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Welcome to N.O.T: The Bad Company! This fic is loosly based off of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. More accurately, it's based off of a squad I am involved in on the game. I took all of our personalities and some of the things that have happened to us while playing the game, and loaded them all into a storyline that I actually came up with while writing a required journal entry on the first day of school. Starts off more as a horror story, which I was drawing off of I Am Legend for support, and then fades into being more like A Team. Just a shoutout to mah noobs, guys you're all awesome, and here's to more awesome adventures in the world of BC2!

I don't own Bad Company 2, I Am Legend, or A team. All are awesome though, go get them. I don;t own any of the weapons mentioned in this fic either, I had nothing to do with them (though i wish an M1A2 would drop me off for Senior Prom :/ Total baws).


The forest around them was completely silent. The sunlight was blocked by the trees above, leaving them in a darkened area. Fog blanketed the ground, making it even harder to see what may be lurking in the shadows.

It was an unlikely place for two men to be wandering around alone.

The two were highly alert, eyes constantly scanning the area around them. Being so in-tune with their senses and the state of mind they were in, it was sometimes hard to distinguish a threatening noise from a harmless one. But if there was one thing these two were good at, it was keeping cool and focused in potentially intense situations.

The air was thick between them, so thick that it became almost tangible. Neither wanted to break the silence that lingered between them. Any type of unneeded noise could potentially give their position away.

The two squad members stepped over large piles of fallen leaves and logs on the forest floor, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Their footfall was tense and silent.

The two gasped heavily, quickly aiming their weapons towards the top of a tree towards a sound. The first sighed, relaxing his arms, almost with disappointment.

"It's only an owl, chill out Dylan," the first man, Kyle, said to the other man behind him. He wore a tan colored camouflage combat uniform, consisting of a helmet, orange-tinted goggles, a face mask, bullet proof jacket, as well as matching pants, gloves, and combat boots. Around his waist was a heavy belt with various compartments. It held an M9 pistol, as well as a "pineapple" grenade. He had the facemask down around his neck, making it easier to breathe steadily and to keep quiet, and the goggles were put up around the helmet to keep from covering his eyes. If he was to use his eyes' full potential, the goggles only served to hinder him. Strapped onto his back was an M4 rifle, in case the need arose.

He turned back to the other, "you're making me more nervous than what's out there."

Silently, he gripped the weapon in his leather-clad hands tighter.

"Well if you wouldn't startle the whole forest, I wouldn't have responded to you," Dylan shot back. He wore much of the same thing, including the gloves, boots, and combat uniform, except instead of a helmet he wore a billed hat. He also carried a large backpack, and a much larger gun. His backpack consisted of various medical supplies, including medical kits, a defibrillator, and other medical tools that could be useful. He also carried resupplies of ammunition for their weapons.

On both of their hands, they had a small leather covering on their first fingers and thumbs. When activated, it showed the results from a sensor ping, revealing enemy positions to them. Unfortunately, the heavy trees and other debris was making it hard to reveal them. For the most part, they were having to rely on sight and sound alone.

Kyle activated his screen. Forming an "L" with his two fingers, a small square screen can into existence. It showed a grid colored in a pale blue. A single white dot off to the top right of the screen had white waves coming off it, signaling the motion sensor itself. The waves crawled across the screen, failing to reveal any red dots. The only dots on the screen were themselves, marked by two green dots.

"No movement, which means you can put the gun down," Kyle said, closing his fingers and making the screen disappear.

Dylan gave him a snide look. "Yeah, well, you're adopted," he replied, lowering the XM8 light machine gun in his hands.

"Is that the only response you have to anything?" Kyle asked him, turning to the man.

"No, I have more, that's just my favorite," he replied, pushing past Kyle. He sighed, figuring there was nothing he could do to help his comrade's overused come-backs. He continued on behind him, following in a line.

Suddenly, Kyle stopped, attention drawn to a print in the dirt. It was well-defined and very easy to spot, even in these low-light conditions. He studied it closely, kneeling down to get a closer look. It looked human, but was it one of the infected? Or was it a survivor? There was no way to tell, other than to find them, which was not something either of them wanted to do.

Then, a sound from the forest again. This one was swift and strong, almost pushing a large branch over.

"What was that?" Dylan gasped, quick to aim his gun at the sound.

"It's not girl scouts selling cookies, that much is for sure," Kyle replied back, shotgun in hand, ready to attack. He stood up, looking around. Quickly he checked his scanner. It revealed a fast moving red dot, coming straight for them. The angry alarm from the device blared suddenly, signaling to an imminent close encounter. His eyes widened.

"Behind you!" Dylan suddenly yelled, whipping the large gun around towards it. The dark figure was closing fast on their position. It was upright, eyes glowing red. Its mouth was open, screaming at the two in front of it. Within a split second, Kyle turned around, aimed the gun, and fired off multiple rounds. The loud blasts from the shotgun rang through the forest, echoing in the thick fog. The creature shrieked with anger and pain. It struggled to stay on two feet, falling to the ground and losing to its badly damaged body. It graveled on the ground, trying to move towards the two men, but it was no use. With one final shot to the head, Dylan finished it off quickly.

