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The Mark of Athena

Chapter 1


You better be here, Seaweed Brain!

It was hard not seeing your boyfriend for eight freaking months! Annabeth Chase was currently standing on the Argo II, which was getting closer and closer to the Roman Camp. What had Jason called it? Camp Jupiter or something like that? Well, she didn't really care. She was prepared to kick every last one of those Roman behinds to get to Percy.

If he was there.

She didn't try to think the worst, but other variables just seemed to appear in her head. He could be dead, maimed, or hanging unconscious above a lake filled with crocodiles.

Or worse… he may not know her!

She felt so stuck up. He could be hurt and all she cared about was herself. All in all, she just wanted him to be okay.

She stared down, and the patches of trees started to morph as the Mist wore away. Soon, a beautiful city was below them.

First of all, this place was most certainly not a camp. It was almost an exact replica of Rome itself. The buildings rose into the sky, made out of expensive white marble and other precious stones.

The tiny campers looked up at them in astonishment. Or at least that is what it looked like. It was kind of hard to tell.

Jason came up next to her, a worried look on his face. Annabeth understood. He was completely nerve-racked about seeing all of his friends again. Annabeth thought back to right before they left. Jason had talked about a few of his friends, the ones he remembered. There was one named Reyna, and he seemed to mention her a lot.

"You okay?" she asked sympathetically.

"Sure, let's go with that."

Annabeth chuckled. "Don't worry, Mr. Lightning Dude. Everything's is going to be fine!"

"You too, Annabeth. Percy will remember you. And even if he doesn't, just remember that he still loves you. His memories may still be buried."

"Can you promise me something?"


"Please do not save Hera the next time her royal butt gets kidnapped."

Jason sighed. "Look, I am no fan of Juno. But she is my patron and I have to save her no matter what."

"Well, it was worth a shot…"

The ship suddenly dropped. Even though it was a few feet, Annabeth's stomach got all scrambled.


"One second!" Leo came over with a very scary smile on his face. "What did you say?"

Jason took a deep breath, but Annabeth talked first. "I swear, if you crash this ship, you will not see the morning!"

Leo gulped. "Y-yes, okay, all right ma'am, that is toreab-"

"Shut up."

He nodded. "So, where should I land this baby?"

"In that field," Jason told him.

"The big one?"

"Is there another?"


Leo scampered off, and Jason blinked in shock. "Hey, I remember something else. That field is called the Fields of Mars!"

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Great, and that helps us how?"

"Just saying," he mumbled.

"Well, congrats. Now, please go help Leo, 'cause I feel like seeing my boyfriend while staying alive!"

Jason went off to work with Leo. Annabeth stared down at the camp again. Only her, Jason, Leo, and Piper had been allowed to come, and all of the Camp Half-Blood campers had been so jealous. She wondered what they thought of them. Did they see enemies, or companions?

All of a sudden, they ship completely fell and landed with a jerk on the ground. Annabeth lost her footing and face planted the deck. She grimaced as she stood up and brushed herself off.

Piper came out of the rooms below with irritation written all over her face. "What the heck just happened?"

"I think the boys landed us."

"Wait, they landed the ship? And it didn't explode? Must be a first!"

Annabeth giggled, and so did Piper. Soon they were rolling around on the deck, hysterical. Why, she didn't know. But it was better to laugh than despair. For all she knew, she might very well be killed when she got off the ship.

But, better to stay in the present!

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