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Warning: This chapter gets quite graphic towards the end.

Hermione stared at the recently slammed door, temporarily paralysed. Bellatrix's outburst had left her with a mixture of feelings. Who on Earth did that woman think she was? She had referred to Hermione as 'property'. She had not felt the usual feelings of pity or empathy that most other people would feel having discovered that someone had caused harm to themselves. Instead she'd been infuriated by the idea that someone other than Bellatrix had done so. Hermione felt a bubble of rage rise within her. How dare she? Hermione was a person not on object! She was not a possession! She was not 'property'! Hermione stood and strode over to the window. On the other hand, it was never a good thing to anger Bellatrix Lestrange. Hermione shuddered. That woman could take it into her head to do anything to her and she would not be able to fight or prevent her from doing so. She could come back at any time, in fact she could be making her way back here right now...she became aware of her breath quickening, her pulse racing, the feeling of being sucked down a narrow tunnel...the beginnings of a panic attack. She sat down heavily on the window seat, closed her eyes and began to take deep breaths. There was no use in panicking. There was nothing she could do except to try and keep calm.

Bellatrix paced backwards and forwards across one of the many rooms of Lestrange Manor. Fists clenched and snarling with fury, the sight of her would have caused even the bravest of people to tremble with fear. How dare the Mudblood defy her in this way? Why couldn't she just understand that she belonged to her now? She had no right to cause herself harm without permission! Bellatrix aimed a kick at a near-by chair, knocking it over in anger. 'That filthy Mudblood! How dare she? How DARE she?' Bellatrix hissed, 'I'll teach her to mess with me! I will! Thinks she can damage herself, does she? I'll show her!'

Bellatrix threw herself down onto a near-by armchair. She needed to think. How best to punish the Mudblood? The Mudblood refused to accept that she belonged to her. The Mudblood had damaged herself without permission. Bellatrix halted and an evil smirk formed its way across her pale features. If she couldn't remember who she belonged to and what was expected of her, then she needed a reminder. A permanent reminder. Bellatrix cackled under her breath, as she left in search of her prey.

Hermione let out a slow, shaky breath and sat up. She grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She needed to prepare herself. Bellatrix might walk through the door at any second and she wanted to be ready. She didn't want to be seen to have been crying. She wanted to appear strong. She knew it wouldn't help her case in the slightest but she did not care, so long as she was able to retain some semblance of dignity. She was a Gryffindor and she'd act like one. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, closed her eyes and focused on thinking calming thoughts. Once she had gained some semblance of calm, she opened her eyes again and set about erasing all traces of emotion from her face, leaving her with a firm expression.

Bellatrix's spiked heels clicked against the marble floor of the entrance hall as she made her way to the Mudblood's room. Spying a mirror hanging on the wall in front of her, she glanced up at her reflection. Staring back at her was the bony face of an attractive woman with a fierce expression and a wild mass of black curls, a malignant glint in the woman's dark eyes. Bellatrix smirked to herself. She looked good. She continued across the room and dramatically flung open a pair of double doors, to reveal a smaller and slightly less well-decorated hall and a wide staircase. She ascended the stairs, her smirk widening as she grew closer to her intended destination. She stepped onto the landing, turned right and stopped outside the third door on the left. She ran her tongue over her lips in anticipation before stepping forward and opening the door.

The door opened. Hermione stood and watched as her captor entered the room. She glared defiantly at the woman and Bellatrix let out a derisive laugh.

'Aww! Look! The ickle Mudblood wants to play! She wants to pretend she's all big and strong and brave! Well, let's show her how mistaken she really is!' Bellatrix whipped out her wand and through a 'Crucio' at the girl.

Hermione's knees buckled as the curse hit and she let out a loud cry of pain. She fell to the ground and writhed as the agony shot through her. It felt as if the torture would never end, as though everything else in the world had faded from existence and the torment was all that was left. Suddenly the curse was lifted and the pain faded. Hermione gasped for air and she had to summon up all of her strength just to lift her head to look Bellatrix in the face.

'There now...that's much better!' Bellatrix cooed, 'The Mudblood's in her proper place...on the ground at my feet.'

Hermione bit her lip. She wanted to answer back. To retaliate but she knew it was worthless, in fact it would only make everything worse for her in the long run. She kept silent.

Bellatrix smirked and slowly circled the girl, pausing near her head. She stooped down until she was close enough to whisper into her ear.

'You've no idea how much I enjoy seeing you on the floor like that, Mudblood...what is this hold you have over me? I would like nothing more than to touch you right seduce you...but alas! You've been a naughty girl and I need to punish you!' Bellatrix purred, her hair tickling the girl's cheeks. The woman straightened up and twirled her wand in between her fingers.

