful." Hari rambled off the instructions and gave some more details, eventually telling Ken's friend instead of Ken, seeing as the latter was too relieved to actually listen to him.

Hari let out a sigh of relief as he allowed his focus to slip.

Brushing off his trousers, the young man pushed himself off his feet and wobbled momentarily in a disorientated manner, giving the impression as if he was going to fall.

Jiraiya saw the movement coming before it happened. Before the medic realized what was going on, Jiraiya had picked him up and drew him away from the ninja. The white-haired man momentarily wondered why the medic was suddenly so tense in his arms, almost as if he had to keep himself from lashing out.

"Don't do that." The medic whispered after a while, his eyes wide while putting his hand on his heart, which was beating pretty quickly.

Jiraiya remained silent, half-ignoring the complaining medic and was too busy glaring at the ninja who had stilled –defensively – almost instantly.

"I apologize. I didn't mean to…"

"Save it." The Sannin spoke up. "You are lucky that you got your daughter back to health after having gone through such means. Had it been anyone else, you would probably have been dead."

"Leave it Jiraiya-san. Let me go." Hari cut in.

"I realize that. I did not mean to kidnap him like that. I was going to ask, but he woke up…"The man trailed off, not caring to explain that he had panicked.

Either going unnoticed or being ignored, Hari blinked slowly, noticing that he started to fall asleep. "Jiraiya-san, let me go." He said, pushing against the hold.

Jiraiya sighed, ignoring the faint struggling. He knew it wasn't very rare for ninja to act like Ken had. It was something that could happen to ninja once in a while, especially to desperate ones. "Well, just remember how..."

He was cut off when a hand slapped on his mouth.

"Let. Me. Go." The medic grumbled.

Blinking down, Jiraiya followed the wizard's order. He reluctantly gave back the weapon pouch that he had confined, even though he did so without the weapons. Ken didn't even mention the missing weapons and accepted it silently. He most likely took it for granted that he wouldn't get his weapons back.

He didn't care either. Weapons could be easily replaced, but the girl that he embraced in his arms couldn't.

He bowed to the medic in front of him.

"I'm in your debt." He muttered.

For some reason, the medic's expression turned into a disgruntled and possibly even a guilty one.

"No need for that." Hari muttered, waving him away. "I'm glad I could help out."

"No." Both Jiraiya and Ken said at the same time, causing them to look at each other.

"Look brat, it is clear that you nearly don't know anything about ninja. We ninja might be known for breaking rules and being all nasty, but a debt is different. A debt is not something that you can wave away so easily. It is disrespectful."

A pair of green eyes widened. "No, that is not what I meant Ken-san. I don't mean to disrespect. I simply have bad experiences with debts in general."

Ken's eyes narrowed after hearing that. "I will not break mine."

He was more honorable than that.

"That's not what I meant." Hari sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He was too tired to argue about this.

There was a slight pause as the ninja threw something at the Sannin, who caught it easily.

The medic startled slightly as Jiraiya dangled the object in front of his face. Ken continued as soon as Hari took it. "Take this. If you ever are in need of information or help, show this in a village close to the southern border of…" He glanced at Jiraiya with some hesitation.

"Amegakure" The Sannin suggested with a knowing look, which earned Ken a glare from Ryuo.

"I told you he would find out."

"He could have followed us anyway. We would have never known." Ken waved away defensively, though he did pull his daughter towards him in a protective gesture as he glared warningly at the white-haired ninja.

"I'm not planning on it. I need to make sure this brat gets some proper protection… and education." The Sannin waved the suspicion off, though Hari didn't seem as happy with it.

"What do you mean education?" The medic protested. "Wait, what did you- protection?" It sounded like it was one of the most ridiculous things that Jiraiya could have said, in Hari's opinion at least.

Ken decided to cut in before they lost track of the matter at hand. "Anyway, if you ever need any help, go to a village close to the border of Amegakure and you should be able to get some directions. Avoid people with star tattoos on their arms though." He ended with a warning.

For some reason that Jiraiya couldn't understand, Hari actually snorted at the tattoo statement.

"Sure, don't worry about it." Hari said, studying the small pendent. It was actually a coin, engraved with complicated zigzagging and swirling lines that reminded Hari of a chaotic rainstorm.

The medic bowed politely. "Thank you."

The two ninja bowed one more time and were about to leave when Hari stopped them one last time.

