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Po stretched, popping his back and throwing a towel over his shoulder as he walked out of his room and began toward the Masters bathing area. Granted, he knew that this was the only time he could get a peaceful one in a while, but it was almost too quiet. Master Shifu, Po and the Five, had received a letter asking them to help rebuild part of a village and to keep robbers away from the people as they rebuilt the piece of property. The Grandmaster had asked Po and Tigress to remain at the Valley to guard the Jade Palace's own valuables. Tigress, Po was sure, was meditating at the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. And Po, who had just finished training, was in serious need for a bath to wash away the sweat. And the smell.

Little did he know that Tigress had just finished bathing.

The feline wrapped a towel around herself, shivering slightly as she felt the warmth from the water beginning to slip away. She knew that Po was busy training in the Hall, so she decided to wait to get to her room to change.

"Alright, change, then Po'll fix some dinner and then it's off to bed." She told herself.

She smiled to herself, something she rarely did back when she and Po first met. But after everything… Tai Lung… The Winter Festival… Lord Shen… She gripped at her chest, right over her heart as she remembered the pain from that night. The feline had lost her will to fight when she thought that Po was dead, looking away from her comrades when Monkey had attempted to rally them together. She had looked away, because her entire life…

The tough exterior, the heartless personality she seemed to posses. Her, as Po would put it, totally hardcore self that she had created when she had finished training with Shifu, was a lie.

Everything was a lie. Except for one thing…

Her feelings for Po.

After the celebration the Valley had, and when Tigress lay awake that night, she occasionally opened her door to glance at Po's, contemplating whether to talk to him or not. Viper must have had similar thoughts, because she had came to her room a few minutes later, and wanted to ask her something.

It was that night, for the first time ever, she acknowledged the feelings she had for Po to the first person besides herself. Viper had simply smiled and said 'I knew it'. They had talked for a long time, Tigress trying to gain the confidence to talk to Po about her feelings. After a lengthy conversation, Viper had given Tigress the confidence to finally talk to Po about those feelings.

Tigress had asked Po for a word a couple of times, and each time they had a chance to talk, something occurred to postpone their conversation, which was later forgotten by both. But it always came back to Tigress, who had begun to think that maybe they weren't to be. But now, she and Po were alone in the Palace. Now was as good a time as ever…

She heard footsteps ahead of her, and her insides turned to ice. There could be only one person who could be heading for the bathing area, and she now wished that she had changed into her clothes. Turning around, and attempting to run, she slipped and, with growing horror, felt the towel fall free as she hit the ground.

"Tigress?" Po asked. "Are you alright? Here let me-"

It was dark out, and he probably couldn't tell that she was naked. Fate caused the moon to hide behind the clouds, as if embarrassed by the scene that was unfolding. He reached down to take her hand, only to finally realize that she didn't have a thing on, and what he grabbed was definitely not her hand. The moon came from behind the clouds, revealing her body to the Panda. Tigress bit her lip to keep a small moan in as he released her right breast, the Panda backed up and began tripping over the steps.

"Ah! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Sorry!" He kept repeating, finally turning tail and running back toward the barracks.

Tigress stayed where she was, too confused on exactly what had happened. She stood up, pulling on her clothes as there was no need to wait to do so, and found that she was shivering again. But not from the cold, but from the touch she had just received from Po.

It felt… good. Tigress thought, surprising herself.

Trying to keep herself from lingering on that thought, she shook her head to clear her thoughts and began to walk toward the Student's Quarters. She decided to go talk with Po, to assure him she wasn't mad.

Po quickly shut his door. Horrified that something like that had happened. There was no doubt, none whatsoever, that Tigress was going to kill him the next time they sparred. Sure, they had grown a bit closer since Lord Shen, but that was because they were borderline best friends. But he could kiss that friendship goodbye. Even if they were together, Master Shifu would have killed him if he found out that had happened, voluntarily or not. He would have killed him regardless if they were together or not.

Po groaned, collapsing on his bed, rubbing his face. How was he going to make it up to Tigress? Maybe a couple bowls of her favorite soup would help? Nonetheless, he would have to go to Hell and back to get Tigress to trust him again. It was an accident, and hopefully she knew it.