Hermione whimpered. Part of her terrified of her captor and dreading what was to come, the other...well...the other part of her had been more than a little turned on by Bellatrix's words. Part of her wanted more than anything for the older woman to slide one of her pale slender hands into her knickers...Hermione shook her head. She would not entertain such thoughts. She would not entertain such thoughts. She would not enter-

'Mudblood! Are you even listening to me? I told you to get up!'

Hermione looked up with a start.

'Get up!' Bellatrix glared at the girl and jabbed her wand towards her threateningly.

The brunette flinched and scrambled up onto her feet immediately.

'Good girl', Bellatrix sneered sarcastically, 'Get onto the bed.'

Hermione obeyed but was ever so slightly confused. Hadn't Bellatrix said that she wasn't going to touch her?

Bellatrix laughed manically, 'The look on your face Mudblood! The little Mudblood is confused! Diddums!'

Hermione summoned up her courage in order to steady her tone of voice, 'What do you want Bellatrix?'

'What do I want?' Bellatrix repeated, moving towards the bed, 'I want you to teach you a lesson, Mudblood. I want to teach you to never try to damage my property without permission again! I want you to accept that I own you!'

The girl whimpered, ' won't happen again...just please leave me alone...'

Bellatrix climbed onto the bed and straddled the brunette, 'I'm afraid I can't do that, dear...I need to know that you won't do it again...I need to give you a more permanent reminder...'

Hermione closed her eyes and resigned herself to the fate of being touched by Bellatrix Lestrange once more. She waited for several minutes but nothing happened. She re-opened her eyes. Bellatrix smirked viciously at the girl and ripped open the girl's blouse, pointing the tip of her want against the pale, soft flesh of her stomach. Hermione bit her lip.

'Time to be a big, brave Mudblood...this may sting a little...'

Before Hermione had enough time to react, Bellatrix began moving the wand over Hermione's skin, as though writing with a pen. Then the pain began set in and Hermione screamed.

After what seemed an age, the sensation of the wand gliding over her skin ceased and Hermione glanced down at her stomach and gasped with a mixture of horror and revulsion. Carved into the flesh were the words 'Property of Bellatrix Lestrange'. The wounds were oozing with blood and seemed to be quite deep. Hermione looked up at Bellatrix with a panicky glance.

Her captor smiled like a crocodile, 'No matter what harm you try to do to yourself, I'll always do worse...remember that Hermione. You're mine and only I get to make decisions regarding your body, not you. You. Are. My. Property.'

Hermione winced and Bellatrix chuckled sadistically, before sliding down and lapping up the blood surrounding the freshly carved wound. The girl gasped. The sensation was intense and ever so slightly erotic. She shifted uncomfortably, gaining the older woman's attention.

'Is the Mudblood getting uncomfortable? Maybe she'd prefer me to lick somewhere else...'

'N-', but before Hermione had time to protest, Bellatrix had already pulled up her skirt and removed her panties.

The girl tried to squirm but her captor waved her wand, causing ropes to shoot out of the end to secure her wrists to the bedposts. Bellatrix made a noise of satisfaction and wrenched the girl's legs apart. Keeping eye-contact with the brunette, she lowered her face and gave the girl's clitoris a slow, deliberate lick. Hermione cried out in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. Bellatrix laughed and the action sent another wave of pleasure, causing another moan to be let out. Bellatrix continued to circle Hermione's clitoris with her tongue, all the while continuing to maintain eye-contact. Hermione pulled against the ropes and shook her head, 'S-stop!'

Bellatrix paused her licking, 'Your words tell me no but your moans tell me yes. Close your eyes and enjoy this, Mudblood.'

The brunette grimaced with disgust. She didn't want to enjoy this. She was not enjoy- Bellatrix interrupted her thoughts with another well placed lick. Hermione closed her eyes and whimpered.

'Good girl...' Bellatrix purred, pausing to observe the rapidly dampening area between Hermione's legs, 'My, my we are responsive...'

Bellatrix's tongue returned to Hermione's clitoris but this time, after only circling the nub once, she dragged her tongue downwards, lightly penetrating the brunette's opening.

Hermione gave up all hope of trying to resist, as the feelings of pleasure had grown to intense. She instead tried her hardest to imagine that it was not her captor that was providing the pleasure but someone else. Instead...she pictured Mia.

Bellatrix moved her tongue back up to Hermione's pleasure spot and penetrated her instead with her fingers. She picked up the pace and began to pump her fingers rapidly until the girl found herself on the very edge of orgasm. Suddenly the older woman ceased in her attentions and pulled away, smirking to herself as the brunette cried out in frustration. Bellatrix retrieved her wand and waved it, causing the ropes to disappear, releasing the girl.

'Please!' Hermione begged, feeling overwhelmed with a combination of shame for having enjoyed the experience and...dissatisfaction as to having been denied orgasm.

'Mudblood's who don't follow my rules do not deserve release...maybe this will teach you to think about my reaction towards your actions next time...' Bellatrix slid off the bed, stood and swayed her hips deliberately and provocatively as she exited the room.