For those of you who do not know:

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. A quick Google search should produce the NaNoWriMo homepage, which will give you all the info you need. However, the basics can be broken up thusly:

The main goal is to write a novel within a month, a novel being defined as 50 000 words.

Characters, plot, and setting mean nothing, so long as you make the required word count.

As you can see, it's a fairly simple event. There are no rewards for completing the competition, other than the knowledge that you have written a novel and a little virtual certificate.

I started this during NaNoWriMo 2011. I didn't complete the challenge; I only made it to about 25 000 words. However, in the long run, I discovered that I care too much about my writing to sacrifice quality for quantity.

I'm leaving this up here, because crack shipping is too much fun and it makes a nice respite from the grimdark seriousness that seems to dominate my other fics. However, don't expect updates to be too frequent.

Prologue: Border of Imagination and Reality

"I'll take it."

Rinnosuke regarded Yukari strangely as he handed over the large, flat, foreign box.

"A screen for looking at other worlds?" he asked skeptically. "Couldn't you just go there?"

"I don't need to explain myself to you," she said haughtily as she dropped the large flatscreen TV into a gap. "You should be glad your pathetic little store is even getting my business. If I might remind you, your business is not exactly booming." She opened up another gap, and a small container of kerosene dropped out of it onto the counter. "There. That should get you through the next month. I don't know why you like that little heater so much. Now that everybody's getting electricity, thanks to Utsuho, you should get an electric one to replace it."

"I don't know why you always seem to have an ominous air about you," muttered Rinnosuke, puffing on his hookah. "But I don't remark on it."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" asked Yukari politely.


"Oh. I could swear I heard something." She picked up her parasol from where it rested by the door. "We'll see each other again, Mr. Morichika." She opened her parasol as she exited, opened up yet another gap, and dropped out of sight.

The storekeeper sighed. Dealing with Yukari was always either stressful or confusing, and often both.

He was unlikely to get any more customers that day, so he decided he could afford to leave his post at the counter. He turned around and headed for the storeroom in back in order to play with around with his collection of antiques.

"Why do I even still deal with her..." he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes tight, and sighing deeply. As he did so he opened the door to the storeroom and entered.

His foot came down, expecting to hit the floor...and kept falling...and then the rest of him was falling...

"DAMMIT, YUKARIIIII~!" he screamed as he fell into the Former Hell of Burning Fires.

From far off he could hear an annoyingly satisfied chuckling.

Yukari stepped out of her gap and into her house on the border of Gensoukyou and the real world. The TV had already arrived, and lay in the centre of the room, silent. Chen had already discovered it, and was poking at it.

"Mistress Yukari! Welcome home!" she said brightly. "What have you brought for us today?"

"It's called a television," replied the youkai of boundaries as she levitated the flatscreen using a gap, moved it over to the wall, and fastened it there with another set of gaps.

"Oh. What does it do?" asked Chen.

"It shows pictures." Yukari found the power cable and plugged it into a wall socket. She had known from the start that it had been a good idea to hook up to the new electrical grid. Now she didn't have to steal power from the outside world.

"How does it make pictures?" asked Chen curiously. "Oh! I know! Is there a shikigami inside that draws the pictures?"

"Foolish cat," scolded Ran as she entered, her arms folded up in her sleeves. "Clearly it uses some kind of illusion magic."

"Not quite, both of you," said Yukari. "It's a piece of outside technology. They don't have magic. However, I will be sprucing this one up just a little bit"

She opened a gap, took the input cable, and dropped it inside. It dangled there, seemingly going nowhere.

"I've always wanted a television. They're so great for naps. However, it was always hard to get a good signal from the outside world."

"So what did you do, Mistress?"

"I hooked it up to the Border of the Real and Unreal," stated Yukari matter-of-factly. "We'll be able to watch any number of parallel universes!"

"Trust the mistress to think of something so smart!" said Chen in awe.

"But of course." Yukari summoned several comfortable-looking chairs for them. "Now sit! We're going to enjoy this together."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Ran with a bow before reclining in a chair. Chen hopped happily into the cushiest one.

Yukari herself sat back in a classy-looking leather armchair that looked suspiciously like it had been taken from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She opened up yet another gap, and pulled from it a remote.

"Now, I must warn you," she said in a cautionary tone. "You can never tell what it will show, beyond a few generalities. What does everyone want to watch?"
"An epic adventure!" cheered Chen. "I like those."

"Personally, I could go for a bit of romance," said Ran. "Something elegant and thoughtful."
"Romance it is," said Yukari. "Chen, maybe we can watch your adventures later."


"Chen!" snapped Ran. "Don't complain about the mistress' decisions!"

"Relax, Ran," said Yukari soothingly. "We can't watch television in a tense atmosphere. Now let's begin."

She clicked a button on the remote, and the screen flared to life.

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