He sighed again sitting up and, for the first time, noticed a bulge in his pants. He had noticed that that area felt a bit warmer than usual, but he hadn't really thought about it until just now. Glancing at the door, he quickly pulled down his shorts and gasped. His penis was quite larger than it usually was, and not only was it larger, it was also longer. About five and a half to six inches long. He had never known that his penis was able to do something like this, his father had failed to tell him about it. They had both avoided the so called 'sex talk' and Po preferred it that way. Even with the embarrassment, it had never done anything like this.

Gingerly, as if by some unknown impulse, he stroked it once with his hand. His eyes widened a fraction and an involuntary smile crept to his face as a wave of pleasure washed over him as he groaned softly. He ran his hand over it again, this time curling his fingers over his shaft and pumping it once. His pleasure doubled this time, causing his smile to twitch. If it felt this good, why hadn't he thought of it before? He began to slowly pump himself, wanting to feel the pleasure, and let out a low moan.

"Oh yeah…." Po moaned lowly, not loud enough to draw attention to whomever might be passing around in the hallway.

"Oh… Tigress…" Po moaned, then stopped.

Why had he just moaned her name? Was it because of the accident? He had always liked Tigress, even loved her, but would she really return those feelings? Would she even like someone like him, even after the accident? And what would she think if she found out he was doing this thinking of her? And the biggest one of all, would she forgive him? He shook his head, think about it later.

"Oh… Yes! I can feel it!" Po said, coaxing his member. "Tigress… C'mon…"

He picked up speed, leaning his head back as a pressure began to build gradually in his loins. His mind began to produce inappropriate images of himself and, he was ashamed to admit it, Tigress. He could just remember her nicely rounded…

"Po, I wanted to talk to…"

The Panda's head snapped up to see a blushing Tigress in his doorway. Her whole body was shaking, as if she were having an anxiety attack or something. Po, knowing immediately what she was staring at, quickly pulled up his shorts and stood up, feeling ashamed.

"…you." Tigress mumbled, looking away.

Po was silent, unsure of how to explain to her why he was moaning her name with his pants down.

"Er… Tigress?" Po asked, slightly breathless. "Do you want something to eat? I could make some noodles or something."

The Feline shook her head. "I'm not hungry."

"Oh…" Po said. "Well… Uh…"

He struggled to think of something else.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Po asked, trying to make the air less awkward.

The feline was silent for a full minute. "May I come in?"

Of all the responses he was expecting, he wasn't expecting that. "…sure."

She stepped into his room, shutting the door behind her. Po started to get a little uncomfortable, and he was sure Tigress was the same, but he willed the nervousness away.

"I was wanting to talk to you about…" Tigress trailed off, then pinched the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes to shake her head.

"I'm sorry." Po said suddenly.

"It's… it's alright." Tigress replied, opening her eyes to look at him again.

"No…" Po said. "It's not,"

"It is because…" Tigress' throat tightened as she tried to speak.

"I'm sorry." Po repeated. "I must meditate to clear my head. I'm not thinking straight."

He stood up, taking a few steps toward his door and stopped, sighing. He wanted to turn around and tell Tigress that he should just leave the Palace now, but he didn't want this to ruin his new life just because of a simple accident. But now, it wasn't a simple accident. He had done something in front of her that would probably cause her to not trust him for the rest of his life.

"Can you forgive me?" Po asked. "I know it's a lot to ask for, but…"

He jumped slightly as Tigress hugged him from behind. "Why do I have to? What if…"

Nothing prepared Po for Tigress' next question: "What if I liked what I saw?"

"Liked… what you… saw…?" Po repeated slowly, his brain going temporarily dead. "Tigress, what are you-?"

He gasped as Tigress lowered her hand to his lower body, gently running her hands over his pride as it immediately began to erect again. He closed his eyes as Tigress began to slowly massage his area.

"Ti-Tigress…" Po began to plead, then broke off as he started to pant. He wanted this, he realized. He wanted this as badly as she did.

"Want me to show you how much I forgive you?" Tigress asked, running her body against his back as she leaned up to whisper seductively in his ear.

At first Po was too shocked by this sudden turn of events, but the Panda soon came back to his senses enough to nod.

"Come back to the bed." Tigress whispered.