"Wait! May.. may I know her name?" He asked. He liked to be able to give a name to a patients face.

Ken turned around, his eyes meeting the medic's and smiled as he told him. "Yuki."

"Yuki." Hari repeated, nodding. "Good luck."

With that last sentence, they were gone.

The Sannin sighed in relief. He turned his head to glare at the medic who had proved to be so much trouble already, just so he could berate him on how stupid his actions had been.

He never got the change though, as Hari decided that his job was finally done and started to sway on his feet.

Catching the teen as he slowly seemed to lose conscious, the Sannin couldn't help but shake his head.

"For all your skills, you are one stupid and dumb brat."


"Master of Death…."

"…the invisibility cloak"

"The resurrection stone is able to…"

"…Elder Wand is mine Potter."

Odd flashes of memories haunted him as he slowly regained consciousness. He had once again seen that odd silver lining during this healing session, though it had been less pronounced compared to the man that he had healed about a week ago. The shiver too, had been less noticeable. He could somehow feel that was all still within the body, still connected.

'Hmmm….' Harry mentally groaned, not wanting to think about silly stuff like that when he could get some rest. 'How did I even get some sleep?'

The wizard couldn't even remember when he had fallen asleep. He had been tired yes, but he had not expected to collapse like that.

For the moment, the wizard was enjoying the sensation of tree hopping and the wind in his hair. He moved his face to a slightly more comfortable position on the man's back. He didn't want to wake up right now. He was tired and aching all over.

He picked up the soft vibration coming from the man, giving him the impression that the man was talking to him, but he ignored it. The wizard hadn't heard the words directed at him, having subconsciously shut down his hearing when he had fai- blacked out. He didn't do fainting.

Anyway, Harry didn't want to hear 'how dangerous his actions had been' and all that. They didn't know that he had been able to read Ken's intentions towards him.

The wizard was startled when the ninja carrying him suddenly stopped, crouched and dropped him on the ground, causing the wizard to sprawl out on the ground.

"What the…!" He protested as finally opened his eyes as he sat up.

The moment that he noticed the man's frowning face – and his very close proximity – he leaned back. The ninja was crouching down right next to him, hovering over in an intimidating manner, most likely trying to scare him a little by his threatening posture.

However, Harry was well familiar with the tactic, so he wasn't fazed by it. Though admittedly, it might be making him just a little uncomfortable. Before he could comment on his discomfort, the white-haired Sannin glared at him, causing him to shut up.

"You either are extremely brave and naïve or you are seriously stupid." The Sannin told him.

"What?" Harry needed a moment to start lip-reading and before he realized that he had been insulted. He glared back. "Why would you say that?" He struggled to keep his voice polite. He didn't want to insult the powerful ninja.

"You just accepted whatever the ninja said."

"So?" He asked, slightly confused as to why it bothered the man so much.

It would be difficult to tell him that he had been able to read the man's thoughts. Harry knew that Ken had simply been trying to get his help as soon as possible, seeing as time was running out for his daughter. Which, Harry concluded, had been more difficult when he found out that there was another ninja in the house.

Which meant, he had to break into his room while he was sleeping, seeing as there was that certain powerful ninja in the house might stop the medic from coming with him. Unfortunately for him, Harry had been awake and not at all reluctant to yell out, alerting the others in the process.

So Ken had automatically gone to plan B. Not a very good one, but nonetheless and understandable one.

But, as said before, Jiraiya didn't know that 'Hari' knew this.

"He is a ninja, kid!"

"You are one too." Harry defended himself, winching at how childish it made him sound.

It seemed to make the man waver for a second though. "I'm not just a ninja like that kid." He said very carefully.

Harry looked him in the eye after he said that. Narrowing his eyes just a little, he had to agree with the Sannin. This man was extremely powerful. He would be dead in a second if the man wanted to kill him. Plus, even as he looked him straight in the eye, the wizard could only gather surface emotions and mumbled thoughts. It was odd and kind of refreshing at the same time.

The man had probably a lot of chakra and experience if it even subconsciously protected his mindscape. He was curious if he would get in if he would actually put a lot of effort in it, but he was not going to risk it.

'Maybe he has done a lot of meditation?' Hari speculated. He had always wondered if there was any connection between the two.

As for what he was able to catch from the man… he was simply very frustrated, intrigued by Hari – that could prove to be troublesome – and pensive.

