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Book of the day (Hm... romance?): Fallen by Lauren Kate (Lauren Kate's Fallen series 1). Not sure if i have already done this book, but oh well. Luce has been getting into trouble, and so she is sent off to a boarding school for troubled people. The teachers and people are insane, and cell phones are illegal. Luce meets a guy named Daniel there, and he seems farmiliar for some reason. She knows him, and she wants to become friends. Only he hates her. She is drawn to him, and into the world he knows. She will find out how they know one another, even if it kills her (literally:) **** Four and a half stars. It is one of those paranormal romances that my friend got me to read. It has a slow beginning, but it is pretty good. Romance/gothic/paranormal.

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Chapter 33


Puzzles suck. You always have to find the right pieces to put together, and that usually took a long time. It involved patience, sitting, and thinking. Something Hazel and the others did not really want to do.

So they had to figure out who these two gods were. Hazel had no idea at all. When they had turned the corner, she had prepared for the worst. She squinted her eyes, felt her body tense up, and put her hands out in front of her, which were curled into fists. For all she knew, they could be talking, walking hellhounds! Then she started snickering, just imagining Percy's pet hellhound Mrs. O'Leary, standing on his hind legs and wearing sunglasses. The others took a second to turn around and stare at her. Their expressions clearly said, Do you want to go to a mental hospital?

The beings that walked up to them were nothing like that. The man was tall, over six feet, with a nice California tan. He looked as if he had just graduated from college, and when he smiled, his teeth were perfect, straight and white and literally sparkling. His hair was bond and fell in waves over his forehead. He wore a very distracting, tight-fitting white shirt, Bermuda shorts, and tan Rainbows. (A/N: They are a brand of surfer flip flops/thong shoes. I wear them everywhere!)

The lady was so beautiful; Hazel thought automatically that she was Venus. She had long, glossy black hair that shimmered in the sunlight. She was about Annabeth's height, which was about five feet, nine inches. She wore a yellow sundress that had thin straps and hung to about her knees. Her teeth were also perfect, and she looked about the same age as the man. They both easily could have been models. The only thing supernatural was the fact that they had a faint golden glow around them.

"Mom?" gasped Piper, staring at the lady.

Model girl chuckled. "No, dear. I am not Aphrodite, nor will I ever be. I have a long history with your mother. She is very… difficult to get along with."

Percy snorted, as if this were an understatement. "It looks like he agrees," she said.

Percy's expression changed so fast, it was as if he had a mood swing. It wasn't unlikely. "Who are you!" he demanded again, taking out his pen.

Model man clicked his tongue. "Now, come on. There is no need to be all testy. We merely want to help you with your giant problem."

"The giant's name is Eurymedon," the lady said to him.

"Oh that's right!"

"And why would we need your help?" asked Hazel

"Well, a demigod and a god must work together to destroy a giant. I do not believe that you have any other gods or goddesses willing to help you right now."

Hazel opened her mouth to object, but the lady continued. "But we only help smart people got that? You have to find out our names, 'kay? Otherwise, you can forget about our help.

"That is kind of harsh," Model man told her.

"Really?" she asked shocked. "Oh now I feel bad!"

"It's okay," he soothed and embraced her. She shook with tears. The man turned his body, and Hazel got a quick look at his back. There were two slits in his shirt, and his back was kind of lumpy. He was humming some song that Hazel found pretty farmiliar.

What the heck?

"I'm not the only one weirded out, right?" asked Frank in a hushed voice.

"No," everyone echoed. "You're not."

The lady pulled away and wiped her eyes with a back of her hands. "I am so sorry for being so mean! Can you ever forgive me?"

"Uh, sure," said Leo.

"Good." She gave them all a wet smile. "But I'm serious about having to figure out our names."

"Great," mumbled Jason. "Do we get any clues?"

The two deities stared at him. "Haven't we already given you enough clues?"

"You haven't given us any!"

"Yes we have," said the man. "You just haven't realized it!"

"Like what?" asked Percy, exasperated. "What would help us?"

Suddenly, the man and women laughed. What was with these people?

"Um, first of all our appearance," Model Man said.

"The fact I do not like Aphrodite," Model Girl suggested.

"The song!"

"We are trying to help you."

"And not kill you!"

"Hm… wait a minute, can we ask questions?" wondered Annabeth.

"Sure, only three though."

"Okay. One, you, lady, have you ever tried to kill anyone?"

She smiled. "Oh, you're a smart daughter of Athena. I can see why you have the Mark of Athena clearly. Yes, I actually tried to this man here."

"Stabbed me in the middle of the night," he grumbled.

"I thought you were trying to kill me!"

"Yeah, that's great," Annabeth understood. "Are you two married?"

"Why yes!"

Annabeth smirked. "And finally, does Aphrodite hate you because you believed to be more beautiful than her?"

"Yes, yes! I also had two sisters, but they died. Oh, they were so jealous!"

"And I am distantly related to one of you!"

"And every being, good or bad, needs what we stand for to live. Every living thing has one!"

Annabeth snapped her fingers. "Wow, this makes sense now!"

"It does?" asked Percy.

"Yes, it does. It is obvious who you guys are!"

"It is?"

The man had started to hum that song again, and Hazel realized that she used to listen to the song. It had come out in… what year had it been? Oh, 1938!

"You're Eros and Psyche," Annabeth told them. "Heart and Soul. Love and life!"

The lady smiled, but the man stopped humming wrinkled his nose.

He stepped away from her and towards them all. Some things popped out behind his back, and it looked as if the things were attached to him. Wait! They were! On his back were two pure white wings almost the same size as himself. He unfurled them with a woosh sound.

The lady put a hand on his shoulder, which was hard, because she had to reach over the wings and awkwardly touch it. "Stop being a show off."

He shrugged her off and continued to come forward. He stopped when he was about five feet away.

"I'd rather be called Cupid if you don't mind."

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