Hey guys I'm back with a brand new story. As usual I own nothing except for Lars and his awsome weapons. I hope you like it. Cheers!


It was mid-day in the land of Bladehenge. The sound of the Deuce and its driver roared through the valley. Eddie was rushing towards the Halford settlement in one hell of a hurry, plowing through anything and everything in his path. "Dammit, I'm gonna be late!" He said looking at his watch, "I can't miss another one, not again." He was approaching the Hextadon tusks in front of the settlement with no time to lose. He put the pedal to the metal and hit the nitro, the roadie grunted with frustration. As he approached his destination he slowed to a grinding halt and jumped out of his hot rod grabbing his gift. He walked through the door of the cozy little cabin he had built years ago for him and his wife, Ophelia. "…Happy birthday dear Lars, happy birthday to you!" He had made it just in time for the party. He put his gift with others and walked toward his wife and kissed her. "Another late day at 'work' dear?" she asked. "Well you know, so many demons so little time. I'm here now though aren't I?" he retorted. "Don't tell me. Tell your son." She said nodding towards their son, Lars. Lars H. Riggs was the spitting image of his namesake, with some elements of his father thrown in, and today was his 13th birthday. He was opening his presents as everybody watched him. He had received a pet Razorfire boar from Mangus, a laser panther pelt from Rima, a small dagger from his "aunt" Lita, and a vial of black tears from his mother. Eddie walked up to his son handed him his gift. Lars quickly unwrapped it with a cornucopia of excitement. As he tore the last pieces of gift wrap off it he looked at it with sheer awe. He held in his hands a Gibson Les Paul in classic black with three pickups and a white pickguard. "Where did you get this dad?" he asked with wonder. "It's amazing what you can find lying around in the Cleave," he said, "Maybe later we can go to the Motor-Forge and get it some strings for it." His son was now smiling like never before, "That would be amazing! Thanks dad." He hugged his father and the others looked with glee.

The party went on for another few hours and then, when everybody had left Eddie and Lars went to see the Guardian of Metal. Lars was so excited, he had never met the Guardian before, but had always wanted to. They didn't have to travel very far to get to a Motor-Forge. Eddie slowly drove up to the door and entered. Eddie and Lars drove close to the end of the cliff and stopped the Deuce. Eddie hopped out and told Lars to stay in the car. The Guardian the Metal arose from the lake of lava in his normal fashion, and then greeted Eddie with simple, "Have you pleased the Metal Gods?" Eddie smiled warmly and answered with, "If I do you'll be the first to know." The Guardian looked over Eddie's shoulder noticed something moving around in the Deuce, "BLOODY HELL! WHAT THE FUCK IS IN YOUR CAR MAN!" Eddie told him to calm down and called for Lars. Lars walked over and looked at the Guardian, "Oh, it's just a little one. How are you?" Lars was speechless, Eddie spoke for him. "His name is Lars. It's his birthday and he's always wanted to meet you." The Guardian stepped back and said, "Oh a birthday, eh? Well what would you like?" Lars stammered and blurted out, "Strings," and brought the guitar from behind his back. "Ah, OK. What kind would you like?" Lars looked at the options, "Hmmm. Shredders, destroyers, or shockers. Hmm. What do you think dad?" Eddie thought about which suited him best in battle. "I say the shredders Lars." Lars chose the shredders and was about to give the Guardian some Fire Tributes, "Don't worry about it little man, these are on the house." Lars thanked the Guardian and hopped in the Deuce. "Later Guardian of Metal, I'll be back soon, covered in Metal God love." Eddie said as he drove away.

As Eddie and Lars drove out of the Motor-Forge pulled in between to rock formations and parked. "Son, you know I would've been there in time-" Lars cut him off , "If it wasn't for 'work'. I know dad its ok, really." Eddie looked down, "I want to make it up for it, Lars." Lars sighed, "Dad you already have. Taking me to see the Guardian, giving me the guitar, you've made up for it." Eddie smiled, "I wanna take you with me to 'work' in the morning. And I'll show you what I do." Lars accepted his offer. Thinking it was the end to a perfect day.