"Whatev…er… Sure." Harry quickly caught himself from being rude. "That girl needed my help so I helped out. Besides, I am able to make my own decisions Jiraiya-san."

It was a polite way of saying 'You are not my father, nor my boss, so don't tell me what to do' and by the look that Jiraiya gave him, he must have caught it.

"Noburu will most likely disagree with you there brat."

The wizards couldn't reply to that, knowing that he was telling the truth.

"Why do you care?"

"Look brat, you are special. Plus I'm Noburu's friend, who cares a lot about you, so it comes with the job." He gave the healer a pointed look. "Whether you want it or not."

Harry grimaced ever so slightly. Why did people tend to hover over him?

They continued to stare at each other – the medic trying not to glare at the ninja- for another minute before Jiraiya finally stopped hovering right next to Harry and sat down next to the teenager. The ninja frowned slightly as he looked at Harry's somewhat bloody hands, arms and forehead- from when he had wiped sweat off his forehead. Harry didn't even need to be told that he looked like a mess.

The ninja sighed and waved his hand. "Come here, I want to make sure that you are alright."

Harry actually snorted at that idea and actually moved a little further away. "I'm sorry, no offense, but I'm more than able to do that on my own."

"There are a few things that you can't do brat. Don't forget that." The man told him, holding up his hands as they glimmered with a blue aura.

'Chakra.' Harry realized as he stared at the man's hands, attention caught.

That was exactly the energy he could sometimes feel around him. It was the aura that always seemed to affect his magic – often negatively. The ninja never seemed as much affected by his spells as normal people. What was the difference? How did it mess with his magic?

"Brat." Harry was snapped out of his ponderings.

"No seriously it's…" He was cut off when Jiraiya grasped his light brown shirt at his shoulder and then literally pulled him closer to the ninja so that the Sannin could start his jutsu. The healer stubbornly fought the pull though, ignoring his collar uncomfortably pulling at his neck, while he seemed to surprise the man with his strength.

"You don't have to." Hari grounded, trying to be polite as he made sure not to show too much strength.

He hated being pushed around like this.

"I wasn't asking brat." Another tug, but Harry found that it was more playful as if he was testing his strength.

'Testing my strength huh?'

Jiraiya was studying him. He narrowed his eyes and couldn't help but pull back slightly.

"Well I didn't give you permission." There was a slight growl to his tone.

"Well that's too bad." Another tug, one which would have been too strong for him.

Harry sighed, knowing very well that he couldn't go all 'Seirei' on the man. So, being very reluctant, he allowed himself to be pulled along –though he kept pretending that he was still fighting.

"I don't like you." He stated bluntly as the man forcefully sat him down on a large log and squatted down in front of him.

"Well, that's too bad."Jiraiya grinned at him, before he mumbled a jutsu under his breath, which caused both his hands to glow.

Tensing, the medic's breath hitched when – just as he had feared - he felt his magic react to the man's energy. It rose against the force, but didn't fight it. Instead, it seemed to act as an invisible and subtle barrier, while giving itself a boost in order to do so.

Feeling somewhat nervous, he relaxed when he met the man's eyes and couldn't find any emotion that would indicate that the man could actually sense the magic in him.

"Relax brat."

"I don't want t-"

"Stop acting like a brat."

"Then stop calling me one."

"I will stop calling you one, when you stop being one."

Harry snorted. "I don't believe you one bit."

Jiraiya smirked, but didn't answer and poked him in his chest instead. Reluctantly, Hari breathed out and let his shoulders relax.

The change was instant.

He refused to admit that he relaxed almost immediately.

Though he would be lying if he were to deny it.

Hari hummed as he closed his eyes, causing the Sannin in front of him to chuckle.

Accompanied by this odd 'rush', Hari was surprised by the quite pleasant feeling that he felt once he finally relaxed. He could feel the man's hands even though they weren't directly touching him. His eyes flickered for a moment to the ninja facing him and could sense the amusement there.

After a few minutes, Hari started to feel a bit like jelly. Was this how his patients felt?

They were silent for a while, Jiraiya focusing on his task while Harry secretly enjoyed the pleasant tingling sensation. He was however able to notice the frown that flashed across the man's face when his hand sneakily scanned the side of his neck. Another minute paused and Jiraiya broke the silence.

"For such a girly profession, you sure a strong brat."