Po numbly made his way back to his bed, where he sat down next to Tigress. The feline gave him one look, one of pure bliss, before kissing him passionately. He returned the kiss with equal passion as his hands began to roam her body. She didn't complain, but rather invited him to explore her as their kiss became more passionate, placing his hands in the areas she wanted him to feel. Tigress moaned as Po gently ran his hands over her breasts, and they broke the kiss for air.

"Po…" Tigress whispered, her voice slightly husky as she looked down at his shorts. "May I?"

"If… If you really want to…" Po replied, trying to keep his voice steady.

Seeming eager, yet she did so slowly, began to pull down his shorts free to get a better look at his package. She gazed at it with a look of ravenous hunger, making Po a bit nervous.

"Tigress, I…" Po began, then sighed. "I need a bath, I reek. Wouldn't you rather have me smell…I don't know… a bit more pleasant?"

Tigress transferred her gaze from Po's erection to his jade orbs and smiled softly. She kissed him, then nuzzled his neck, inhaling his musky scent.

"This smell… it's so… arousing." Tigress whispered, smiling up at him. "It's pleasant to me, my Panda."

Po smiled, stroking her cheek and running it down her neck and over her collarbone. Tigress returned the favor by stroking his own, and running it straight down to his swollen member, causing Po to gasp. Tigress lowered her face until it was right over his member, smiling as she ran the dull edge of her claw against him. The Panda involuntarily jerked, causing her to look up at him with a grin.

"Is that good, my little yin yang cub?" Tigress teased, running two dull edges this time. Po nodded his head vigorously, causing the feline's smirk to widen.

She slowly let out a breath over his arousal, causing Po to shudder in pleasure. Tigress placed her tongue gently upon the member and stroked it lightly. Tigress tasted the first salty drops of pre from Po's tip, which were already leaking due to his earlier self pleasure. The taste of it excited her even more, and she purred lowly as the flavor overtook her tongue. She wanted more of it, but she also didn't want him to finish just yet.

"Ungh…" Po winced, semi-involuntarily, feeling both pleasure and pain as her tongue stroked his swollen member.

Tigress slowly ran her tongue across his member, and Po winced again. She noticed this and stopped, and the Panda stared at her.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?" She whispered worriedly.

Po tried his best to find the right words, but he didn't figure to word it this way, "It's just... you have a really rough tongue."

Tigress gave him a dry look, then shook her head. "Duh... I'm a tiger. As in a cat, who have rough tongues…"

"No... I mean, could you maybe... try to take the whole thing in your mouth?" Po grinned innocently again as Tigress' face lit up, causing her to smile back at him.

"Oh, don't worry... I was just getting warmed up." She said, stroking him once.

Po groaned as Tigress' tongue traced itself around his member, running from the base to the tip, Tigress was driving him insane. He moaned her name as she continued her service to him, and Po knew they would have to do this again. Although, it would be hard afterward, due to the others coming back tomorrow night.

Tigress, after much teasing, did as he asked, immediately taking the entire member into her mouth... or at least as much of the 6 inches that would fit. Nearly four inches disappeared in her mouth, and this only heightened the pleasure Po was feeling. Po was actually surprised that she could do something like this without gagging, especially on her first time. Tigress began to suckle it, slowly at first, but increasing in speed every now and then.

Okay, now she was driving him insane. The Panda put a hand on Tigress' head, his thumb running over her ears and stroked her forehead to coax the feline to continue without stop.

"This feel good, Panda?" Tigress asked with a full mouth, Gods she loved the taste.

Po let out a moan as he felt like he was on Cloud 9, clutching his bed sheets in his fist and replied, "...A-Awesome."

"But should it really…" He broke off as he panted. "Be… a one-sided… deal?"

"But I'm getting as much out of it as you are." Tigress replied, breaking from his member long enough to respond.

"No…" Po said, breathless. "I mean…"

"I know." Tigress winked, continuing with pleasuring the Panda. "Just be patient, Panda."

Po nodded, panting as he leaned his head back as Tigress continued. The pressure in his loins was gradually coming back, a bit faster than earlier.

"Tigress, I'm going to…" he said with sudden urgency and then broke off as Tigress removed her mouth from his member.

"Why'd you stop?" Po asked.

