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This is my first attempt at writing a Walking Dead fan-fiction, so bear with me if it's horrible.

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I don't know how or where it all started; I don't think anyone really does. Everyone just started getting sick, dying, and then somehow, the dead started walking the earth again, attacking and eating every living thing. It's a pandemic; the whole world is getting infected. At least, that's what I assume has happened. The United States government issued a broadcast saying that "safe zones" were being set up on the outskirts of major cities and towns, and The National Guard was guarding the perimeters and only letting in those with no signs of infection.

A week after the infection began, everything cut off. No television, no phone signal, nothing. Those who weren't infected quickly began relocating to the "safe zones" nearest them, just packing their families into cars and leaving. Not that they really got all that far before abandoning their cars because of blockage, becoming walker food, or got infected themselves.

When this all started happening, my father was relocated to a safe zone just outside of Savannah, Georgia, and he instructed that my sister and I barricade ourselves in the bomb shelter until he came back to get us.

The thing is, we lived 14 hours away from Savannah, and we had no idea if or when he would come back to get us. We had plenty of supplies, enough to last us for a few months, but we couldn't just sit there forever.

Not being able to contact our dad in any way had become unnerving, and Emily and I both agreed that if he couldn't come to us, than we were going to him. We filled our military issued rucksacks with as much food and supplies we could, than raided our father's weapons room and grabbed as much from there, as well.

We've never actually had to defend ourselves against the flesh-eating dead before, but our dad trained us with every weapon he owned. I chose two of my father's 9mm Beretta Px4 Storm, as well as some magazines and silencers for each. I also grabbed my hunting crossbow, which was like my second half. It's my weapon of choice when it comes down to it, and I wouldn't have left without it. Emily grabbed a sawed off shotgun, as well as a Glock 23. She also grabbed two Mk 1 Hand Grenades, but I think she brought them because dad never let us experiment with those. Her absolute favorite weapon is the M110 SASS, but of course we had no room whatsoever for a sniper rifle. Last but not least, we grabbed a baseball bat. You can never go wrong with a baseball bat.

Our dad was gone a lot of the time because of the military, and our mom died when we were young, so we pretty much lived with our grandparents in the Pocono Mountains instead of needing to travel with our dad where ever he went. They were always taking us camping, so we had plenty of outdoors/camping experience, as well as supplies.

After packing up everything we could think of, we left a note in case other survivors happened to stop by, letting them know they could use whatever supplies they needed; then hopped in my jeep, said goodbye to our little Pennsylvanian town, and hit the open, walker infested roads.

The highways actually weren't all that bad, it's just the in-town roads that we really needed to worry about. It's like the walkers horded together in search of food.

All in all, it took us about two days, even though it should have only been a 14 hour trip, to get to Georgia, before we ended up breaking down.

Smoke just started pouring from the hood of the jeep, and I knew we were shit out of luck. Dad may have taught us everything there is to know about weapons, but not so much when it came to cars.

Cursing, I slammed the hood down before hopping on it, blowing my hair out of my eyes. Sweat rolled down my face as I looked up towards the bright sun. It was a cloudless, October day, although it felt like a scorching July one. It had to be only about 85 degrees, but the humidity was a lot worse, and with no cloud coverage, it was torture.

"I'm guessing we're stuck, then?" I heard my sister, Emily ask. Turning towards her, I saw that she was reclined in the passenger seat with her foot hanging out the window, sunglasses covering her eyes.

"Not necessarily," I smirked, "we could ya know, oh I don't know… walk? We have feet for a reason, Em." I heard her scoff at me, before opening her door and getting out of the car.

"Let's get our shit then, and go. It'll be dark soon, and we still need to find somewhere to camp for the night. I don't want any surprise attacks while I get my beauty sleep."

Rolling my eyes, I got off the hood of the car and walked around to the back to grab my backpack from the trunk. "There's a wooded area about 3 miles up the road, we should be able to get there without any trouble and tie ourselves up in a tree or something, for precaution. Might be able to even find a squirrel or something too, so we don't end up using all our MRE's," I said while tightening my boot laces.

I quietly laughed, just knowing what was coming.

"Jesus, Kait. You know I'm a vegetarian, I don't know how many times I have to fucking explain it to you. I have been for years, remember?" Glancing at her, I saw she had a frown on her face with her hands on her hips.

Sarcastically I responded, "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot. Let me just run to the grocery store and get you some humus or something." Emily just glared at me before starting towards our wooded destination.

"Can't you take a damned joke? You act as if there is an apocalypse or something going on," I shouted in her general direction.

I heard a mumbled, "Fuck you," before I shut the trunk with a wicked grin and followed after my sister.