Sonics Rockin Rose

(A Sonamy story)

Part 2

New Life

When Amy saw Sonic and Sally kissing, she was heartbroken. She decided to leave without anyone knowing but of course news spreads fast. But she had left just in time. She took off on her air bike. And lived in a new a new city which wasn't quite as big as Mobotropilis but it was a relatively big city. It was about 100 miles away from Mobotropilis. The city was called Nashtin. Over the year and a half Amy lived in Nashtin, Amy had formed a band with four other people. And they became quite popular. And great friends. Amy missed her friends and Sonic dearly, and she wanted to go back but then again she wouldn't know how to face her friends, the ones she didn't say goodbye to, and especially to Sonic. Every day she wondered if she should go back and face them, but she had a new life here and besides her being quite homesick and lonely, she actually liked living in Nashtin. Right now Amy was at a cafe with her fellow band members. She was in deep thought still thinking about her old friends. Until she was snapped back into reality. "Amy? Are you okay?" her friend Andrew asked. Andrew was part mongoose and cat. He was the lead guitarist and met Amy a week after she lived moved to Nashtin. He and Amy knew that they could tell each other anything. Amy replied "I'm fine." she smiled. She looked at her band members, and was wondering why they were here. The other guitarist, Matt had told them to meet him at the cafe because he had big news. But the drummer Marina had asked that question before she could. "So why are we here? What was so important Matt?" "Well, I got a letter that we are invited to have a concert at Mobotropilis!" Matt said. They all gasped. Peter the pianist finally replied. "That's great! When do we leave?" Amy shivered. They were going to have a concert at Mobotropilis, and she didn't have a doubt in the world that her friends back home would find out and see her. And what then? What would she say to them? Then she heard Matt say that they were leaving the next day. Amy finally spoke "T-tomorrow?" Matt replied. "Yea, we wanna see the sights, maybe you could show us around Amy!" Amy was silent. Marina spoke "Well I guess we should go and get packed. Right?" They all agreed.

-Meanwhile back at Mobotropilis-

It had been a year and a half since Amy Rose had left Mobotropilis, and Sonic couldn't help but feel it was his fault. He was depressed that he couldn't do anything to stop her. He wanted to see her and tell her everything what she saw wasn't what she thought it was. He knew Amy had a popular band, and listened to it all the time, he knew where Amy was because the band was interviewed and that they all live in Nashtin. Sonic didn't want to go though because, he would wait for her to come back. Amy did it for him, and he will do it for her. Anyways, Sonic was walking around Mobotropilis and saw a poster that lifted his spirits, it was a poster that had Amy's band on it and said that they were coming to Mobotropilis to have a concert. Could it be? A chance to put everything back together again? He hoped that he could find her and tell her everything. And life would be better for the both of them. The only problem was...Sally...yes indeed Sally was still around and who knows what she would do to Amy? He didn't want to think about it. But he wouldn't let her slip through his fingers like that again.

Back at Nashtin (Amy's house)

Amy had packed to leave the next day. She went to bed and it took her forever to go to sleep. All she did was look at her ceiling, and think about what she was going to have to face tomorrow. She didn't know what to do...but she knew she had to stop running from this. She had to go back. She drifted off to sleep.