The two stood there, breathing heavily. Neither could believe what had just happened, or how close it had been.

"What the fuck just happened?" Kyle asked in a hushed tone. Dylan looked to him, a sarcastic look plastered on his face.

"Dude! We got attacked by one of those zombie things!"

Kyle looked back at him, a smug look showing from under his helmet. "I know that much," he answered, turning to mumble something under his breath.

They stood, looking at the creature on the ground. It looked like a human with dark hair on its head and wearing torn up clothes, though its body was covered in wounds and blood was dripping from its mouth and nose. Its hands were covered in blood as well. Had it already gotten somebody?

"You think there are any survivors?" Dylan asked after a few moments of silence. Both looked back to the monster lying on the ground in front of them.

The syndrome had struck the Middle East like an iron fist. No one was immune to it, and it spared nothing. It turned men into monsters, giving them an incredible appetite for other humans. The disease was easily spread, resembling that of the Black Plague during the Middle Ages. It was swift and very potent. A single touch from an infected person could infect another. It was simply too fast, and most of the time people did not even realize they had been infected. Symptoms of the illness didn't show up until two to three days after one was contagious. First, a slight fever would hit, followed by body aches and tiredness. It had all the symptoms of a common Flu, but it was much more dangerous than that. Once the victim lost their appetite, their skin would start to itch uncontrollably. They would scratch and scratch, until they literally ripped the skin from their body. Insanity would soon set in, slowly washing away any memory or sense of morals they once had. Some were shot before they could hurt others, but this neither solved the problem nor sat well with those around.

A cure was never found.

"Doubt it," Kyle finally answered solemnly, turning to keep walking, eyes cast down. It was respect that kept him somber for the moment. He knew that people that were fighting for the same cause as he were dying or already dead. Neither man knew if there was anyone left from the camp they had come from.

Were they the last ones that were still clean? Surely the entire world wasn't experiencing this, were they? It was hard to imagine that a plague of such power had massed, and even harder to believe that it had successfully taken out so many people. But they had been traveling for 6 days now, and had yet to find anyone that was not infected. Things were bleak indeed. If they were indeed the last humans alive, the rest of their lives would not be retirement, homes, or cars as they had planned. It would be spent living day-to-day, finding food and water, scavenging for weapons, and staying alive.

Dylan turned away from the creature on the ground, following the other man deeper into the forest. The two were silent for the next couple minutes as they trekked through the forest. It seemed to go on forever. There was very little light, and it was becoming harder and harder to make out shapes in the darkness. There was always a threat looming over them, and the challenge to them was to keep sane in the situation.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded. Both stopped immediately, and Dylan opened up the scanner on his hand. It showed a red dot moving fast towards them.

"We got an enemy closing fast, 12 o'clock," the man said to his comrade. Both backed up against a nearby tree, weapons pointing in the direction of the dot. Every noise, every creek of a branch, every sound of their breaths set them off.

A leaf fell softly in front of Dylan's face. He stared at it for a second, but his brain quickly put the pieces together. He looked up, seeing a glare of red high above him. It was perched on a tree branch in the high oak tree they were leaning on for support. He was frozen in fear, finding it impossible to tell Kyle that the threat was literally right above them. His breath was trapped in his throat.

"You see anything out there dude?" Kyle asked Dylan, turning to look at him over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at his friend's odd expression. "Dude, you ok?"

"HOLY FUCK IT'S RIGHT ABOVE US!" Dylan was finally able to yell violently. The words came out so rushed, it was a shock to both of their systems. In a flash, the creature jumped down, leaving the branch and aimed to come down directly on top of them, roaring loudly. Both stood unable to move, everything was happening too fast. Dylan watched helpless as it got larger and larger in his view. There was no time to aim his large machine gun, and there was no time to warn Kyle about it either. They were completely helpless.


Silently, high above the ground in a tree, she watched with eyes of an eagle. The dark, grass-camo ghillie suit made her invisible in the dense forest. The shreds of fabric laid like real leave and grass material, ensuring that nothing could see her.

The thrill of the hunt never ceased to excite.

Through the scope of the large SV-98 sniper rifle, she had locked onto the target. The barrel was long, reaching just over two feet, making the entire gun over four and half feet long. At the end of the barrel was a suppressor. She also had a bipod on it, making it easier to keep steady, and 12x scope for long-range ability. Though this gun as not a standard issue sniper, it worked fine. She had picked it up from a previous mission from someone who no longer needed it when her own M95 was out of ammunition.

The creature jumped from the branch, leaving it completely unprotected from a shot. Careful to line it up, the monster was directly in the middle of the crosshairs.

They didn't know it, but they were in no real danger at all.