No he didn't.

"What did you say?" Harry asked icily and somewhat drowsily, his previous polite demeanor fading away. "Healing is not girly."

"Sure whatever, brat."

A rush of magic woke Hari up instantly as his temper – the one that he had thought to have under control ever since he had settled in the village – rose eagerly.

Jiraiya didn't really expect the reaction that followed from the polite medic. Caught off guard, it was only his ninja reflexes that allowed him to catch the fist aimed for his face –without breaking it - that might even have broken his nose.

Jiraiya chuckled. "You have a temper that reminds me of someone Hari-chan."

The wizard glared at him. "Just wait till I have broken that nose of yours." He growled, before he lunged at the laughing ninja.

"Really? 'Cause you know, when I said that your temper reminds me of someone, I'm actually referring to a woman."


Harry groaned out. Had he fallen asleep again?

He rolled over on the sleeping bag that he lied on, not really noticing the sounds that he made as he moved. Frowning in confusion – when had he ever owned a sleeping bag like that – he became more aware of his current situation.

His eyes snapped open as he flew up into a sitting position when he realized what had happened. "You knocked me out!"

Harry's eyes widened when he heard his own voice very clearly and far too loudly – painfully so.

"What? How in the…" He started, before he suddenly became very quiet. He slowly reached for his ears, trying to find whether something was different about them.

The spell was gone!

Everything was so loud and clear. It was like he had been wearing ear plugs all this time. His eyes widened in disbelief. It felt so good to finally hear so well. On the other side, he was sure that he was slowly falling into shock. All the simple sounds that he heard – that usually smothered or mumbled together – were suddenly clear.

It was overwhelming.

Eyes wide, Harry hummed to himself, trying to get a grasp of how loud he was being.

He was interrupted with a much louder voice. "Indeed Brat. Now just calm down, brat. You and I still have a lot to talk about and…"

"Shhh!" Harry hushed him halfway as the wizard felt his ears protesting in pain and clasped his ears over them.

The wizard turned into the direction in which the voice came from and spotted Jiraiya sitting right next to him next to a camp fire.

It was more difficult than it was being said, which Harry made clear by giving him a glare. "How did you do that?" He whispered in surprise, trying to be gentle on his currently very sensitive hearing.

The Hermit frowned for a moment, but copied the wizard's actions and whispered as well.

"I had a teammate who was a healer herself. I couldn't get away from her without learning a couple of tricks. "A slightly leering grin appeared on the man's face when he most likely went in memory lane.

Harry didn't want to know what he was thinking about.

At the pointed look that Harry send him, Jiraiya turned serious once again. "I finished the scan and found an odd aura in your ears. Oddly enough, you don't have even a drop more chakra than a citizen, so that couldn't have been it. Something else. Anyway, I simply pushed a little bit of chakra with a light healing jutsu and suddenly something seemed to pop."

The wizard shook his head in surprise. 'So it had worn off enough for chakra to disable it completely? But then why didn't it do so before?'

Was it because he had been knocked out?

His eyes narrowed in suspicion. Why had that damn ninja knocked him out?

Hari was literally and loudly snapped of his thoughts by the Sannin, who was staring at him. "You do not seem to be as astonished as I would have expected someone to be." He commented, though it sounded very much like voicing a suspicion.

He explained further as Harry blinked at him in innocent confusion. "You are not reacting in shock like I might have expected, you must not have been always deaf."

Harry had to force himself to react calmly. "I have only been deaf for a couple of years. I was unable to fix it."

"Really? Then why did you have to learn the language again?"

Harry shrugged.

"I was taught a different language besides this one. I wasn't proficient with this one… well at all." Harry explained, deciding that it would be better to go with the truth. The ninja seemed someone who would have a lot of resources and it was not like he hadn't told Taiki and Noburu once – it hadn't taken him long enough to mess up with muttering to himself in English in their presence.

Which had of course raised question of where he came from, to which he had replied that he came from England and that he had absolutely no clue how he came here – which was completely true.

They had reacted surprisingly calm, which in turn had calmed Hari slightly. He could trust his two best friend… from this world at least.

Jiraiya seemed skeptical with his 'excuse' though. It was somewhat amusing to see that telling the truth wasn't even good enough.

"Whatever Kid. What happened with your ears?"

"It was an accident with my blood. My ears had started to bleed and…" The wizard waved his hand in a dismissive matter. "I'm not really sure myself. It just happened."