Tigress flicked one of the clips to release a bit of her vest. "Why do you think, Po?"

The Panda grinned, standing up as Tigress hugged him. She nuzzled his neck, again enjoying his unique musky scent as she savored the feeling of his erect member against her lower area.

"I love you…" She whispered.

"Love you too, Lotus Blossom." Po replied, flicking off another clip. The third remained as Tigress' cleavage was already visible and, it was possible, his erection began to grow harder and a little longer.

Tigress unclipped the last fastener and let the vest fall free to expose her well rounded breasts. She looked down at them, and back at the Panda, grinning.

"I never thought that…" Po began, then stopped.

"Well, I wear a wrap so they won't get in the way." Tigress replied, smiling in compensation.

"They should get in the way more often," Po smirked, running his hand along her right breast, the one that he had touched earlier.

The shivers were back, full force. Tigress moaned his name softly, feeling the Panda begin to pull down her slacks. As the leg wear fell free, Po took in full account of her form. She had a near hourglass figure, and the muscles she had from the rigorous training of twenty years with Shifu shown, but the fur was doing a fair job hiding it. She was the most beautiful thing that the Panda had ever seen.

"You're so beautiful…" Po murmured, bringing her into a hug before kissing her again.

As they broke the kiss, Po's hand snaked down and began to rub her sacred area. Tigress moaned his name a bit louder, and felt pleasures wrack her body as a finger entered her.

"Do you want to?" she asked him, panting.

"Uh…" Suddenly the nervousness was back, and he stopped. "Tigress, if we go through with this, there's no turning back. You know that, right?"

"Mm-Hm." Tigress nodded.

"And… there's a possibility that-" Po began.

"Po." Tigress said, cupping her face and looking him dead in the eyes. "You have touched me in places no one else would ever touch. If I do become pregnant because of this, well… I would love nothing more, than to have your children. And your children only, Po."

Po smiled at her. Children were the ultimate vow of love, and it made him the happiest man alive that she loved him, and wanted to have his children. And not another man's in the entire country of China.

"So…" Po said. "Shall we?"

He scooped her up in his arms, carrying over to the bed and set her down gently on the bedroll. He kissed her passionately before kissing her neck, rubbing his thick shaft against her arousing slit, both moaned the other's name. Po positioned his member so it was right above her opening, and looked at Tigress.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"Make me yours." Tigress smiled up at him.

Po nodded at this and slowly poked the head of his member into Tigress' aroused slit. The Feline gasped, causing him to stop, but she nodded for him to keep going. He slowly began to edge his way into her with snail speed, both of their eyes widening at the feeling. As Po continued to enter her, he felt a resistance and stopped.

Tigress looked up at him, a questioning gaze inquired his uneasy look. "What's wrong? Go on."

"Tigress…" Po said. "I'm… just nervous, I've never done this before."

Tigress looked at his face and saw his doubt. "It's okay, just take me. We'll both probably enjoy it," she said in an attempt to alleviate his worries. Po nodded.

The Panda took a deep breath and thrust past her resistance, fully taking her as a mate. Tigress hissed in pain, and Po stopped as fear covered his face. But she gently kissed him to assure he hadn't hurt her. He waited to let her get used to him being in her. Then, Po slowly pulled back, causing Tigress to growl softly. The Panda then entered back into the feline. He started pushing in and pulling out until he had built up a rhythm of making love to her.

The pain that Tigress felt had slowly melted into pleasure. "Oh… Po! Faster!"

The Panda complied to this, thrusting in and out of her faster as their passions continued. Both of them coming closer and closer to their climaxes, Po more so than Tigress due to the pleasure she had given him.

"P-Po! Harder!" Tigress moaned loudly, gripping his shoulders as her claws slowly began to edge from her fingertips.

He complied to this, albeit reluctant as to not hurt her. As their passions continued, Po smiled to himself. Here he was, with the girl that he loved more than anything and-

"Master Tigress, the…"

Po continued thrusting, oblivious to the voice of Zeng. The goose had stopped dead at the sight before him, his beak fell agape as Tigress glared at the avian.

"Go away!" She growled.

"But the Dragon Warrior is-" Zeng began, averting his eyes.

"The Dragon Warrior is busy!" Tigress snarled.

