Chapter 36

Sanda, Henry, and Jacob run over to Luke grab both of his hands and whisper,"Wake up Luke. We are here now. Jack and Margo are going to handle Noah. Everything is going to be ok. You, Ethan, and Natalie are safe now. Reid is downstairs taking care of Emma." Luke starts to wake up and whispers,"Ouch my head." Sanda, Henry and Jacob smile at Luke and whisper," Oh thank god you are going to be ok."

Jack and Margo run over to Noah, Ethan and Natalie and whisper," you are safe now," as they take Ethan and Natalie off of Noah and put the handcuffs on him and read him his rights and then they smile at Ethan and Natalie and whisper, "Ethan and Natalie are you ok? Did Noah hurt you? "

Ethan and Natalie start crying and whisper,"we are fine. Noah didn't hurt us. Noah hurt Luke and he also hurt our grandma Emma. Thank god you showed up when you did."

Ethan and Natalie run across the room into Sanda arms and whisper, "Aunt Sanda is Luke going to be ok?"

Sanda smiles at Ethan and Natalie and whispers,"yes my sweet angels Luke is going be ok."

Ethan and Natalie smile at Sanda and whisper,"thank god."

Noah glares at Jack and Margo and hollers,"Hey you village idiots you didn't ask me how I was doing."

Jack and Margo grab Noah by the shirt and holler,"shut up you idiot. You have caused enough damage for one day."

"Ouch you are hurting me you village idiots."

"What part of shut up don't you understand. You are digging yourself a bigger grave by running your mouth."

Ethan and Natalie grab Luke's hands as he tries to smile and whispers,"Margo and Jack I want to press charges against Noah for hurting me and my grandma Emma."

"Are you sure Luke?"

"Yes I am sure Margo and Jack."

Reid is sitting on a chair next to the couch talking to Emma while holding her hand as he hollers from downstairs,"Angel how is Looker? Emma is awake. I have her laying down on the couch. She keeps asking for Luke, Ethan, and Natalie."

Sanda hollers,"doc, Luke is ok and awake. He has a slight headache. We are coming downstairs right now."

Jack and Margo walk out of Luke's room with Noah. They walk downstairs with Noah hollering,"I hate all of you. I will get you for this." Reid and Emma glare at Noah as Margo and Jack take him out to the squad car.

Sanda, Henry, Ethan, Natalie, and Jacob help Luke up from the floor. Ethan and Natalie take Luke by the hand while Henry takes Sanda and Jacob by the hand and they walk downstairs to Reid and Emma.