Harry hoped he was convincing enough, though on second thought, didn't really care whether the Sannin was satisfied with it or not.

The Sannin studied at him for a few seconds and hummed. "Well, whatever happened, it seems that my efforts have saved you a lot of problems."

'No way that I'm going to thank him after he knocked me out, probably trying to study me and then calling me girly.' Harry thought stubbornly.

"You just wanted more information didn't you? You knocked me out on purpose." Harry accused, rubbing his ear in disbelief.

Jiraiya faked an expression of being wounded. "I would never give in to my curiosity. I was merely concerned."

Harry shook his head in disbelief.

"No thank you? Tch, no respect today." The ninja complained.

"I have not forgotten that you knocked me out and using me like a lab rat." Harry reminded him.

Hari was surprised that the Sannin actually flinched at that statement, before quickly brushing it off.

Hari glowered at him.

"You were quite angry with me for calling healing a girly profession." The Sannin grinned at the teenager, not seeming to be angry for his reaction at all. "Plus you were about to collapse any minute, so I saved both of us a little time." He continued as he was scribbling something down on a scroll.

"Well, I'm not going to say sorry until you apologise!" The wizard hissed to the ninja, now even more annoyed.

Jiraiya huffed. "You wish, brat."

"You started by calling me girly."

Jiraiya snorted. "I didn't say anything of that sort kiddo. You are everything but a girl and don't even doubt my opinion. Trust me, I know women." He said, finishing with the familiar leer that Harry had seen before when he had spoken about this 'Tsunade-hime'.

"Healing is not a girly profession." Harry still objected, not seeming to care at all that he had just gotten his hearing back.

The ninja rolled his eyes.

"You healed me as well." Harry suddenly cut in, smirking. "That would be a very girly action of you."

Jiraiya blinked at the comment and puffed out his chest. "I am not womanly at all. I have met enough women to confirm it." Harry was slightly confused why he winced at his last comment.

Harry snorted. "Healing is a profession done by both men and women. So according to you ',y girly healing' is excused by a perfectly normal profession. You don't have that excuse." He argued, as Jiraiya gave him the lunch that he had warmed up.

They continued arguing for a while, even as Jiraiya carried Harry back to the village. The wizard might not have completely noticed it, but Harry started to let his guard down. The teenager didn't really realise that he was slowly but surely starting to become more comfortable around the man's powerful presence, but Jiraiya surely did.

'Who the hell is this kid?'

~Back at the Village~

The moment they had come back into the village, Harry had been welcomed back with open arms. In the couple of hours that he had been gone, nearly everyone had been updated on the situation. It was after all, just a village. This meant a lot of greetings and pats on the back when he got back and people urging him to give them a quick summary of what happened.

People were openly relieved that he was alright, not to mention ecstatic that he was able to hear again. Nearly everyone wanted to let him know 'what they sounded like', even though Harry secretly already knew.

Noburu and Taiki were especially thrilled that his hearing came back and made sure to thank Jiraiya.

Who still had refused to apologise, much to Hari's annoyance.

Taiki quickly fetched him some light green light-weight ear mufflers that vaguely reminded Harry of a headphones.

"Green?" He asked in an amused whisper, to which Taiki had just shrugged his shoulders. "We use them with training, but I'm sure I can fetch some new ones. Plus they are more comfortable than earplugs."

"Thanks Taiki." He said, patting his friend on the back, earning a grin.

Harry, no matter how tired he was, could easily say that he was very happy that evening. He had healed a little girl. His other patient was nearly ready to go come. The people still loved him, Taiki hadn't killed him for scaring him like that and he had his hearing back.

The wizard might have been lying to them all this time about not actually being deaf, but at least he didn't have to pretend anymore. A weight had fallen of his shoulder and the normally calm healer was practically beaming that afternoon.

Unknown to Harry, this was exactly why the two elder man were pretty reluctant to call him to have a very dreaded talk. They made sure that Taiki was informed – which was pretty much an explosion on its own. This way, Hari could have someone at his side to calm him down.

Being prepared, Noburu finally asked Harry to join them for dinner, having specially made his favorite chicken-noodle-soup recipe.

As soon as they were finished eating, it took only a few minutes before the weight that had fallen off the young man's shoulders returned twice-fold.



Plain refusal.

