Chapter 4: Assessing Zombie Infection

Spongebob was quite in a panic as he was running around as he began to search his house for Gary, his pet snail.

"Meow" said Gary.

"Oh Gary, there you are!" cried Spongebob as he hugged the snail, "I'm so glad you're okay from these horrible zombies!"

"Meow" replied Gary.

"Right, we have to get out of here fast" continued Spongebob.

Gary then showed Spongebob to the garage of the house where he pressed a button revealing that Gary had a secret motorcycle all along.

"Whoa, Gary, you know how to drive this?" cried Spongebob as the sponge hopped onto the passenger seat.

"Meow" continued Gary.

Gary rushed over to pick up Patrick, as the zombies were not obviously interested in him. As the trio headed for Spongebob's parents place, meanwhile, Squidward was packing his belongings as he was rushing to get out of Bikini Bottom as fast as he could. He could see the swarm of zombie hordes litering the pathway.

"Those stupid zombies, I'll never get out here alive, too bad I can't blame this whole thing on Spongebob" sighed Squidward to which he noticed his clarinet, "well, one last song wouldn't hurt."

But as Squidward was playing his clarinet, the zombies alive nor dead hated his song and soon they began to bang down Squidward's door to which Squidward broke through the window and leaped down on his car which was right outside.

"Ha, you zombies will never get me!" laughed Squidward as he kept on driving away from Bikini Bottom.

Meanwhile for Mr. Krabs, Eugene Krabs was well prepared to fight the onslaught of zombies in order to retrieve the Krabby Patty secret formula from Plankton who was still in the Cum Bucket with his wife Karen.

"Ha, I knew one day Plankton would go too far" continued Mr. Krabs.

"Daddy, why are my friends turned into zombies, I had to knock one of them down with my purse" continued Pearl.

"Pack up your things Pearl, we're going to live a new life, but first I need to get my Krabby Patty secret formula from Plankton who's the main cause of this problem" continued Mr. Krabs, "a sailor is always prepared for the unexpected."

Mr. Krabs indeed was well prepared to fight the onslaught of zombies within the Cum Bucket in order to retrieve the Krabby Patty secret formula.

"Time for some zombie fighting action, and a good thing because no zombies will be able to hurt a crab like me" laughed Mr. Krabs.

As Mr. Krabs was prepared to do just that, meanwhile, Gary who plowed down some zombies in his motorcycle managed to find the way toward Spongebob's parents house.

"Mom, dad, tell me you haven't become zombies yet!" cried Spongebob as he rushed toward them.

"Relax Spongebob, your mother and I are just fine" continued Spongebob's dad, "those zombies were no match for us."

"All those workout videos paid off" added Spongebob's mom.

"Come on, we have to make sure Grandma's okay" continued Spongebob as he continued to panic a bit.

"Don't worry, I am sure she's fine" continued Spongebob's dad.

Indeed Spongebob's dad was right on the mark, Spongebob's Grandmother was able to defeat a horde of zombies that were coming toward her.

"That's right, you can't touch me!" laughed Spongebob's grandmother as she kicked a zombie who crashed against her table destroying it, "Great, now I have to get another one."

While Spongebob was hurrying toward finding his grandmother to be safe, Mr. Krabs busted down the door to the Cum Bucket who was ready for some tough action against the zombies.

"Alright you zombies, time to get out of me way to get back my secret formula!" laughed Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs ended up using a chainsaw in his typical manner going through the number of zombies with ease. He could hear Karen's lectures to Plankton in some closet nearby to which he opened up the closet revealing his arch nemesis hiding like the coward he was.

"Krabs!" cried Plankton.

"About time someone decided to destroy some of these zombies" continued Karen.

"Yea, lucky I had one of these babies with me" laughed Mr. Krabs, "now hand over me formula!"

"Fine, keep it" sighed Plankton as he handed it over to Mr. Krabs.

"What, you're not going to fight over this?" asked Mr. Krabs.

"Haven't I done enough damage here, I mean I turned the entire people of Bikini Bottom into zombies!" continued Plankton.

"Yea, you're right" laughed Mr. Krabs as he took the secret formula, "because now I can open up my store in a new town with the same Krabby Patty secret formula!"

"I told you so that you shouldn't have done this" continued Karen as the two left the Cum Bucket.

"Yea, I'll pack up and head out" sighed Plankton.

Indeed as Mr. Krabs retained the Krabby Patty secret formula, Spongebob soon found his mother to be safe and sound as he went to pick her up.

"Grandma, you're okay!" laughed Spongebob.

"Hey, my parents are okay too" added Patrick as he received a cell phone call from them.

"We better catch up with Mr. Krabs so that we can leave Bikini Bottom and start a new life" continued Spongebob.

"We better get a move on then" said Spongebob's dad.

As Spongebob and his family, along with Patrick and Gary met up with Mr. Krabs, they ended up following each other along with a few other survivors of Bikini Bottom to create New Bikini Bottom in the name of its former glory, where the scene ends from there.