Chapter One: New Student

Today was a typical day unlike any other; apart from the fact I'm to attend a new school as we had moved.

As I walked to school, I took in the environment around me; it was pretty nice round here. I also saw some locals as I walked by; a few zombies and a Frankenstein's monster. I'm pretty sure I'll fit in around here.

I soon arrived at the school, as soon as I walked through the doors I could feel all eyes fall on me; the new kid. I just held my head up and made my way along the corridor. Suddenly a man appeared in front of me.

"Ah, you must be Raven," he greeted me.

"Yes Sir I am, but who are you?" I replied.

"I'm Dr Tempest, Principal of Darkness and Head of English,"

Ah he's a vampire and also the Principal; I'll definitely fit in here.

"Your father has already spoken to me and we are both sure that you'll like it here," he smiled. "Here is your locker key," he handed me a skull key. "And I'll see you in English later," and with that he disappeared into thin air. I headed towards the lockers.

When I found mine, I found that my neighbour was a human and stood next to her was a very cute werewolf. I opened up my locker to fine an old blood bag; whoever had this locker before me must have been a vampire. I could feel the werewolf's eyes on my face. I turned to look at him and smiled, he quickly smiled back.

The human suddenly spoke.

"Hey I'm Summer," she held her hand out.

"Hey I'm Raven," I shook her hand. "I'm new, I just moved here,"

"Hey I'm Bobby," the werewolf spoke.

"Hello," I beamed.

"You should come and hang out with us at the stakeout after school, so we can get to know you a little better," Summer smiled.

"Sure, I'd love to," I smiled too back. "Sorry I'd better go, I've got English with Dr Tempest and I don't want to start off on the wrong foot," I smiled as I grabbed the blood bag out of my locker and headed for the bin. I could hear Summer's thoughts; she thought I was a vampire. I walked back to my locker. "That blood bag must have been in there for a while," I wrinkled my nose as I shut my locker. "And Summer I'm not a vampire," I smiled. I started to walk away.

"We'll see you later," I heard Bobby call.

I soon got through my first day of school and I was on my way to the stakeout to meet my new friends. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name.


I turned around to find Bobby running towards me.

"Hey Bobby," I smiled.

"Hey," he gasped; out of breath. After a few moments he got his breath back. "So did you enjoy your first day of school?"

"It was good, especially because I met you guys," I beamed. Bobby's face lit up as I spoke; it was so cute. "So is there a pack around here?" I asked.

"Yeah, most of the pack members go to our school, like me," he informed me. "Are you in a pack?" He asked.

"I was but when I moved I had to leave," I sighed.

We had just entered the doors of the stakeout and Bobby led me over to where Summer and another being were sat; the other girl was a zombie.

"Raven this is Heidi," Bobby pointed at the zombie. "Heidi this is Raven,"

"It's nice to meet you Raven, I've been hearing about you all day," Heidi smiled while motioning towards Bobby.

"It's nice to meet you too Heidi, and all good I hope," I smiled back.

"Oh yes," she giggled slightly.

"I'll get the drinks," Bobby walked off with what seemed to be embarrassment playing on his features. I sat down across from Summer and Heidi.

"So if you're not a vampire, what are you?" Summer asked.

"She's a werewolf," Heidi answered for me.

"I'm guessing you don't know much about mystical creatures," I smiled.

"Not how to spot them, no," she sighed.

"Don't worry, you'll learn. It's just easier for us because we've grown up with other vampires, zombies, mummies and werewolves. I'm guessing you haven't," I replied.

"No I moved here like a year ago," Summer smiled.

"Oh my gosh, he so likes you," Heidi grinned at me.

"Who?" I asked.


"Really, do you think so?"

"Yes, you can totally see it," Summer agreed.

I looked over towards Bobby and smiled. As I looked back I spotted someone I haven't seen in years.

"Please excuse me for a few minutes," I smiled as I got up and made my way across the room. I walked up behind her. "Serena?"

"What?" She hissed as she turned around.

"Is that anyway to treat your oldest, bestest friend?" I grinned.

"Rae!" She beamed. "It's so good to see you,"
"You too," I smiled as she hugged me.

"Babe?" The she was sat with asked.

"Oh sorry, Rolfy meet Raven and Raven meet Rolf; my boyfriend,"

"Pleasure to meet you," I smiled.

"The pleasure is all mine," he replied.

"You're a Dragomir, right?" I asked.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"You have that certain charm about you,"

"Raven's parents are the most powerful elders of your kind. They know most of the elder families," Serena informed Rolf.

"Hey do you know who I speak to about joining a pack?" I asked.

"That would be me," Rolf smiled.

"What does it take to be in your pack?"

"Dedication, strength, courage and you have to stay true to the pack,"

"Trust me I have all of them. I was second in command in my last pack,"

"Impressive, you're in," Rolf smiled.

"Wait do you have any rules about dating other wolves within the pack?"

"No why do you ask?"

"In the pack I was in before it was forbidden,"
"Really?" He asked and I nodded.

"Rae, who do you like?" Serena asked.

"Bobby," I smiled; a little bashful.

"Bobby? As in him over there Bobby?"

"Yes," I nodded.

"Well, I suppose he's not that bad,"

"You can't talk, remember Vlad?" I giggled. He was one of her vampire boyfriends from when we were younger; he was strange even for a vampire.

"Okay, you win," she grimaced.

"Well I better get back," I smiled.

"We'll have to catch up soon," she smiled.

"Definitely, how about within the next couple of days?"

"Sure I'll call you, is your number still the same?"

"Yeah I've never changed it," I smiled.

"See you later,"

I made my way back over to Bobby, Heidi and Summer and I sat down next to Bobby.

"You're friends with Serena?" Summer asked.

"Yeah, she's a very old friend of mine," I smiled.

"Ah, okay," Summer smiled and then carried on talking to Heidi. I could feel Bobby's eyes on my face.

I looked at him and thought; "Bobby don't be afraid and don't say anything out loud, just think it,"

"How are you doing this?" He thought.

"My parents think I'm special because I possess the gift of Telepathy,"

"Amazing," he smiled.

"I need to ask you something,"


"Do you like me?"
"Of course,"

"More than a friend?"


"Don't be afraid to tell me, please,"

"Yes, I kind of fell in love with you the first time I saw you this morning,"

"Really?" I smiled.


"So did I," I blushed and he smiled. "But will you please keep my secret about my gift from Heidi and Summer until I'm ready to tell them myself?"

"Of course,"

"Thank you,"

"You two are being awfully quiet," Heidi smiled.

"Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts," I smiled back.

"We were just discussing that on Wednesday we should go skulling," Summer smiled. Skulling; our people's version of bowling.

"I'd love to but I'm supposed to be meeting up with Serena and unless you want to incite her too, I can't sorry," I sighed.

"Why don't you invite her," Summer smiled.


"Yeah, if she's your friend I'm sure we can give it another go with her," Heidi smiled.

"I'm guessing you guys got off on a bad start with her,"

"Something like that," Heidi sighed.

"Thank you," I smiled.