"One shot," she mumbled quietly. Finger tightly on the trigger, she watched as it got closer and closer to her friends. Everything was slow motion, the falling creature, the reaction of Dylan, her heartbeat pounding lightly in her chest. It echoed through her ears, pulsing to the end of her fingertips on the trigger. Her breathing was slow and deep, keeping her calm and steady.

When there was no more time to waste, she pulled the trigger. It clicked, letting lose a loud, echoing noise that rang through the foggy air. A deafening shriek coursed through the air as the monster was hit. Its head exploded as the high caliber bullet shot clean through its head. Brain matter, bits of skull, and blood splattered onto the truck of the tree. It fell to the ground just in front of the two men with a loud thud.

"One kill," she finished, reloading the sniper.


"HOLY SHIT!" Kyle yelled loudly as the body fell in front of him. He quickly flung his shotgun at it and shot it once out of habit. Dylan couldn't even speak he was so shocked.

"What the fuck was that?" he asked Dylan, who stood breathing heavily.

"Dude! I said it was above us!" he then defended himself.

"Yeah when it was already coming down on top of us!" he retorted.

"Hey! At least I'm not adopted!" Dylan once again used his favorite come-back.

"I'm not adopted!" Kyle yelled back at him. He really didn't have much patients for his antics right now, given that they had both just about died.

"Jesus Christ can you two rage a little more please?" came a female voice from a couple feet away, walking up towards them. She had an all-knowing smirk on her face. Her face and body were covered by the ghillie suit, and she carried a large, black sniper rifle. On her belt there were two "pineapple" grenades and a golden Desert "Deagle" Eagle hand gun. "You guys were never in any danger, I had your backs."

"Well I'm not adopted! That's all I'm saying," Kyle defended to her.

"This is true," she responded, acting like it was a big deal.

"Dude, Lauren, what took you so long?" Dylan asked her, striking up a new topic rather than his lame jokes.

She lifted the hood of the ghillie suit from her face, revealing shoulder length hair that was dark brown in color. It was tied back in a ponytail, out of her face. Deep brown eyes and smaller features adorned her face. She had a mocking smile on in response to the question.

"What took me so long? I just saved your ass!" she retorted, walking up to rejoin the group. She held the large sniper rifle close to her body.

"Shut up Tree Wookie, you weren't the one being attacked," Dylan replied sarcastically.

"She has a point dude, and if you would have given me a little warning, everything would have been fine," Kyle added to the argument. Lauren gave an agreeing expression, slightly nodding her head and giving a small smile.

"Yeah well if you had stopped watching porn and actually paid attention, we wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place!"

She sighed and rolled her eyes and the non-sense come-back. But, it was one they had never heard, and she had to give him at least some credit for finally coming up with new material. Kyle rubbed his forehead with the pads of his fingers in annoyance, closing his eyes.

"Yes Dylan, because I can watch porn on this tiny little screen, and it would be worth my time to watch it in the first place," she retorted.

"Well, ya never know," was Dylan's response. Both Lauren and Kyle raised a brow at him. They looked at each other, a smirk crawling onto their faces. They looked back to Dylan, remaining silent for a moment. Dylan continued to stare them both down, becoming confused with them.

"So…you watch porn on that tiny screen?" Kyle finally asked. Both started to chuckle softly.

"He must not need it 'big'," Lauren remarked to Kyle, both chuckling even harder.

"You guys are so immature," Dylan said back to them.

"'Least we're not adopted," Kyle said back softly. Lauren looked to him, bursting out laughing. Kyle joined in, laughing so hard both their lungs hurt. Lauren grabbed onto Kyle's shoulder, holding herself up she was laughing so hard.

The man turned back around to yell at them. "K you know what? You guys suck!" Dylan turned his back to them, whispering things under his breath at the two after raging and walking away.

"Aw man, that was a good one dude," Lauren praised Kyle while catching her breath. "It's too bad Vegas and Niles are missing this, it's pure gold."

"Yeah where the hell are they?" Kyle asked.

"They should be coming up here soon, it's been over 4 hours already," said Lauren.

With nothing to do other than wait for the other two to rejoin them, Kyle and Lauren walked in a line following Dylan, who had decided to keep going.

"Come on, we better follow, he'll get himself killed," Kyle said to Lauren, who immediately agreed. They walked deeper into the forest, remaining alert as they did. It was unknown to them what lay beyond the forest, or what lay beyond the next tree for that matter. But, that didn't stop any of them.

"Think Niles and Vegas will be here soon?" Kyle asked her over his shoulder.

"They better be, otherwise we are screwed hardcore," she responded in a humorous tone.

"Challenge accepted."

Btw, I have nothing against people who are adopted, nor do I mean to offend them in this. That is simply something he says all the time, and it would not have been complete without it.

Where the hell are Niles and Vegas? They better show up soon otherwise our rag-tag team is gonna be in trouble D:

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