A few days later things that were very awkward happened. All the 3 girls were having sleepover parties at each other's house until Callings came individually and did a

certain thing. It was very entertaining what happened. Who should I start with? I'll start with Rizumu and Hibiki. Aira and Mion were having a sleepover at Rizumu's

house. That was when Hibiki came and rang the doorbell. Rizumu's father did answer it but he didn't know what Rizumu was doing so he went up to see his daughter and Aira and Mion having fun. That was when he got a good idea.

"Rizumu pretend that you are sleeping! Aira and Mion go hide in the closet! A certain person has come to see Rizumu!" Aira pushed Mion into the closet.

"Let's see who it is!" Rizumu didn't know what was going on but she pretended to sleep anyway. That was when Hibiki came into her room. "Hibiki san?" Mion covered Aira's mouth.

"This is getting interesting."

"Rizumu are you sleeping?" She was trying to sleep. "I want to tell you again that I am sorry for the other day. I like you a lot and I want to always be with you." He

moved closer to her bed to see her sleeping face. He thought that it was really cute. He unintentionally put a hand on her cheek and kissed her. Rizumu opened her eyes. She closed them just before he saw her face. Aira and Mion were blushing.

"Hibiki is pretty good." Mion said. Aira was gasping. Hibiki thought that he heard something and turned around to look. Mion covered Aira's mouth. After Hibiki left,

Rizumu rolled out of her bed in embarrassment while Aira and Mion ran out of the wardrobe blushing. Rizumu's father didn't know why the 3 girls were all blushing when he came in to ask why Hibiki came.

"It was nothing!" the three girls replied, blushing. That was going to be a topic in every sleepover they had from now on. Next is Mion.

Mion didn't expect that Wataru would come to her house just to see how she was doing. Aira and Rizumu were both there and thought of a cute prank to do on Mion.

The three didn't expect Wataru to do something to Mion though. When the doorbell rang in the middle of their sleepover, Mion decided to have Aira and Rizumu get it to see Wataru at the door. They ran upstairs to tell Mion when they thought of a prank to try on both Mion and Wataru.

"Mion Chan, pretend you are sleeping!"

"What why should I" Aira cut her off and pushed her onto the bed to pretend to sleep. Aira and Rizumu answered the doorbell and told Wataru that Mion was sleeping

but he could go see her. Wataru opened Mion's room door and walked in to see a drowsy Mion. She was pretending to sleep like Aira told her to do but was having a hard time. Wataru was blushing intensely after seeing Mion's sleeping face.

"Mion, I want to know, do you really love me? I do love you and I hope that we have mutual feelings." He brushed Mion's bangs before he turned to leave.

"Wataru! Don't go!" Mion shouted. Aira and Rizumu gasped. She blew her cover.

"Mion? You were awake?" He blushed. Mion blushed too.

"I really do love you Wataru! I just thought that I was so selfish and that I didn't deserve you! That's why I was acting like that." Wataru smiled and walked to the flustered Mion. "Please believe me Wataru! I really do" "Mion." He cut her off and kissed her.

"I'm relieved that we love each other. They hugged and totally forgot that Aira and Rizumu were spying on them. When Wataru left, Aira and Rizumu sneaked upstairs to see Mion. They had playful looks on their faces indicating that they saw all of what happened. That was going to be talked in every party from now on. Last is Aira.

Aira's case was a fail because she had actually fell asleep when Shou came but woke up. The girls were having fun to Aira's mother's relief. But when Shou came to

visit, Omi couldn't help but tease him and Aira. She went to the girls' room to see that Aira had actually fallen asleep. She decided to get Mion and Rizumu to play along

to get Shou to do something to Aira. She hid the two girls until Shou went inside her room. The entire family was spying. This time Aira was really sleeping. Shou walked to her bed and stroked her hair and flashbacked to when she was resisting him.

"You really are a handful Aira." Aira woke up when she and Shou heard a sound outside from Mion and Rizumu falling on each other.

"Shou san! Why are you here?"

"Good morning my princess…"

"Is there anything wrong Shou san? How come you are in my bedroom? Where are Rizumu Chan and Mion Chan?" Shou looked at the flustered and confused Aira. He laughed.

"Aira you are so funny!" He laughed.

"Shou san? Why are you laughing?" She pouted. But she laughed with him in a few minutes. The whole family outside was blushing at such a happy scene. But when

Aira saw something that she didn't want Shou san to see, the action began. The thing she didn't want him to see was the love strategy notebook! However when she was going to go hide it she fell on Shou because of her clumsiness. She ended up sitting in Shou's lap. "Shou san?"


"Did you see anything strange in my room?"

"No why?"

"No-nothing!" She was blushing. When she met eyes with Shou she averted her eyes. That was what made Shou mad.

"Aira why aren't looking into my eyes?"

"It's nothing!" She was blushing cutely which made Shou blush too.


"Yes?" He was looking straight into her eyes and moving closer. Aira was blushing. "Eh… Shou san… wait…"

"I'm not waiting. This is punishment." She slowly closed her eyes. The crowd outside was yelling. They were all cheering besides Aira's father who was crying tears.

While the couple kissed Mion and Rizumu thought of a prank or surprise for Aira after Shou left. When Shou and Aira left the room to see each other off, Mion and

Rizumu mischievously hid in her wardrobe waiting for her to come back. When Aira came back, the two burst out of the closet and hugged her. The 3 best friends had fun all night despite their constant blushing from time to time. Then another incident occurred with Rizumu and Hibiki!