Zeng gulped and vigorously shook his head, squawking loudly and running from the room to avoid Tigress' rage.

"Ah, Zeng." Shifu smiled. "It's good to see you, perhaps you have some good news to give me while we were gone."

Zeng opened his mouth to speak, holding up a feather, then clamped his mouth shut.

"Er… The Dragon Warrior is busy at the moment." Zeng managed to say. "Give him perhaps a few minutes?"

"Is he stuffing his face again?" Shifu sighed, knowing the Panda's diet was hard on him. Although he was adjusting to it quite nicely.

"Um… I guess you can call it that…" Zeng replied. "They're in the barracks."

"They?" Shifu inquired. "I thought the rule was no eating in the barracks!"

"G-Good night, Master Shifu!" Zeng said, taking flight toward his room.

Shifu looked back at his students. "Did Zeng seem more uneasy than usual?"

The students shrugged. "Well, we better see what mess they had gotten themselves into this time."

They heard it even before they had actually entered the barracks.

"This can't be good." Monkey murmured to the others, who nodded.

"Stay here." Shifu told his students.

He walked into the barracks, on edge. There was silence except for the noises coming from the barracks.

"DEAR GODS!" The Five heard, then heard a small 'THUMP'.

"Oh boy," Mantis sighed. "Crane, you go check."

"Why me?" Crane interjected.

"Easy, you're the most level headed of all of us, go on." Mantis urged.

"I'd better get a few cookies for this…" Crane muttered.

There was silence once more, despite whatever was making the noise. It sounded like… growling.


The Five couldn't take it anymore, they ran in to find Shifu on the floor, unconscious. Fainted more like it. And Crane was standing away from the open doorway, tipping his hat to cover his face. He was slightly shaking, trying to calm himself. He seemed to be having an anxiety attack or something.

"What's going on?" Viper asked, slithering up to peek in the doorway, where her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

"Guys, we'd better leave." she told the others.

"But…" Monkey began.

"Now, trust me." Viper asserted, while Crane picked up Shifu.

"Viper what happened in there?" Monkey asked, they had brought Shifu to his chambers and had decided to hang out in the kitchen. The poor Grandmaster would probably be out for the rest of the night.

"Well, I believe Mantis now owes me fifty cookies…" Crane managed to say.

"Wait… Were Tigress and Po…?" Mantis began, realization dawning on him.

"You owe me a hundred cookies, Mantis." Viper said, her cheeks burning a bright red.

"Are you serious?" Mantis exclaimed. "They finally did it! About time!"

"Yes, now quit talking about it!" Viper snapped. "They were too busy to notice, and what do you think Tigress would do if she found out that we made those bets?"

All the guys groaned, each of them covering their manhood.

"Exactly," Viper said. "Now we need to make sure they don't find out about the bets."

"Man, am I hungry…" they heard. "How about something to eat, Ti?"

"I could go for something." Tigress replied. "Maybe a round two afterward?"

Po laughed. "Maybe, Lotus Blossom."

Thankfully, they had remembered their clothes. Po and Tigress froze when they saw the rest of the Five.

"Hey, guys." Po smiled brightly at his friends. "When did you get here? I thought you were coming back tomorrow night?"

"About five minutes ago. We finished early," Viper replied. "Er… Po, we actually wanted to ask you something."

"What?" Po asked. "How about I make some dinner? I'm sure you guys are hungry."

"Well, we were…" Mantis said. "Until we walked into a certain Tiger and Panda doing something that caused Master Shifu to faint."

"Oh gods… Did he really...?" Po face palmed. Tigress remained silent, trying her best to keep her composure. This was just perfect, their first night of intimacy, and it was already a known fact. Granted, Tigress knew that the others would catch wind sometime, but not this fast. She bowed her head, although she wasn't ashamed. She loved Po with all her heart, and felt that it was the right thing to do. She would never have done anything differently if given a chance to relive this day, she loved him.

"Students." A gruff voice said, causing the Five and Po to look in the doorway.

"All of you, to bed." Shifu commanded. "Now."

"Oh, okay, Night Master-" Po began, then let out an 'Oof' as Shifu's staff jabbed him in the stomach. Hard.

"Not you two." Shifu said with gritted teeth.

"Explain." Shifu snapped.

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