Noburu sighed. He had feared that it would come to this. He glanced at Taiki, who immediately came to visit as soon as he had heard the news. The rest of the people had been send away, though there were enough rumors –and agreements – about the medic having to leave for safety purposes.

Not only for him, but also for the village.

"Hari, please listen to…"

"This is my home, Noburu." The young man cried out – sounding practically desperate. Noburu had always known that having a home was very important to the teenager. Hell, the first healing session with Ume had made it pretty clear how much a home meant to the healer.

Now, after he had finally found a place to call his own, he was forced to leave.

The ninja next to him was studying the medic's every reaction carefully.

Taiki quietly put a hand on the teen's shoulder, to calm him down. Hari glared at him for a moment, which made the old man wonder if he would shake it off, but he didn't.

"I know, Hari." Noburu said, for once not hiding just how hopeless he felt, as he moved his hand through his grey fuzzy hair.

"But we cannot afford – as much as we want to Hari – to keep such a high-level ninja here to guard you." He tried to explain.

"What if I guard him?" Taiki tried, though he seemed pretty sure that the idea wouldn't be accepted.

"I have money!" The teenager objected at the same time.

"No Taiki." Noburu sighed.

"Brat." Jiraiya cut in, actually earning a glare from the teenager.

"No! You…"He pointed at the ninja. "You are the reason why he is bringing this up right? That ninja was not here to harm me or the village! He was there to…"


"…get his daughter some help. That does not mean that…"

"Brat." The tone sound more dangerous this time, but the medic was too upset to listen to him.

Noburu could see that Taiki was eying the ninja warily. The swordfighter wondered what would happen if the ninja were to lose his cool. His mother had told him more than enough stories about ninja and while nearly all of them were all in favor of them, she had made it very clear that they could be dangerous – his encounter with a ninja on his own had proved that.

"Hari." Noburu tried.

"…the village is going to be under attack or something. I'm not going to refuse my help to anyone if they nee…"

"Brat. Shut. Up." Jiraiya spoke up, cutting him off effectively this time.

"Your talents are not going by unnoticed." He warned him.

It was a very simple sentence, but it seemed to shake up the medic more than the kidnapping that had happened the night before. Hari swallowed with some difficulty, his mouth dry.

"Will they come to hunt me down then?" He dared to question.

The ninja looked him dead in the eye.


"You are sure?"



"Hundred percent." The man told the teen, completely serious and their eyes met.

That shut the teenager up for a moment. Putting his elbows on the table, the medic hid his face in them, his fingers crawling in his hair. He wasn't actually crying, but his body language told him more than crying would have.

"This village is all that I have." The teenager whispered hoarsely.

He suddenly whipped his head up, directing his question once again. "What if I can get someone strong enough to guard me and the village?" There was a desperate tone to his question.

It made Noburu wonder if his unofficial charge had someone in mind.

"I'm not sure whether that will be enough. If you become famous enough, people will try to 'recruit' you for their own purposes, willingly or otherwise." Jiraiya said with a sigh.

"But if I get someone strong enough?"

"You might be able to stay here a while longer, but that doesn't meant that you won't pose as a threat for the village. Leverage might be old school, but it is still very effective. Especially with your hero-complex."

"I don't have a he-" Hari tried, but the looks that he received made him unable to finish the sentence.

Leverage huh? Threatening his village most likely.

For the others, it was clear that Hari was very – very – conflicted by the idea. Noburu's eyes widened in surprise when the teenager crossed his arms on the table and leaned his chin on them, eyes unfocused.

He had never seen Hari so helpless before.

'Bloody hell.' Ron's voice echoed in the back of Hari's mind. Hermione scolding him seconds later for his recklessness. Other short memories resurfaced and his chest suddenly felt heavy.

Why did him trying to help people always end up with such a mess?

"I can never get away from this curse can't I?" The healer mumbled under his breath, before he started to speak in that unknown language of his. The elder man saw Jiraiya glance at him in a rather surprised manner. He glanced at Taiki, who acted like it was pretty normal and then to Noburu.

"He really speaks another language?" The ninja asked him in a near silent whisper and Noburu nodded. The teenager usually did that when he was deeply in thought. They had no idea where it came from, as Hari didn't want to talk about it, but they didn't really care.

He was one of them.

"You know Hari…" Noburu hesitated. "Son."

