Dead Sea

Chapter 1: Virus from Island Above

It sounds like it's rather quite peaceful under the sea for the citizens of Bikini Bottom, that is if you could ignore what's going on, on the surface of the island of Banoi. The scene indeed was rather chaotic on the island of Banoi, with various zombies roaming about, it was oddly however, quite peaceful under the seas in Bikini Bottom where a certain Spongebob Squarepants was just starting another day.

"Ah yes, it's another wonderful day under the sea here in good old Bikini Bottom, where everything would stay as happy as it is just like on the surface of this sea's many island paradises" laughed Spongebob as he got himself out of his bed, "morning Gary!"

"Meow" replied Gary as his snail greeted him.

Spongebob typically got dressed for himself to go to work, Patrick who was in his typical lazy manner was still sleeping in his rock, Squidward who didn't want to say hi to Spongebob was already at work quite early.

"Another day at the most wonderful place under the sea, nothing could ever go wrong here" said Spongebob.

"The only thing that is wrong here is that we don't have high enough profits coming in as revenue so get to work" ordered Mr. Krabs who then headed into his office.

"Aye, aye captain!" said Spongebob as he gave the salute to Mr. Krabs.

The sponge headed back toward the grill while Squidward took the register.

"Yet another boring day, nothing exciting ever happens here at the Krusty Krab" said Squidward.

"Squirdward, how could you say that?" asked Spongebob.

"I mean really this place is boring as heck, I'd rather go on whatever island is above" continued Squidward.

"Then you'll need Sandy's help on that" laughed Spongebob.

As for Mr. Krabs' main rival Plankton, he was trying to come up with a way to get the Krusty Krab secret formula.

"Boy this is tough" sighed Plankton.

"Maybe you should quit trying to get the secret formula" said Karen, "how long have you failed so many times?"

"Many" sighed Plankton to which Plankton had access to the surface world's news.

"In other news, the island of Banoi, a once vacation spot for many celebrities and various tourists around the globe is under quarantine" said the news reporter.

"Hmm, that sounds very suspicious, almost enough to turn Bikini Bottom into a pack of wild cannibalistic zombies!" laughed Plankton.

"And how the heck are you going to be able to flee Bikini Bottom once that virus has infected nearly everyone here?" continued Karen.

"Easy, I'll just setup shop somewhere else under the sea, anywhere under this ocean anyone would dine on a Krabby Patty when I own it" laughed Plankton.

"You're making a big mistake" sighed Karen.

"Don't care" laughed Plankton.

Plankton indeed had a secret space-like ship just made for him to head to the island of Banoi, he had a water helmet on like an astronaut would for space.

"Time to show those surface dwellers who I am made of" laughed Plankton.

The evil little genius that he was, was able to use the rocket and land right on the island of Banoi. It was indeed rather chaotic to which Plankton had hoped to obtain a sample of the virus. It was easy for Plankton to gain a sample of the virus, while the infected on Banoi paid little attention to him, other than accidently stepping on him.

"This better be worth it, cause I got me self a sample" said Plankton who was a bit damaged by the infected person accidently stepping on him.

It didn't take long before Plankton came right back from his experience as he presented Karen with the sample virus.

"You know you're going too far with this" said Karen who was trying to stop him.

"Bah, I don't care" laughed Plankton, "I'll just sell the Krabby Patty in another part of the sea, that's my entire goal and to move you there with me."

"Better be a nicer place than what you're going to create" sighed Karen.

Indeed as everyone went to sleep for the night, no one was well aware of Plankton's evil plan, the evil little tiny genius moved through the night and infected the food processing plant with the virus along with other vital resources. The next morning, there were a number of handful infected citizens of Bikini Bottom roaming about, at first the Krusty Krab crew including Spongebob failed to see them and just thought they were average citizens.

"Just look at that" laughed Mr. Krabs as he noticed an infected citizen trying to get into the Krusty Krab without even trying to open the door, "it's not even opening time and already I am seeing some customers waiting in line."

"Morning!" laughed Spongebob who pushed the infected customer out of the way and entered.

"Glad you decided to come in, we got a bunch of hungry customers waiting" laughed Mr. Krabs.

"Great, yet another boring day" sighed Squidward who was too busy reading the newspaper to notice that an infected customer was right beside him, "what the heck would you like to order?"

"Grrrr" said the infected customer.

"Don't worry Squidward, I'll interpret those groans that he wants a Krabby Patty" laughed Spongebob.

"Gee, thanks" sighed Squidward.

Spongebob indeed made his Krabby Patty and handed it over.

"Here you go" said Spongebob as he handed it to the customer who just simply ended up ate it like a wild animal.

"Yea, please pay the right amount for the burger" said Squidward.

But indeed something was wrong, the infected customer didn't seem to care about paying for the meal.

"Hey, wait do I smell that a customer didn't pay for their meal?" asked Mr. Krabs as he came right on in.

Mr. Krabs along with the Krusty Krab crew were about to get a scary surprise of their lives as the infected customer was indeed still hungry, but wasn't interested in a Krabby Patty.