Here is a new Reid and Luke story about a cute way Reid and Luke could have met based on my favorite movie Sleepless In Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Chapter 1

Reid Oliver is a brillant neurosurgeon who works long hours at Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Reid is new Oakdale. Reid moved to Oakdale from Dallas Texas and has been living in Oakdale for the past five months. Reid lives with his best friend Katie and her five year old son Jacob. Reid's other best friend Sanda who is a nurse at Oakdale Memorial Hospital along with her cat Tegan also lives with Reid, Katie and her son Jacob. Katie, Jacob and Sanda love spending time with Reid, they take Jacob to the park to play, they watch chick flicks together, eat take out and attend Jacob's little league games. Katie, Sanda, and Jacob all know that Reid is very lonely and he has lots of sleepless nights because he needs a man to spend the rest of his life with. Katie, Jacob, and Sanda are in the kitchen in their pajamas. Katie is sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Jacob is feeding Sanda's cat Tegan while Sanda is at the stove cooking eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. Sanda, Katie, and Jacob are waiting for Reid to wake up.

Jacob sits down at the kitchen table next to his mother, smiles and says, "Mommy and Aunt Sanda we need to find Uncle Reid a man."

Sanda and Katie both smile and say, "Yes Jacob, we do need to find Reid a man."

Katie smiles, " I listen to the radio talk show Dr. Jessie Love. Listeners of the Dr. Jessie Love show call into the show looking for love becuase they are lonely."

Sanda walks over to the kitchen table with plates, forks, knives and napkins and sets the table for breakfast. Sanda smiles and says, "I love to listen to Dr. Jessie Love. I listen to that radio show all the time. Oh my god Katie you know that Reid isn't going to fall for that."

Katie smiles, "We will get Reid to listen to Dr. Jessie Love on the radio tonight after we eat dinner."

Jacob smiles, "I will call into the Dr. Jessie Love show on Uncle Reid's behalf."

Sanda is busy cooking the eggs and bacon at the stove. She smiles and says,"Oh God Katie, I hope our plan works tonight."

Katie smiles, "I hope our plans works too Sanda."

Katie, Jacob, and Sanda are laughing and talking when Reid walks into the kitchen in an old Harvard T-shirt and a pair of scrub pants. Reid walks into the kitchen and sits down at the table. Reid smiles and says, " Good morning Sanda, Jacob, and Katie."

Sanda walks over to the kitchen table and hands Reid a cup of coffee. Sanda, Jacob, and Katie smile and say, "Good morning Reid."

Reid smiles, "I am hungry. What smells so good?"

Sanda smiles, "I made eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast."

Sanda walks over to the table with the pan and serves Reid, Katie, and Jacob their breakfast. After Sanda serves everyone their breakfast she puts the dirty pan into the sink and the comes back to the table and sits down with Katie, Jacob, and Reid.

Sanda smile's and says, "Let's eat." Sanda, Katie, and Jacob stare at each other. They hope and pray that their plan to find Reid a mate works.