Hari's head shot up at the endearment. It is one that he very rarely used, especially in the presence of others.

"You don't have to leave us forever. You can visit from time to time, but we would prefer to make sure that you have enough protection."

Hari nodded reluctantly, but his eyes had once again turned pensive.

"Seirei." The teenager muttered under his breath – realizing too late how loudly he had spoken - to which Noburu and the rest froze.

There was a silence as they all stared at the healer.

"Wait." Taiki suddenly spoke up. "You want to ask Seirei to guard you?"

Hari suddenly shifted uncomfortably. "Yes?"

"How will you ever find him?" Taiki questioned.

"How do you know you can trust him?" Jiraiya asked him pointedly at the same time.

The teenager twitched at the questions but didn't answer. He hadn't really meant to state it out loud like that, but it had been a thought. Noburu sighed, glanced at Jiraiya and startled slightly when he saw the concentration that was visible on the man's face.

Oh no.

"Do you know him?" The Sannin asked him carefully.


"Don't even dare to lie to me brat." The ninja bluntly stated – but the warning was there.

As a moment of silence stretched, Hari realized that the ninja had driven him in a corner. His pause had already been more than enough prove on its own.

Damn ninja.

"I might have healed him before." The medic admitted slowly with a sigh of defeat, scratching his neck in discomfort.

Taiki's head snapped towards his friend. "What? But you said tha…"

"I know Taiki."

"Why would you lie?" The teenager seemed to be surprised by this revelation.

"He wanted me to keep silent about it. He had some very good reasons." The wizard defended himself.

"What?" Both Taiki and Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Well, it wasn't like I was actually lying to you. I'm sorry alright?" He tried, clearly feeling like he was being driven into a corner.

"Kid" Noburu watched as his old friend stood up this time and leaned forward as he pointed at the healer. "You seriously have to stop healing everyone that comes knocking at your door."

"Ha! Seirei is totally harmless! He will never hurt me!" The healer protested, seeming very confident on the matter.

"That doesn't mean anything!"

Noburu sighed as he watched two of his precious people bicker with each other, moving his chair back he walked toward the cabinet in the room and pulled out a familiar bottle of sake.

"…it is not like I am not going to heal people without some indication of what they want from me!"

Noburu picked up the bottles that were placed right next to it and put it down on the table.

"…reckless brat!"

Noburu tried not to pay attention to the arguments being thrown back and forth. Instead, he shot the frowning Taiki a humorless smile. The teenager seemed to be pretty shocked that the medic had kept something like that from him. Noburu started and nearly dropped his cup when he suddenly saw Jiraiya disappear from where he stood.


But the Sannin was already standing right behind the medic. He didn't have any kunai in his hands, but the empty hand near the medic's neck was a clear message on its own.

"Do not trust ninja without a reason, gaki." The ninja whispered to the medic, whose head snapped up to look at him.

The healer glared heatedly at the ninja, leaning away from the man's hand poking his neck
as he did.

"I do not want this." He growled out, vivid green eyes flashing.

"Hari." Taiki got the teenager's attention. He still seemed slightly disgruntled from having been lied to, but that didn't keep him from helping out his friend.


He swallowed. "Konoha is not that bad. I have always wanted to go once, my father…" He stopped and sighed, before looking his friend in the eye.


The two looked at each other for a long time and Hari's eyes softened ever so slightly, but the glare was still there.

"I will drag you along with the villagers' permission if I have to." Jiraiya warned the teenager.

Noburu's stomach twisted when he saw the frustrated flash in the healer's eyes return.

There was a long pause as Hari looked at all of them for a while and then suddenly angrily shoved his chair away from the table. It was only because Taiki caught it that prevented it from falling down the floor.


With that, the village's beloved medic stormed out of the room, Taiki not far behind him.

"Hari! Wait! I…" The house rattled at the door slammed shut behind them.

Noburu sighed. He felt a headache starting to form already. "Somehow…"

"I will have to test Seirei's strength." Jiraiya spoke up.


"I will have to see how powerful this Seirei really is." Jiraiya repeated, a twinkle forming in his eyes. "If he is actually as strong as the people say, then he might be able to protect the healer and if he forms an alliance with Hari…"

"…he will be of more use for Konoha." Noburu finished for him. "I don't like it, but fine. It might work. You will have to find him first though. He is quite slippery and it is not the first time that Seirei has disappeared off the radar for a longer period of time."

