Chapter 21

Reid is holding Luke's hand as he picks up his iPhone to answer it.

"Hi Noah. I am busy. What do you want?"

"Is is true? "

"Is what true Noah?"

"Are you dating Reid?"

"Oh god Noah how do you know about Reid?"

"Your mother showed me a picture of you and Reid holding hands."

"It isn't any of my mother's business to be showing you a picture of me and reid holding hands."

Noah hollers,"So Luke is it true are you and Reid an item?"

Reid stares at Luke, squeezes his and whsipers,"looker, take a deep breath and breathe."

Noah hollers through his iphone, "Luke, is that Reid talking sweet nothings in your ear."

"Noah, it is none of your business if Reid is whispering sweet nothings into my ear. You and I are finished."

Noah hollers," Luke, still love you."

Reid squeezes Luke's hand harder as Luke yells into his iphone,"Noah, I don't love you anymore. What part of are you and I are finished don't you understand?"

Noah hollers,"I still love you and I will get you back with your mom's help."

Luke hollers,"good bye Noah. I am hanging up on you."

Luke hangs up on Noah and puts his iphone down on the table and put his face into his hands and whispers,"Reid, I am so sorry that you had to witness me and Noah arguing." Reid smiles at Luke takes his hands away from his face. Reid puts his hands on Luke's face and whispers,"looker, you have nothing to apologize to me for. Your ex doesn't deseve someone as sweet as you." Reid grabs Luke and kisses him passionately just as Sanda, Henry, Jacob, Ethan, and Natalie arrive back at the table and witness them kissing. The five of them stare at Reid and Luke with their mouths wide open.