A/N: Oh, don't look at me like that. It's a form of torture.

5. Rape

Gerard went red all over as they stripped him of his clothes. They took down his boxers and he automatically tried to cover himself, but they smacked him for it. Told him if he did not cooperate, he would be beaten.

He was completely naked, on his bed, in front of two other men. They seemed to be examining him, sizing him up like a slab of steak. One of them cupped him, feeling around his junk. Gerard whimpered and squirmed, feeling horribly humiliated.

"Decent package." the one who was touching him chuckled.

The other one removed his pants. Gerard took note of a black cobra tattoo on his lower abdomen. It had some Japanese symbols he didn't recognize right above it. Gerard got an even closer look when the man shoved his erect penis in front of Gerard.

"Alright you little whore, get to sucking!" he sneered.

Gerard hesitated. Not that he hadn't given blowjobs before, but this man was particularly large. And for that matter, he also smelled rank. However the man looked as though he was getting impatient, and to avoid any further harm, Gerard wrapped his mouth around the man's hardness.

The man thrusted into him, trying to get his cock as deep into his throat as it would possibly go. Gerard gagged and gurgled, trying his best to brace the inside of his mouth for the friction. The second man went around to slide a few fingers into his anus, sticking them in one by one. Gerard squealed like a pig, trying his hardest not to bite on the man who had his cock in his mouth.

The man who was fingering him then proceeded to lick his anus hungrily, mumbling something about getting his ass "Nice and slick." Gerard squirmed at the sensation, his sense of violation increasing more and more by the minute.

They took turns having him suck their cocks. If he did a less than perfect job, he'd get a smack in the head. He was barely given the opportunity to breathe between each turn. They bent him over and took turns spanking him in the rear end. The stinging sensation brought tears to the corners of his eyes.

They pinned him down and proceeded to fuck him. One of them would penetrate his anus brutally, while the other would be on the other end receiving a blow job. They switched positions often. Gerard had to refrain from tensing as he was thrust into. The more tense he was, the more it would hurt. Yet that's exactly what they wanted. Instead to vent his pain, he screamed with each thrust at the top of his lungs. The men seemed to enjoy it.

They fucked him until they both came, each time forcing him to swallow the semen. One of them licked him in the face before they left, both teasing that they'd soon be back for more. They never gave him back his clothes.

Mikey was a wreck. It had been a week since they last saw Gerard, and still no lead. Usually his brother was the one he'd vent to when he was stressed, but that was exactly it. His brother was gone. Possibly taken from them.

What was he doing right now? Was he being hurt? What did they want with him? Is he ever going to see him again? These questions ran through Mikey's head over and over. He was having nightmares about Gerard being beaten by faceless figures. He'd scream for them to stop. He'd run towards his brother. He'd try to save him, but he could never seem to reach him.

Mikey felt as if they didn't find Gerard soon, he just might lose it. He couldn't face life without his brother. He just couldn't.

This torture went more "ways" than one.

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