"Well, as long as Hari is in Konoha, it wouldn't be a problem. I will just have to find him while he is safe."

The grey-haired man offered his friend a cup of sake, which was genuinely accepted. They both pulled their head back and gulped it down in one go. There was a soft 'thunk' as their cups hit the table at the same time.

"Well that actually didn't go as badly as I had thought." The Sannin offered.

Noburu shot him a glare as he filled another cup for them.

"You know, the punk actually managed to hit me in the face. I'm glad that he seemed to have forgotten." The ninja shared, rubbing his cheek.

"You must have earned it." The other man replied dryly.

"Really, I just mentioned that healing is considered to be a pretty girly occupation."

"Well there you have it." Noburu nodded, as if stating the obvious and then tipped back his head to empty another cup.

This was going to be a long evening.


Both of them were unaware that Hari and Taiki were actually listening just beyond the door. Looking at each other, the medic shook his head, even though Taiki looked hopeful as they heard about Jiraiya's plans on sparring with Seirei. The medic sighed and they walked away from Noburu's house.

"He's not powerful enough." The medic told Taiki who glared at him.

"I have seen him fight." He told him.

"I have seen him wounded." The medic shot back. "He is not some superhuman."

The two glared at each other for a moment, before Taiki sighed.

"I'm still disappointed that you didn't tell me."

"I'm sorry. You know that I…" Hari started, clearly not wanting to make his friend angry but obviously very aggravated with the current situation.

"I know, I know." Taiki waved the explanation away. He knew that the medic had more than enough secrets that he kept hidden, even though said medic might not be fully aware that he knew.

"I just don't want you to leave Hari. You are like a brother to me." He said quietly as both of them arrived at the shed.

His brother in all-but-blood glanced over at him and smiled at him. Despite the situation it was a real smile.

"Thanks Taiki. Me too."

It earned a smile from the swordfighter. Just that agreement alone, made Taiki forgive him for all the secrets that he hid from him.

"Want to watch the sunset?" The swordfighter asked, pointing at the roof.

"Yeah, I would like that."

With that the two young men climbed on the pointed roof, which wasn't too steep to securely lie on. Neither of them spoke for a long while, but simply stared at the colorful sky that eventually turned dark. It was a clear sky, allowing them to have a good view on the stars. They eventually spoke about the village rumors, about Ume – the date had gone well but Taiki admitted that something had been missing.

"You kissed her, didn't you?" Harry teased, while still looking at the sky.

It was strangely relaxing not to have to turn towards Taiki to see what he was saying, though it took a while for him to stop doing it.

"Of course." Taiki proudly said. "She said I was quite a good kisser." He smugly added.

"Don't get too full of yourself."

"You are just jealous." Taiki teased.

Hari rolled his eyes and swatted him on the head, unable to prevent himself from thinking back to the girl that had kissed ages ago. Never would he be able to do so again…

"So you are going to take her on another date?" The wizard asked, trying to keep away of those depressing thoughts.

The swordfighter actually hesitated. "Maybe."

He was glad that his friend didn't prod any further, but respected the wordless request.

After a long silence, Harry pointed at the brightest star in the sky. "Did you know that star…" He pointed at a bright star twinkling above them. "…is the brightest star in the sky?"

Taiki blinked at the random – and quite obvious observation – but played along.

"Yeah... so?" He inquired, looking at his friend to try and figure out whether he was joking or not.

By the smile that appeared on Hari's face, Taiki decided that he wasn't. Hari turned his hand to look at him and moved his arm once more behind his neck.

"It's called Sirius."

'He just gave me the name in his own language?' Taiki realized, as he tried to pronounce the odd word. "Si-ri-us."

Hari smiled at him. "Yeah, seriously." A dry chuckle followed.

The brown-haired man frowned and studied the star more closely this time, trying to figure out why it was so important to his friend.

"You know, that star can be used for navigating. So you will always be able to find your way back to the village." Taiki pondered and blinked when Hari started snickering loudly.

"You're right." He agreed, still laughing.

Taiki just shook his head, having absolutely no clue what could have made his friend so happy, but decided that it didn't matter.

Both of them knew that – as much as they hated it – Hari would have to leave for Konoha, but for now, they would just enjoy peaceful moment that they had together.

"So, did you seriously punch the ninja in the face?"

Harry smirked.

~End of Part 1~

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